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sango 🍒 @urstrulyaaliyah🔁 The only person who can outsing beyonce in 2017>>
Beyoncé 🏁 @dianeromo🔁 a new photo of Beyoncé and Rihanna. this photo will shield you from all “rt for bad luck” tweets
BeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncé isaac☆ @junior_debruin🔁 Beyoncé looks gorgeous in New York.
BeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncé ที @danmaddatx🔁 Beyoncé looks gorgeous in a new set of Instagram photos. 💙
Beyoncé Thabang @_PremiumWaves🔁 Beyoncé and Jay Z 🔥
sobral 🌻 @laursobral🔁 Britney Spears, P!nk & Beyoncé - Falem Bem Ou Falem Mal
Beyoncé Celia @_H4rmony_🔁 i’m mad that this pic effortlessly illustrates the fact that beyoncé doesn’t have a bad side...
kayla @TaorminaKayla🔁 beyoncé's lead dancer ashley fucking up the formation choreo even when she's not on stage!
BeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncéBeyoncé Aud bod🐛 @spontaneouss_🔁 BEYONCE: GRADE HER OVERALL AS AN ARTIST!
Beyoncé cody K. charles @_CodyKeith_🔁Happy Friday! Caption this Beyoncé pic. @janetmock
Beyoncé ` @bysvby🔁 Beyoncé and JAY-Z will headline a hurricane relief concert
Us Weekly @usweekly🔁Exclusive! #Beyonce & #JayZ will headline a concert to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma:
Ben Platt @BenSPLATT🔁This is my first tweet from my new phone and it needs to be something important/momentous hmm what should I wri- I LOVE BEYONCÉ SO VERY MUCH
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ @cinaayyy🔁 Jay Z also cheated on Beyoncé so he clearly doesn't have the best judgment at times
Lui Kang @TheOGMikeLowery🔁 This dog is Beyoncé when Michelle fell on 106 & Park.
Iggy Photo @IggyPhoto🔁Beyoncé and Jay-Z Pucker Up on Yacht Date Night
jb @jb713🔁It would seem someone is really jealous of JJ Watt and Beyoncé.
Trend Style Daily @TrendStyleDaily🔁Beyoncé Alters Her Matching 'IV' Wedding Tattoo

The nature of celebrity is to fabricate a certain cult of persona…

ant ❤ Sir&Rumi @SixInchHeeels🔁 Halo replaces If I Were A Boy as Beyoncé’s most-successful single in the UK, with sales of 1,055,052.
❔Lun Lun ❕ @LunLunbbyy🔁 Beyoncé is that bitch please argue with your mother.
💎 @BalmainStripper🔁 Bow down was a warning for what was coming as in BEYONCÉ and Lemonade
b @glennspizza🔁• Crazy Horse Paris archive headpiece and g-string
- Beyoncé in her video for Partition (2013)
kim.bitch↓RT Pinned @arianabaedraws🔁🎶🎶🎶Week 10/21/16🎶🎶🎶
Top Artists:
1. Beyoncé (=)
2. Ariana Grande (=)
3. Kanye West (new)
4. Miley Cyrus (new)
♥รักน้องฟิลลิปส์♥ @PearParkky🔁Beyoncé - Irreplaceable
MamaYake @anjipendo🔁XOXO Beyonce is just my happy hour song. The dancing in the house in a long Tee, shaking your head smizing track
fidan @iIIumibey🔁@beydeprived It’s actually
If we’re talking about support, intonation and musicianship
n a n ii 🍋 @ndinani__🔁@_justcamagu 😂😂 mxm any Beyoncé song should remind you of me .
Vencidagoat 😈😷™ @FS_Venci🔁 Beyonce said cater to your man, you MFs ain’t done shit.
wizkidAyo Balogun @wizkidAyo_News🔁Photos: Lady Who Asked For BEYONCE's Inspired Braids Got THIS Instead Newsalert NG #gists
Alexandra Wright @plecwoccuca1976🔁amature sleep sex beyonce sexy naked
JB Entertainment Nig @JB_EntNig🔁Photos: Lady Who Asked For BEYONCE's Inspired Braids Got THIS Instead Newsalert NG #gists
PopstarRoyalty @Beyonce_25🔁angel locsin does not even need to try to look sexy plus that fierce 'if you want me earn me' vibes perfects her voluptuous charm.
Anthony Romeo Santos @DJWavvy🔁How women look when they start dancing to Beyonce
b @glennspizza🔁• House of Malakai headpiece
- Beyoncé wearing the headpiece for her performance at the 2017 Grammys
TLBsr @holtlb1379🔁@foxnation If she dressed like Beyonce the left would love her!
jhens✨ @kooksher🔁 Yall think BB100 is easy to achieve? We‘re entering the charts of fucking monsters. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande etc.
Wizard Kelly @TheDDnavyyy🔁Didn't he cheat on Beyonce?
Negus Nahid ♑️ @BlackEskimo758🔁a nigga told me Kevin Gates is the real father of Beyonce's twins...and that KG is the son of Bill Gates 😭😭😭
JENNY OKAFOR @Jennycokafor🔁A Beyoncé in the making.
Scouse Ma @Scouse_ma🔁@NorthWitch69 @thedannybeard @dgellis0907 Gone all Beyoncé you 🙄😂
David Kisamfu @theDextazLab🔁Beyoncé and Jay-Z Pucker Up on Yacht Date Night
Jessica Hemmings @umnWDcz1ddz4ByD🔁 So annoying and rude when someone you know doesn't follow you back on social media 😂sorry Beyoncé
kaiden @beydeprived🔁@iIIumibey DID HE SAY SIA WAS EQUAL TO BEYONCÉ
Jerel Targaryen @aRELgoodTime🔁For example, if Beyoncé has some drinks, wasn’t thinking clearly, and had sex with a dude who secretly taped her, what would the story be?
A DAMA DE VERMELHO @tscastilho🔁sacudindo ao som de Crazy in love da Beyonce
nins @yuehuavevo🔁@heohyunjoon he mentioned beyonce sunbaenim for like 2738282 times
Celebrity Auction @Celeb_Auction🔁Beyonce and JAY-Z Pile on the PDA During aRomantic Yacht Date #liveconcerts
Melisandre Medici @_MelisandreM🔁Excuse me leave us the fuck out of this. *laughs in Beyonce*
Mary Katherine Doka @MKDoka🔁 Beyoncé talking about Partition remains my favorite thing


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