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Be Awkward😎it's Ok! @WonderG78🔁 Coss: “Is she Black?”
Bethenny: “She was for Halloween.” #RHONY
Bethenny Frankel @Bethenny🔁We are in such a poor place in the world & yet a day into the disaster, they had schools transformed into shelters & they have the military performing & clowns in the towns to entertain children. This was not the case in PRICO. Kids are an afterthought.
CatDi @luvmickee🔁 #RHONY Jill Zarin: My husband is dead and I’m all alone
Bethenny Jesse Addy @JesseAddy🔁Am I crazy or is @shaneoutofluck driving Bethenny Frankel around NYC?!?
Bethenny Frankel @Bethenny🔁Sorry my instastory is a bit out of order yesterday bc it wasn’t uploading. We went from active volcano areas, to she lters to town. So many people have lost children or have missing loved ones. What a tragic & gutting experience. Something so beautiful can be so mean
Bethenny Frankel @Bethenny🔁When lava is flowing it comes going 500 miles an hour & destroys everything in its wake. Can you imagine that terror?
CristalAF @CristalFlo🔁 I'm going to give Bethenny the benefit of the doubt...maybe she didn't mean for it to sound like she was making it a bout herself. Probably just didn't know what to say to console Jill
DJ @swyayadj🔁@kebryant @Bethenny They’re jealous of her being a smart successful self made woman. Makes them look petty.
Rhonda Lynch @rhonda_lynch🔁#RHONY I'm so glad Bethenny went to see Jill and brought Bryn. Must have meant everything to Jill.
A.T. @Fabulous_Ash🔁@Bethenny hate to ask but the jacket you wore at Bobby’s funeral was GORG! Who is it by?
CristalAF @CristalFlo🔁 "I'm alone too" - Bethenny Frankel to Jill Zarin at JILL'S HUSBAND'S FUNERAL! #RHONY
The Courtney Ward @courtneylanae_🔁Bethenny is a big hater #RHONYC
katiepearlman @katherynpearlma🔁 Bethenny Frankel Finally Introduces Her Daughter to Jill Zarin After Ending Years-Long Feud
Dodie @dodiedarrah🔁@DaejaVeux @Bethenny @Jillzarin Yes. I completely agree 😊
Shady Pines @ricof85🔁Bethenny turns everything into a competition. "You're alone?! I'M ALONE TOO! I'm even more alone because I was alone first. You're grieving? I chartered a private plane to grieve. I'm the grieve-iest."

☾ I Z ❁ @izabellatelenga🔁@peta @Bethenny Animal products aren’t always created inhumanly
Teetads @teetads🔁I liked seeing Bethenny and Jill using their familiar dark humor to get through that moment. Sometimes it’s better t o laugh than cry.
Rahsaan Henderson ♎️ @libra10584🔁Bethenny’s making Bobby’s death more about her than she always does in every situation. #RHONY
Rana @parhanagirl🔁I love her but she’s got to take it back a notch. She thinks it’s ok to say whatever she wants to anyone now that she has money. And, why she’s riding the Sonja Whore-gan train is beyond me. She’s trash and a full blown liar.
Marenah @ReenaRachel🔁Bravo needs to give Bethenny’s driver Kevin an apple to hold during the opening credits. It seems like he’s the only person who’s willing to film with her at this point
Mary R. Sheehy @MaryRSheehy🔁OMFG!!!! Can I rip each ignoramus' hair out of their balls 1 at a time until they get a fuckin clue what they are doi ng to those poor rabbits??!! SOB!!!!
Ben Pollack @benppollack🔁"I'm alone too" - Bethenny Frankel to Jill Zarin at JILL'S HUSBAND'S FUNERAL! #RHONY
DJ @swyayadj🔁Heck if I was as fortunate and smart as Bethenny I would have probably say the same thing. I’m not perfect and I don’ t expect perfection from anyone else.
KJB Meets World @kjbmeetsworld🔁Bethenny and Jill’s Break Up continues to be the hardest thing that has happened on any franchise- thank god tamra a nd Vicki fixed it
Sarah Catherine @scsfsu🔁@Bravotv In light of recent events, Carole’s constant Bethenny bashing is gross. It’s damaging, boring, and strange. Two words: shut UP!
Phillipa Charlotte @QueenPhillippa🔁 This isn’t about you Bethenny! Your husband didnt die, you divorced! 🙄#RHONY
Solana Grubbs @solana_jean🔁 Eight years later, Bethenny and Jill had that lunch. #RHONY
CMG @cgianotas🔁@Bethenny Thanks for putting Ramona in her place!! She is the most annoying airhead!!!
JimNYCFTL @JimNYCFTL🔁I’m sad for Bobby Z... but weirded out about filming outside the funeral and Bethenny making sure we know she took a private plane to be there and is ‘alone too’ comparing herself to the widow. Like what?
CatDi @luvmickee🔁Bethenny: You’ve been a little cold

Carol: ...How so?


