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Bill Cassidy IrishEyes 🍀👀 @NYCBroadwayBaby🔁 CBO score released for Graham-Cassidy health care bill
Brian Klaas @brianklaas🔁Stunning numbers. New CBS poll: only 20% of Americans (and just 46% of Republicans) support the Graham-Cassidy bill.
Bill Cassidy Michele Snyder @michelesnyderFL🔁 CBO: Millions of people will lose health insurance under Graham-Cassidy bill
Bill Cassidy Mike Gilpatrick @mgilpatrick🔁 #BREAKING: Susan Collins comes out against Graham-Cassidy bill
Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris🔁We can’t take anything for granted. The Graham-Cassidy “health care” bill would gut Medicaid and cause costs to go up: (202) 224-3121.
Paul McLeod @pdmcleod🔁The new Graham-Cassidy bill directing more cash to Kentucky-Arizona-Alaska-Maine, ie the 4 senators opposed, is a shockingly blatant bribery
La Résistance @NoHolidayforGOP🔁 Susan Collins kills Graham-Cassidy, saves lives
Crangis @DJMuggymug🔁Maybe we could lie & convince this old lady that the bill is being sponsored by David Cassidy. She'd probably be on b oard then.
Deborah Adkins @Deborah87598885🔁Bill Cassidy describing very simply how he intended to win Susan Collins vote on GC repeal.

I had to read this several times.

Apostolics_together @IowaBruce🔁 needs to sign EO canceling ALL healthcare for members of congress and force them to use O’Care.
Michka @missmichkah🔁 Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham have demonstrated they are utterly unable to answer a single question.
BruceDC @Bruce35dc🔁Contact your reps in Congress and urge them to vote against the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill. Here's how:
Mary Walden @MaryWalden13🔁Cassidy's lying is extraordinary. He refuses to describe his own bill with anything in the ballpark of accuracy.
Noses Malone @NosesMalone🔁Sen. Susan Collins explains her "no" vote on Graham-Cassidy health care bill. Read more:
Kim Anderson Ray @lawchic64🔁Is anyone tracking just how many times Senator Cassidy has lied about what's in his own bill? It's quite stunning.
Michele Snyder @michelesnyderFL🔁CBO score released for Graham-Cassidy health care bill - CBS News
shadownlite @shadownlite🔁 Bill Cassidy's lies are getting pretty insulting:
Sookie @kitty2city🔁Sen. Collins' full statement announcing her opposition to the Graham-Cassidy health care bill.
Della Hay @IDrilich🔁Graham-Cassidy "If enacted, it would result in 580,000 lost jobs and $240 billion in lost economic activity by 2027"
Maria Feli Jean @Mfjean0213🔁Bill Cassidy is just straight-up not telling the truth about his own bill.

Not exaggeration, hysteria, or spin.

Del Williams @DWilliams1001🔁If it wasn't already clear: the GOP doesn't care what's in this bill, as long as it gives a tax cut to the wealthy
roger smith @smithie1🔁Republicans' new health bill would hit women hardest experts say: actually poor women "of color" would be hurt most
Joshua Gillespie @JoshuaGill138🔁Bill Cassidy is one creepy ass dude
Kc Atheist @randy_hensley🔁HAHAHAHA Bill Cassidy says "get a governor engaged" Amy Klobuchar "Sen Cassidy your own governor is opposed to your bill"
bydsine @DeborahSine🔁Ron Wyden asks Bill Cassidy for a yes or no answer whether the bill protects people with pre-existing conditions.

Doesn't get one.

Newsradio 1020 KDKA @KDKARadio🔁Sen. Collins’ Opposition Kills GOP Health Care Drive
Cigarster @Cigarster🔁Police arrest activists, including many in wheelchairs, protesting Trumpcare bill on Capitol Hill


Natalie @Natooshka318🔁Repub Sen. Bill Cassidy claims to support lowering Rx drug costs.

Bernie calls his bluff...

Cassidy dodges the question.

C. Lemus🇺🇸🇲🇽🇵🇷 @TopherLemus🔁RETWEET to tell Sen Murkowski of Alaska to on the New Cassidy Graham bill

Reply with a personal message for

Diane Askwyth @dianerocks52🔁The Latest Obamacare Repeal Bill (Graham-Cassidy) Doesn’t Include Opioid Funding Once Deemed Critical
Hawkeye @DontDeflect🔁CBO says millions more Americans would go uninsured under revised GOP health bill. via
CitizenJane @anon6116🔁 CBO says millions more Americans would go uninsured under revised GOP health bill. via @MotherJones
kimroc1 @kimroc1🔁3 GOP Senators Oppose Graham-Cassidy, Effectively Blocking Health Care Bill - NPR
BillColsh @bcolsh🔁 CBS News Poll on Graham-Cassidy
Veterans In Politics @VIPISteveSanson🔁Collins to vote 'no' on Graham-Cassidy bill @CNNPolitics
HazySkies @HazySkies_🔁I am almost impressed by Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham's ability to lie to sick people's faces. Very sociopathic.

bensadi farid @bensadi_farid🔁Sen. on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill: "It essentially is the equivalent of health care arson"
tay @stetayen🔁Republican Bill Cassidy enjoys the sweet sweet feeling of ripping health care away from millions of people who desperately need it.
Kevin Lussier @KevinKlussier🔁Stunning numbers. New CBS poll: only 20% of Americans (and just 46% of Republicans) support the Graham-Cassidy bill.
Diane Askwyth @dianerocks52🔁Bill Cassidy snuck into his health plan a huge slush fund for Louisiana,yet another reason why he is a total embarrassment as a senator
A Maggied @natchezalley6🔁 Good rebuttal answer by @amyklobuchar. "Sen. Cassidy your own gov. doesn't support this bill." #HealthCareDebate
MarzHotel @MARZHOTEL🔁 The revised Graham-Cassidy bill is in effect federal deregulation of the insurance market.
zaynsmashin @cruelfan1🔁Many of Graham and Cassidy's arguments are things that would be made worse by their own bill, and better by single-payer
Colleen T. @colleentgilbert🔁Sen. Susan Collins says 'no' to Graham-Cassidy bill, essentially killing Obamacare repeal via @USATODAY. LOVE HER
grey-sister @grey_sister🔁YASS!!! Looks like Graham-Cassidy Bill is dead! Good riddance! Better it die than millions of Americans it would have killed if made law!
bensadi farid @bensadi_farid🔁Senate Republicans admit defeat on Cassidy-Graham health-care bill as Sen. Susan Collins declares her opposition
Xdulkar-Sydney @xdulkar🔁Millions of people will lose health insurance under Graham-Cassidy bill
life_issweet @IssweetLife🔁The fight over health care: Lindsey Graham, Bill Cassidy debate Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar 9pET


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