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#BettyShelby Pinkor@PDXPinky @Pinkor🔁 #BettyShelby sad #TerenceCrutcher will never get justice.
The Root @TheRoot🔁"White woman's fear wins, but don't ever forget this is the face of a killer." -- twitter.com
Mojo @djgravityrules🔁 Currently outside #BettyShelby hotel #TerenceCrutcher
#BettyShelby Blake Lester @BlakeLester11🔁 Our official statement on the acquittal of Tulsa Officer #BettyShelby:
Philip Lewis @Phil_Lewis_🔁Jury finds Tulsa Officer #BettyShelby NOT GUILTY in fatal shooting of #TerenceCrutcher via.kfor.com
Kyle Hinchey @KyleHinchey🔁Father of #TerenceCrutcher: "#BettyShelby got away with murder"
Source from SBP @smittysource🔁Read this if you want to lose any bit of faith you have in the justice system.
😢😢? readfrontier.org ?


Lil_Rock_Stone @Suge031🔁 atl_lax (get_repost)
police officer … instagram.com
MoonLIT! @thetruempress🔁"White woman's fear wins, but don't ever forget this is the face of a killer." --
revmoore @revmoore59🔁One of the clearest cases of police brutality, with the case and she still walks free. Racism is strong out here.
revmoore @revmoore59🔁 defense: As a WW she was scared of , so had to kill him. Shes clearly unfit to continue job in law enforcement
TRUPATSFAN75 @PATSFANIVLYFE🔁Tulsa Public Schools sends walkout plan to school leaders in response to not guilty verdict
Presence of Color @zi_cam🔁 Father of #TerenceCrutcher: "#BettyShelby got away with murder"
Anum @a_syeda🔁#BettyShelby Didn't even look ashamed of what she did. Well I hope karma comes knocking soon and you get what you deserve, bitch.
7thAngelAAM @7thAngelAAM🔁Jury Acquits White Tulsa Officer in Death of . Family Calls It Murder.
Marcus A. Tucker @tuckercomm🔁Had Officer shot a DOG she'd be in jail. But she shot and murdered a black man. shou…
Aaron Hunter @OfficialAWH39🔁#BettyShelby Richard Rojas high on pcp one killed 22 injured taken in custody alive..I'm glad he didn't run into Betty Shelby so sad😥😥😥😥
KnowYourLeakGuy @KnowYourLeakGuy🔁Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher Acquitted (pls RT↺❤️) ️️ knowyourleak.com #policeviolence #BLM #BettyShelby
criminalblackman @CriminalBlackMa🔁Time 4 #CivilSuit vs #BettyShelby 4 #malpractice. Evidence: More experienced cop exact same place chose non-lethal. #TerenceCrutcher
gospelspectrum @gospelspectrum🔁The latest Gospel Spectrum Daily! paper.li #crutcher #bettyshelby
Alison Sutherland @zlrTX7gunE00sPO🔁. not 1 word about verdict in ? Are senseless, unpunished loss of black lives not even newsworthy anymore?
kyro @k_willlll🔁Fuck tulsa police they ain't shit killed on camera beat that case like it wasnt shit
This world is fucked up
Charity Barden @platonidashiry7🔁 Officer #BettyShelby found NOT Guilty. twitter.com
Jermaine Blake @Jermaine_Blake🔁" Verdict: White Woman's Fear Wins, But Don't Ever Forget This Is The Face of a Killer" by :
DearionLynn is ONE☝ @LynnDearion🔁#BettyShelby,U gonna get it!!! U should have pleaded guilty for your& your family's sake.U will get yours on this side or Next! #Romans12:19
Watch This @chorehouse🔁@KristineLeahy WERE you on the jury that just acquitted #bettyshelby ? @rolandsmartin @cthagod
America❤️ItorLeaveIt @crisshoog🔁Officer was found NOT Guilty. And right on cue comes the Social justice/BlackLivesMatter mob.
Kosi @RLPCFelix🔁This is a tweet I made last year about killing .I knew she was going to get off that weak charge they gave her
IndiePeach @kimsoutherngirl🔁 I feel like if #BettyShelby had shot a dog, her penalty would have been greater
alice wong @SFdirewolf🔁"System" includes media. Never forget that gave open platform-commodified spectacle of Black death.

IndiePeach @kimsoutherngirl🔁The same country that elected acquitted right? Think that's a coincidence? 🇺🇸
Pinkor@PDXPinky @Pinkor🔁The face you make when you murder an unarmed person but you know you'll get away with it
CitizenDick Theremin @gzl4shzl🔁@Harlan if only a LEO would have ended him before he got that far, like in Tulsa
#BettyShelby did the right thing (jury thought so too)
I WILL RESIST @tnick853🔁Just came out of courtroom where was found not guilty in death of . Here is what I saw.
I WILL RESIST @tnick853🔁White Woman's Fear Wins. But Never Forget This Is The Face Of A Heartless, Cold Blooded MURDERER

HitlerTheHedgehog @Ehrhausl🔁
You can not refuse to follow police orders and then try to reach into your car and seriously expect to not be shot.
Michael Gervais @mgervaispi🔁The only injustice here is that Officer Shelby was forced to go through this process at all.

.WIN IPHONE 7 PLUS!! @giveawayjoye🔁What kind of world is it when #ChrisCornell feels he must take his own life but murderer #BettyShelby walks free and happy? #TrumpWorld
Pecola Breedlove,PhD @PostRacialMyAss🔁 Where's Auntie Maxine Waters & the Democratic Party on #BettyShelby...nevermind but Russia.....
Sybil Gardner @SybilGardner12🔁 Hunger and tiredness determined the Jury decision. #Crutcher #BettyShelby #Murderer




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