Luci @Lucinoluci🔁While discussing all the many ways Bethenny is mean & shady in her next blog...hopefully Carole doesn't forget to add in an honorable mention or two for herself & her behavior this episode 😏
Principessa Dianessa @principessadi🔁 I don't know who did your makeup for your Incredibles 2 commercial, but you look amazing! Kudos to these stylists a nd makeup artist!
Luci @Lucinoluci🔁I don’t know if it’s just bc I love ...(it’s not) but her saying she’s alone too wasn’t “one-uping” or comparing to me someone who has lost a lot of people I see it as her trying to comfort the best way she knows all are looking for fault 🙄
Karen Huger's Mole @KarenHugersMole🔁Everything with Bethenny is a competition. Even death and I'm no fan of Jill. #RHONY
QC @QuibbleCritic🔁 & are the real shadiest housewives of all of them. Cause this pic 👇 is out-of- pocket😂🤣 Why'd U do like that w/the "Brady Bunch" photo collage 🤣
Trisha @Wwhladdict🔁 Bethenny reminds me of that SNL character that's competing with whatever anyone says. It was awkward to watch her sp eak to Jill.
Aleks F @Justaleks23🔁@Bethenny hmmm that was not a fax machine that was a copy machine. 😂😂😂
streetwalkingcheetah @Sukie584🔁I love Bethenny. I love how much she is helping people in need. She's amazing at that. She is also a tad narcissistic and that was evidenced in her response to Jill. So people can love what she is doing and still call her out at times. They are not mutually exclusive.
Vanessa Colbert @VanessaColbert8🔁 Smh! Bethenny played victim in her feud with Jill Zarin...she had so many conned in that war #TeamJill #RHONYC #RHONY
Rafa Diaz @quepedorafa🔁 we love you ladies. My husband and I are laughing are asses off.
Reality TV Bliss @RealityTVBliss🔁@GirlSaratoga Bethenny 👹 did not attend her father's funeral. She went to CA to film that skating show #RHONY
Susan McCullogh @McCulloghSusan🔁@Bethenny don’t know what you’ve done but you look fabulous!!
Karen Huger's Hair @KarenHugersHair🔁@DarkoMarx Bethenny. #RHONY
Latarsha @Tloves🔁@kate_mccrea @Bethenny This right here, Ladies and gentlemen, is a true Bethenny fan...👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 (I’m not but I am not mad at you 😂😂😂)
Be Awkward😎it's Ok! @WonderG78🔁 Somehow Bethenny only having her driver to do a scene with is sadder than the funeral. #rhony
Be Awkward😎it's Ok! @WonderG78🔁 Wow, if we all took a drink every time Bethenny said “I”, we’d be dead #RHONY
Rasheda Jabbar @im_ishbitch🔁I really think Bethenny says things like “we’re all alone” & the like in an effort to make someone feel better, not to one-up their sadness. This tweet won’t be popular but idgaf 🤣
Crystal Clarity Skin @SkinClarity🔁@Lucinoluci @Bethenny she ran through the city - big deal - sick of carole, her yet another new personality and her marathon
From Rio to LA Tour @Fromriotola🔁Anyone else think Bethenny is the one going through a midlife crisis, feeling depressed, lonely, and deflecting it on Carole? 🤔
Catherine Johnson @cath210863🔁@peta @Bethenny Why for gods sake. This is just so cruel 😢
NotWearingMarchesa @MayorMaccaNot🔁Anyone who misinterpreted saying "I'm alone too" as meaning Jill's grief was about her, needs to hang their head/s i n shame. How dare you!
Reality TV Bliss @RealityTVBliss🔁Bethenny's 👹 audacity to say the 1 thing Bobby wouldn't do for Jill was about her. When they surprised Ramona at Sc ary Island he made it clear to B he wasn't in the middle. Jill was his wife. She's a sick fuck
Jo’El @Joelfichicago🔁@peta @Bethenny OMG how sick! 😮
MichelleSandoval @Michell01021701🔁If Bethenny’s not at the reunion why watch it? She’s the only one on the show with more balls than Batman to speak the truth....everyone else just wants to be liked-
Ima Just SAYING!!! @ImaJustSaying🔁Oops. I thought you were talking about the Peta post.. And yes to your reply. But.. I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually game for a Jill cameo and makeup
katie @KEGstand6🔁 me 5 minutes after crying my eyes out in the bathroom
Siddysays🐾 @SiddyFNo🔁Lu, I haven’t watched tonight. PLEASE don’t let Carole come between the long friendship of you and . I don’t even k now wth she’s talking about now, a blogger points out she’s just lashing out at you both. Stick together at the reunion. You know B is GOOD as she does YOU!
faith kupecz @FKupecz🔁 & Your fellow Americans need you back together. We’re all raw and in shock for any number of reasons. You two are l ike Ginger and Jill’s nose - an intense and true love story, eternal.
Reality TV Bliss @RealityTVBliss🔁I don't believe Bobby told Bethenny that their fight was Jill's fault. He was 100% supportive towards Jill, no matter what. He even said on the show he would never take sides against Jill.
Shawn Williams @Blog_1673🔁Bethenny, doesn't trust or open up to many people. She thought Carole was ride or die, she isn't. Bethenny thought C arole was someone she could open up to, she can't. Tinsley is a much better project. They should both let it go.

alittlebean @Alittlebean68🔁I am so over Bethenny. Not everything is about her. Jeez. Take a break for an hour or so. #RHONY


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