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Robiatul Adawiyah @robiadwyh🔁 Congrats #BTSARMY on winning the #BestFanArmy award!!! Your hard work paid off!! #iHeartAwards2018
#BestFanArmy ʀıʀı🐯 @jaeminnaaa🔁 Proud to be a fan of The Nations’ Pick. ❤️🔥

#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO

Angélica Trejo @AnglicaTrejo2🔁 Congrats #BTSARMY on winning the #BestFanArmy award!!! Your hard work paid off!! #iHeartAwards2018
#BestFanArmy Risna Nooriswana @RisnaNooriswana🔁 #BTSArmy! You just won #BestFanArmy 😱🏆 YOU 👏 DID 👏 THAT 👏 #iHeartAwards2018
#BestFanArmy#BestFanArmy whipped for BTS 🙏🏽 @hobiownsdisass🔁 the only youtube advertisement i’ll never skip #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY #iHeartAwards
Shazam @Shazam🔁Congrats #BTSARMY on winning the #BestFanArmy award!!! Your hard work paid off!! #iHeartAwards2018
iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio🔁You did it ! Congratulations on winning the Award at our . And now a message from ! 🙌👏 twitter.com
Luke Waltham @lukewaltham🔁 for always voting and supporting Bangtan, and for always keeping us up to date! Lots of love :)!


Taehyungiiieee @qtaetaeV🔁WE DID IT AGAIN MY FELLOW ARMY BOTS

ขอลาออกจากตัวเอง @ployyupin🔁You did it ! Congratulations on winning the Award at our . And now a message from ! 🙌👏
JearBear🐻 @BlueBearis🔁Congrats to my !!! They just won the at our ! Being a member of the & all the support I have received from them, truly makes me feel grateful! Love you all!
Dinner Enthusiast @ConfusedAeri🔁Korea Minting Corporation, where coins & medals for 2018 PWOlympics are produced, will make a formal commemorative medal for EXO to be released on April.

The reason? For being the TOP K IDOL GROUP IN KOREA.👑

Im. So. Proud. Man!

Ilonka Puskás @IloPuskas95🔁Congratulations to the gorgeous ladies of who you have voted as your favourite music artists! The talented girl group competed against 16 of the biggest names in the industry and came out on top!

JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE @BlackTheScenes🔁Jimin is still awake, he's on fancafe

"I came on here because I can’t fall sleep...

I’m gonna try to sleep again but many people awake right now, right?"

Yunita_vallerie @Yunita_Vallerie🔁[ iHeart: Vote Rate]

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Under a week left! 🙏🏆

jongin's secret wife @jonginscupcake🔁when chanyeol's mom came to exoluxion and chanyeol took the flowers from her, she is so sweet❤

Em @eward5980🔁 100K till #FIRE300M !!! #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt pscp.tv
Rain🐇 @RehamAgha95🔁Cue the internet breaking in 3..2..1 👏🎉🏆 did it! You won at our
Sarah @zariszarredondo🔁[TRANS] 180312 EXO is to be awarded a commemorative medal for being Hallyu leaders worldwide.

初光 @baekhyun_lcg🔁 2018 is going to be EXO's year 🎉

#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO

방탄아미 @bang_twt7🔁☑️BTS x DaeSangs
☑️BTS x BH Producers
☑️BTS x Choreographer
☑️BTS x Collab SGxSuran
☑️BTS x Best Asian Style
☑️BTS x Music Videos
☑️BTS x ARMYs👏👏


Holly Katsuki @HollyKatsuki🔁DID YOU HEAR!?! 's won !!! ⭐️🔥🎉 Congrats you DESERVE this! All the love, support + passion! RT if you made it happen!
bloooooming @bloooooming1🔁RT if you think should win at our !!!
Baybays @Baybays3🔁Hey ! Congratulations to you and the on winning and at the ! 🎉
TananyaJK @TananyaCK🔁I hope you’re sleeping now Jimin 😴💤

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NO XIUMIN NO ℓIFE @ivonnee55🔁That's why EXO antis will never win they created a fake petition pretending to be exols & asked a medal for EXO to ruin our image and now it became reality

EXO 엑소

🌹Tati 🌹 @CrazeTati_00🔁studies say 99.99% of armys will not rt this tweet cause they are too afraid to let jin’s triple high note in crystal snow bless their timeline and soul

ErinkodaSugaa @erinkodarangga🔁"3 words better than I Love You's?"


Mika:)🐧 @rei__BBH__04🔁hi soondingies! i'll be posting lq jongdae (exo's chen) pics (new acc) 💞 please rt to support, all help is very appreciated!

byun mocheeks @baekaway🔁🐰: curtain had a good reaction from many, so i wanted to cont my songwriting career. some may wonder what lyrics i wrote, they might think i only wrote little. but jane-ssi & i went back & forth and wrote all the lyrics. i'm quite proud of myself

Rygzyn I @rygzyn🔁[ iHeart: Vote Rate]

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