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Bernie SandersBernie SandersBernie SandersBernie Sanders Pedro Lupe @PedroLupe1🔁@lawsciencelogic @SusanCarver19 Add to that, Ms Warren and Bernie Sanders helped Donald Trump to scam the election.
Bernie Sanders Elijah Woods @ejwoods95🔁 I’d love to know what Yasiel Puig was thinking when Bernie Sanders was coaching him up
Bernie Sanders Lucky1 @Annalee524🔁 AZ & California Patriots at Bernie Sanders in Phoenix AZ today 😂😂😂
Bernie Sanders The Juan and Only @Bodom_Clown🔁 Bernie Sanders @Dodgers hitting coach 2018 ?
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁I’m grateful to see Bernie Sanders position on guns evolving. Just need him to say he regrets voting for the Protecti on of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which limited liability for gun sellers and manufacturers, and that he will work to repeal.
Jake Tapper @jaketapper🔁Bernie Sanders thinks the DCCC's attacks in Texas are 'absolutely unacceptable'
BBC News (World) @BBCWorld🔁Bernie Sanders stirs Texas crowd, is he running for something?
☧ious 🕈 @cloutvault🔁Breaking news report Bernie Sanders, still fuming over his loss to Hillary Clinton, has been taking out his frustration by beating random people of color with a baseball bat.
Stephan Braun @StephanBraun81🔁Bernie Sanders defends ‘smart and compassionate’ Maxine Waters after Trump attack
14622Silverbeard @1Silverbeard🔁@4everNeverTrump Go Bernie Sanders. I trust your judgements on this!
LEFTIST EDGARS 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 @LeftEdgars🔁Bernie Sanders shows us that the fight for progressive values is every day.

This Is Our Next President.

Mission Grizzly🍦 @IiiBrackx🔁MrSqueeks1982 "breaking: photographic evidence of the violent racism of Putinite traitor (((Bernie Sanders))) exposed!"
Bojudd @bojudd1983🔁 If signed, Bernie Sanders would become the 3rd oldest Dodger, behind Chase Utley and Rich Hill.
Hannah🌵 @i8pichu🔁had a weird dream while napping where bernie sanders turned me invisible
Donna Marie @Oooooo_Donna🔁Sorry...I meant Bernie Sanders. Reading & writing at the same time.

Nobody cares enough about you to troll your p age.

SW Blue-Black Women Do The Heavy Lifting @SMBlue63🔁Shaun Kings tweet is exactly why I repeatedly state that at no point in time were Democrats ever United behind Bernie Sanders.

Shaun King knows this and is now on his knees pleading with those who know this too.

It's not going to work Shaun.

jones @jastama🔁Did Bernie Sanders label as non progressive? He’s such a selfish son of a bitch. He’s the first real & GOOD chance we have to unseat Ted Cruz, flip Texas flip & the senate. If we don’t elect Beto there’s no PROGRESSING!! Get it? Jesus!
451Degreez @BookRageStuff🔁All I hear is crying from Bernie supporters, even after
Chip Turberville @AbbaChip🔁Bernie Sanders Praised Socialist Venezuela as Model for Ending Income Inequality.

The average Venezuelan has lost an average of 24 lbs.

‘Socialism is the greatest threat to human freedom, prosperity, and progress in the 21st century.’

Jonathan Blaine, Esq @Blainejo🔁 I don't like Bernie Sanders anymore. I know this pisses some people off, but guess what? I don't care. 💋
Jonathan Blaine, Esq @Blainejo🔁Agree. Fuck Bernie Sanders, Tad Devine, Paul Manafort, Viktor Yanukovych, and little boy stomach kisser Vladdy Putin.
Donna-Rae @DRMMARQUEZ11🔁Grant Devereaux:"Bernie Sanders voted against stem cell research, amber alerts, immigration reform, Wall Street reform, Gun Liability reform, background checks, the Brady Bill, and an extension of unemployment benefits during the Republican recession that he helped create.
Football Field @FootballField🔁Bernie Sanders visits Dodgers, hangs with Yasiel Puig, decries departure from Brooklyn
Kathryn @Kathryn74625094🔁 Bernie Sanders said “white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor”
Notgoing Totellyou @M5B1tch🔁I’m grateful to see Bernie Sanders position on guns evolving. Just need him to say he regrets voting for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which limited liability for gun sellers and manufacturers, and that he will work to repeal.
Jonathan Martinez @CtrlAltJon_🔁"[x] isn't a *real* Democrat" is one of the best compliments you can give in politics, and I'm happy to see neolibs continue to use it against me or folks like Bernie Sanders
Jeff Allen @Cozmacozmy🔁Don't forget what Bernie said about this! (Becca has me blocked so send this to her)
Bernie Sanders' presidential cam paign tried to distance him from a 1972 essay in which he wrote that a woman "fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously."
colleen olsen @colleenolsen🔁It would be terrific if the people who only came to engage in politics in 2016 because of Bernie Sanders someday learned that progressivism actually existed before him.

