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Bill Walton jared @jaredsully98🔁 Let’s have another night with some Bill Walton Bingo. #GoBeavs
Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi🔁USC 70, UNC Asheville 70 going to OT in the NIT. Bill Walton "The history of the known world on the line right here."
Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi🔁FINAL: USC 103, UNC Asheville 98 in Double OT. Bill Walton: "I was here. I'll never forget it. I love the NIT."
Bill Walton j navarrete @six_7ty🔁 I think I got Bill Walton’s fortune cookie...
Dr. Saturday @YahooDrSaturday🔁Bill Walton is now promoting a non-existent NIT Tournament Challenge app
I Am NOT a Crisis Actor @TheEsquireof212🔁Bill Walton giving shouts to Wu made my night. Telling us that Raekwon Miller is named after the Chef and Wu is the greatest Hip Hop group of all time.

"Thank you Raekwon for your life, which has given us OURS."

I Am NOT a Crisis Actor @TheEsquireof212🔁 Protect Bill Walton at all costs
Kevin M. Cole @SrColeNHS🔁 Bill Walton: "What are the new rules for overtime in the NIT?"

Dave Pasch: "The same as the old rules."

D-Fitty @DFarrell135🔁 Bill Walton: "That possession was one of the four worst possessions in the history of UNC Asheville basketball."
Jed Keel @keel_jed🔁Bill Walton: "Have you ever been caught in the trap of a bulldog's mouth shaking you around, ready to throw you off the precipice?"
Dharma Naik @MindOfDharma🔁 Bill Walton: “If you study demographics of the world, Nigeria is soon to be the 7th largest country by population.”
Veronica Carrington @XxWARGAMExX🔁 Whatever bill Walton is smoking.. I want some of that shit!! Haha #FightOn
((( Jay Jolliffe ))) @JayJolliffe_🔁Protect Bill Walton at all costs
Jay.V @Showtimee_v🔁Thomas Welsh has moved into the No. 3 spot on UCLA’s career rebounding list.

The senior moved ahead of David Greenwood and sits behind only Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

hockeyman @hockeyredwhite🔁 Bill Walton currently waxing poetic about Wu-Tang Clan on NIT broadcast on ESPN2.
Kevin Davis @80kd🔁Bill Walton's beloved Bruins lose in a play in game.......yessir, Bill. Pac12; Conference of champions....
Vann Pugh @themadlineman🔁 FINAL: USC 103, UNC Asheville 98 in Double OT. Bill Walton: "I was here. I'll never forget it. I love the NIT."
Double Jay @DoubleJayAlum🔁 Every NIT game needs to be called by Bill Walton.
Chris Demers @LateBloomah🔁so, while calling a NIT game, Bill Walton just said "Raekwon is one of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan. The BEST rap group of all-time"
and he was not wrong
Nick @nick5574🔁Listening to Dave Pasch and Bill Walton is like being in a room with a couple doing that bickering-politely-in-public thing. It's awkward and uncomfortable and I just want to leave.
Brandon Pruitt @BPP1014🔁 Bill Walton shouting out Marion and Raekwon is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on TV to be honest
Emilia @taguhah🔁"Success at the highest level comes down to one question: Can you decide that your happiness can come from someone else's success?" Bill Walton

Rusty @RustyCox10🔁A UNC Asheville player leaned in for a foul after a pump fake and Bill Walton says he should be assessed a technical foul for violating human decency
kurt groh @cuddybuddy420🔁 USC 70, UNC Asheville 70 going to OT in the NIT. Bill Walton "The history of the known world on the line right here."
Suzy Yao @SuzyYao_🔁 “all i’ve ever wanted in life is more of everything”

- Bill Walton

Mike Regnier @MikeRegnier🔁@ArashMarkazi Love Bill Walton
Trending History Bot @TrendingHx🔁1891: Bill Walton says he was defeated tor janitor by a mistake—and thinks he stands a fair show for a position yet, there being two more vacancies
Live from the Hive. @prophecypro🔁Bill Walton: “Raekwon Miller (UNC Ashvl) was named by his big brother, who named him after Raekwon ‘the Chef’, a rapper from the greatest hip-hop group all-time, the Wu Tang Clan... You ever been on tour with Wu Tang?” 😁😆😝
Nonchalant Savant 🌀 @_ArizonaJonah🔁 Bill Walton casually explaining the history of Nigeria and renewable energy
B8ONLY @B8ONLY🔁 The NIT has really picked up steam since Bill Walton professed his love for the Wu-Tang Clan.
pretty boy tony macaroni @samhausman🔁Bill Walton is a Killa Bee because of course Bill Walton is a Killa Bee
Daniel @RapAndMuseums🔁Bill Walton calling this game is EVERYTHING!!

“This is the greatest game in the history of basketball.”

“Hot Springs, NC... where there’s one stop light & lots of hot water.”

“Raekwon Miller named after WuTang Clan.”


Daniel @RapAndMuseums🔁Things I learn listening to Bill Walton's commentary: North Carolina is the #2 solar market in the entire United States, UNC Asheville is the only public liberal arts school in the state of NC, and the list goes on and on and on and on
Big Baller Byers ♌️ @JustFilming90🔁 Bill Walton just said all players should appreciate an NIT invite because other people are dying in hospital beds
TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁 What's really killing the beavers is they are allowing penetration

--Bill Walton

TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁I remember bill Walton was calling a rockets game years ago. And Maurice taylor made a bad inbounds pass. Bill Walton said "That had to be the worst inbounds pass in Nba history" I was on the floor 😂.
TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁"Have you ever been caught in the trap of a bulldog's mouth shaking you around, ready to throw you off the precipice?"
Bill Walton is a national treasure.
TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁Dave Pasch to Bill Walton during this UNC-Asheville-USC game: "So Bill, do you man-scape? You have no body hair and you're 65-years-old." Who said the NIT can't be fun?
Adityo A. @anggraityo🔁 Bill Walton not being a fixture on every NCAA basketball broadcast is a disservice to the universe
Cathy Sweeney @sweeneysoncreek🔁Bill Walton trending. Thanks for the laughs.
TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁Bill Walton is the best.

"One of the eight worst foul calls in the history of NIT basketball."

"The history of the known world on the line here."

Maureen Walton⛲ @maureen_walton🔁According to "Bill Shorten has ramped up his attacks on the rich..."

Wouldn't it be lovely if we saw some balance when pensions, welfare attacked? Why do we never see:

"The Government has ramped up their attacks on the poor..."

TheHealingPlanet @ThePlanetWatch🔁 Dave Pasch to Bill Walton: “Do you manscape?”


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