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RUKnightsWatch @RUKnightsWatch🔁 BALLGAME!

#RUSB erases four-run deficit and walks off over Penn State in the Big Ten home opener!

3X3U National Championship @3X3UHoops🔁Robert Johnson from DEEP, splash 💧💧

GAME OVER. Big Ten team is now 2-0! #3X3U

David Fields @dfields52🔁 Robert Johnson from DEEP, splash 💧💧

GAME OVER. Big Ten team is now 2-0! #3X3U

Big TenBig TenBig TenBig Ten Kun's Mom Hifza ♡ Happy Junhoe &Yongguk Day @SelenasTaekook🔁 ↳johnten au!
Where Johnny misunderstands Ten and starts a big drama

Including ships> Jaeyong

Ken Pomeroy @kenpomeroy🔁It's going to be wild next year when the reigning NIT champ wins the Big Ten
Barstool Spartans @BarstoolMSU🔁Anyone in the Big Ten, especially , knows that is a really good team that could’ve been in the NCAA Tournament.
Cong rats on the NIT Championship.
Tammy T. @TammyinMT406🔁"After ten long years in a lot of these conservative states, the chicken is finally coming home to roost...They’ve given tax breaks to big corporations, defunded public schools, and said, ‘What could go wrong?’”
Harry Rutkowski @Harrbear123🔁SERIES WIN! Brito locks it down for Rutkowski & also claims the nightcap at Michigan State, 6-4. Scarlet Knights with five-straight series victories, 4-1 in the Big Ten & 15-9 overall.
On the Banks @OTB_SBNation🔁#9 Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse set for Easter Night showdown with #6 Johns Hopkins. We preview the action here. #RUMLAX
Phuong @Phuong07042006🔁DEFAULTpttt_2: Mike Golic poses for Kim Kardashian-like photo after losing Notre Dame-Northwestern bet URL
Aaron Robinson @Big_RobzTHFC🔁Swarbrick has bottled big decisions in the second half. Liverpool should be down to ten and now they gone and scored to take the lead. Yet Swarbrick will carry on because he is PROTECTED like all refs are
caitlin @daydreamjh0pe🔁RM: You know how if you're in too much pain, you can't even make a sound?

Suga: A pig would tell me numbers. Six! ten! I was like "I'm all set now"

Note: Fortune telling through dreams is a big thing in Korea. Usually a pig dream means you'll come across money.

Collin DeMoss @collin_demoss🔁Anyone in the Big Ten, especially , knows that is a really good team that could’ve been in the NCAA Tournament.
Congrats on the NIT Championship.
egawdalmighty @emrabajufo99🔁Been working hard this winter break with my boy . Crafting to be a name to remember in the Big Ten! Working violent hips and hands.
Baekkyoong 💕 @hundred__ten🔁Today on KBS entertainment relay, EXO was mentioned in the segment about music artists that are loved by the people of Korea. They talked about their big performance in the Olympics esp Jongin's dance and mentioned Ivanka's appareciation for them.


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