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HCIII❄️ @beto_82_🔁 "6 to 9 but I go overtime" 😂 Come meet @MELOD1P in Hong Kong today November 14th
BetoBetoBeto Beto @beto_577🔁 Wanna see a magic trick?
HCIII❄️ @beto_82_🔁 I put you on 😂💀 W/ @_ziyeed
BetoBeto Beto @beto_577🔁 “24, but go off” LMFAOOOOOOOO
Beto Luis Quizhpi Vistin @Beto_Quizhpi🔁 Brilliant visual summaries of the sessions. Come check them out at the Congress entrance #SCEWC17
Beto Beto Ochoa ® @Beto_In_Austin🔁 (1) I recommend everyone subscribe to A goldmine.
D Rose @LindoCosta17🔁 @PedroRfootball Beto > all
Forrest Wilder @Forrest4Trees🔁Oof. “Beto O’Rourke is Battlestar Galactica and then there’s this ragtag fleet of garbage ships and transports accomp anying him.”

Mustafa Tameez @MustafaTameez🔁. described as "JFK of Texas" ~ should be losing sleep. Beto is the Real Deal & 2018 is likely to be a way election for Demorcats #2018
luwop @Hernandez_0007🔁@HNajera16 @beto_956713 Idk but it was rare af
ً @WoIvesJoe🔁FT Portugal 1-1 The United States. Portugal quite improved in the 2nd half with João Mário and Rúben Neves on the pitch, who helped distribute the ball better. Great cameo from Bernardo Silva as well. Beto MotM with some spectacular saves.
francisco 🙋🏽‍♂️ @Francisco4398🔁@beto_956713 @Hernandez_0007 how he manage to make drank into past tense bro
ms.mercado @lilylove933🔁Beto always makes friends everywhere
Robert Vallejos @Senor_Beto🔁 To all adult males: keep yer fuckin hands off our young girls!
luwop @Hernandez_0007🔁@HNajera16 @beto_956713 It’s cus he didn’t drink Saturday bro
Robert Vallejos @Senor_Beto🔁This year there are gonna be so many ways for you to win my of Giveaways from home. Make sure you’re ready for all of ‘em right here!
El Beto @beto_kings🔁 I'm one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.

Am I just paranoid, or am I just stoned.

Francisco @cun45🔁SPORTS And More: #Portugal 35 keeper Beto a sub for much of the Rui...
Bacon & Herb 🥓🌿 @nailpounder🔁Great News Hockley County Democrats. Beto O'Rourke returns to Lubbock this Thursday for a Town Hall. We encourage...
Dalea Lugo @DaleaLugo🔁Retweeted Beto O'Rourke (@BetoORourke):

Thanks to the people of El Paso, Castner Range - 7,000 acres of...

David Martins 🇵🇹🐏 @DCMartins81🔁Thought Beto, Atunes, M.Fernandes, Bruma, Guedes, Mario, Neves, Bernardo gave there world cup hopes a boost. Most dis appointing for me where Semedo, Danilo, both CBs, Gelson. result means nothing its the integration, let's not forget we lost to Cape Verde before euros.
Kristy Cook @HockleyCLiberal🔁Great News Hockley County Democrats. Beto O'Rourke returns to Lubbock this Thursday for a Town Hall. We encourage...
pretty God 💰DIRTY $ @hlopez125410🔁Dating beto she ain't into PRETTY GOD
Beto〽️ @beto_956713🔁Looking forward for the weekend, havent dranked in a while😪
Jim Ruede @soonersigmanu🔁@ChefBetoRodarte I'm SO HAPPY for you guys Beto. Here's to many more successful years!
West TX Naturalist @westxnaturalist🔁Share and give a Huge Thank You to Congressman Beto O'Rourke for protecting Castner Range National Monument for...
Chihuahuan Desert @CDEC915🔁Share and give a Huge Thank You to Congressman Beto O'Rourke for protecting Castner Range National Monument for...
Castner Range @CastnerRange🔁Share and give a Huge Thank You to Congressman Congressman Beto O'Rourke for protecting Castner Range National...
النور عبدالله @jwcyssblwpwiqc1🔁Yes men ca bellydance - watch Beto!
Alberto Pedraza @beto_pedraza🔁No. 4 Clemson vs. No. 2 Miami

Championship on the line.

Dec. 2nd | 8 p.m. ET | ABC

Beto Gorostiaga @beto_gorostiaga🔁You define your life. Everything you do becomes part of your mark in the world. You control your destiny and decide whether or not to keep moving forward. No one can hold you back from your path in life but you. Don’t allow other people to write your life’s story for you.
Beto @Viva_Beto🔁I always wondered why chase charges you like 45$ if your account is negative. Bitch I’m clearly broke lmao how tf am I gonna pay that too?
Betoasaber @beto_scabron🔁I’m tired.
Alex Goncalves @Aljeeves10🔁Is Beto only a backup for Goztepe? Definitely deserves to be playing regular football. I just don't think Paciencia i s good enough for the national team. I hope he goes on to prove me very wrong and becomes a star, but I can't see it happening.
HCIII❄️ @beto_82_🔁 the reaction of everyone in the theater is what makes this funny as hell
O̶m̶a̶r̶d̶i̶n̶h̶o̶ @Omardinho09🔁Just wanted to show some appreciation to my younger brother Beto, you’re the best player I’ve ever gotten the chance to watch play, keep up the hard work kid and I️ can’t wait to see where you end up in life with the beautiful sport.
nostromo 🇮🇹 @StokedToLive🔁@RepBetoORourke Very, very good Beto 👌🏾
Diogo Pires @recurring__🔁@mafaldatesao rip beto


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