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Billy Donovan Michael Kinney @EyeAmTruth🔁According to Billy Donovan Westbrook and Melo are expected to play into 3rd quarter today. Or they may not. #Thunder
Erik Horne @ErikHorneOK🔁Billy Donovan again says he’d like to get Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony playing into the third q. Will reassess at halftime.
Royce Young @royceyoung🔁Based off the three preseason games, it appears Billy Donovan likes Melo playing with the second unit when staggering the three stars.
NBL @NBL🔁🐊 @GatorsMBK 3.5 year reunion @cprather24 x Billy Donovan #NBLxNBA #MELatOKC
Erik Horne @ErikHorneOK🔁Billy Donovan said he'd like to stretch out minutes for Anthony/Westbrook/George on Sunday, may even some in the 3rd q for Melo, Russ. @InsideThunder🔁Billy Donovan says he talked to Ray Felton after the game and Felton said he’ll “be fine.” No update on his status for Denver.
Kaylin Absher @KaylinAbsher🔁 Billy Donovan says he'd like to get third-quarter minutes for both Westbrook and Anthony tonight.
Trendy Hashtag @TrendyHashtag🔁My not hot Thunder takes: Billy Donovan is a good coach, Melo is going to lead the team in scoring, & Ferguson will play more than Huestis.
Scott Rhodes @ScottRh88472708🔁Thank god for Josh Heustis.
Because Dean Vickerman just completely out coached Billy Donovan.
Matthew Edwards @Matthew_E91🔁 OKC coach backs Casey Prather’s @NBA aspirations. @nbl vs @nba
Carrie O'Trump🇮🇪 @hazeleyes215🔁When he has raped and sexually abused as many as Billy, while in the oval office, get back to me. 👍
UK 4 Life @CatsUK9🔁this why KD left and well... Billy Donovan too
joe land @jland58🔁 Billy Donovan is showing some trust in Terrance Ferguson — and that might mean something:
The Suave Report @TheSuaveReport🔁If I were Billy Donovan in season. I would check Westbrook and PG out at 3 minute mark in 1st and let Melo be lead dog with bench
Nick Metallinos @NickMetallinos🔁If Melbourne keep this up it might force Billy Donovan to play his starters more minutes tonight
A. Suave Francisco @SuaveFrancisco_🔁 Casual, tieless Billy Donovan today.
Erik Horne @ErikHorneOK🔁Casual, tieless Billy Donovan today.
The Thunder Guys @TheThunderGuys🔁Casey Prather played for Billy Donovan at Florida, FWIW.
Wyatt Pederson @WyattPederson🔁@PeeWeeDaPlug But there depth is an issue, I don’t think billy Donovan is the best coach for the job. They are capable though
Fred Katz @FredKatz🔁Billy Donovan says he'd like to get third-quarter minutes for both Westbrook and Anthony tonight.
Charles Clark @CharlesClark34🔁Good article on my guy @cprather24!
The Tweeting Bandit. @omondi_billy🔁watching Ray Donovan
The West Sport @TheWestSport🔁Former Perth Wildcats star Casey Prather can make it in the NBA, says Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan.
Matt Logue @mattlogue7🔁OKC coach backs Casey Prather’s @NBA aspirations. @nbl vs @nba
werD @D_Davis_5🔁@Justin_Albers Is he talking to Billy Donovan too?
AbdulRahman Khalifeh @ARK__17🔁Billy Donovan said Terrance Ferguson “is a guy that can help our team” this season. “I don’t think there’s any question about that.”
Transcript Sports @transcript🔁Billy Donovan is showing some trust in Terrance Ferguson — and that might mean something:


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