The conceit that Bernie invented or championed something people have worked towards for decades is just nuts.

Quantico Jackson @Quanty_J🔁Bernie Sanders was a teenager living in Brooklyn when the Dodgers left for Los Angeles. His memories of that time are not fond.
fross @frossman10_2🔁Yasiel Puig fled communist Cuba to make a better life for himself in America.

Bernie Sanders said of Fidel Castro: "he educated their kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed the society."

#ThankYouObama @motherseer🔁bernie sanders office phone numbers; call and write!
Office Locations
please tell hi m to tame his rhetoric.
Travis Ruger @TravisRuger🔁@ConnieBallou He does a lot. You just don’t hear about it on MSNBC
Buzzi @Buzzi45🔁Bernie Sanders just said “Texas can go blue in 2018.”

This man is off his rocker.

Why doesn’t he & his followers just move to a country that is already socialist? It would just be easier for everyone involved. I’m sure Venezuela would love to welcome him & his 3 homes.

🅱🅱🅱 @NotJocPederson🔁Bernie Sanders can probably pitch better than Pedro Baez
Mark Lloyd @MarkLlo74629732🔁The clintons who trump was best of friends in 2006 that they would turn against trump when they found out that he was running for the president election in 2016 and they did and trump was told Bernie sanders would ALSO turn against trump he was all So
Catherine Harkey @CatherineHarke2🔁The media print and tv, FBI, Bernie Sanders, Republicans, congressional leaders abused there power, Russia, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson all tolerated Donald Trump, & they all including Trump ganged up on Hillary Clinton. Shame on them all because Trump showed us who he was already
John Martin Martinez @jjmartini21🔁Here's a lovely centrist nightmare for you:

President Bernie Sanders

Vice President Nina Turner

Sen Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren

Speaker Keith Ellison

Now to don my my swimming trunks in preperation for the flood of neoliberal rage tears.

Ian @reflexchain🔁Why is it that Bernie Sanders constantly goes from being respected to being insulted? How can he constantly do it, at his age?
Rufusthedog66 @Rufusthedog66🔁Senators Bernie Sanders And Mike Lee Come Together Over War Powers Resolution via @dailycaller
Wynne Carter @iluvpoppies🔁So a tiny group of families stealing half the world's wealth (particularly from people of color) is less important than some bizarre notion of Bernie Sanders being "self righteous". Got it.
Violette Boyko @VioletteBoyko🔁Bernie Sanders ran a toxic campaign in 2016 with the help of Karl Rove and Vladimir Putin. The know-nothing narcissis ts of "Bernie or Bust" blackmailed and gaslight millions of Dems. I want them BANISHED from the party.
William Uchtman @Thor_2000🔁Bernie Sanders defends ‘smart and compassionate’ Maxine Waters after Trump attack
Robert Aponte @ROBERT3620🔁Bernie Sanders was taking shots at Clinton long pass the time he should have hosted his weapon. He was effectively b eaten but chose to continue to provide the amo that Trump used on Clinton.
H R @CaliforniaGram🔁I don't like Bernie Sanders nor do I think he's progressive or should hold the postion of Democratic Outreach Chair so if this is triggering to you to the point where you have to lash out in a negative way online Check yourself.
LeBron 2020 @California4Bron🔁I have people upset that my ongoing vetting of Bernie Sanders is hurting unity.

I have some tips on how to avoid this torture:

1. Get his full taxes for 10 years and post them.
2. Tell Bernie to stop trying to rig the midterm primaries
3. Mind your business

Meme Burk @MemeBurk🔁I will NEVER give Bernie Sanders a second chance, glimpse or look.

I will NEVER forget the way Shaun and Bernie Sanders demeaned me as a Hillary supporter and a DEMOCRAT.

That is going to be with me for the REST OF MY LIFE. I'm 31.

I will NEVER forget 2016.

Joseph Mitzen @jgmitzen🔁Bernie demonstrated in his NYDN interview he has no knowledge of the subjects he talks about and no idea how he'd do anything he promises. He has a lifetime of being a "lone wolf" and can't work with others. Even if you support Sanders' ideals, he's unqualified to implement them.
The LAX Report @LAXReport🔁Bernie Sanders visits Dodgers, hangs with Yasiel Puig, decries departure from Brooklyn
Celeste Elias Ali @fuckatravelban🔁Bernie Sanders lost my support when he spoke out against the BDS movement and pulled a "well it's not just me card" w hen people criticized Israel.
#HealthcareForAll @WildflowerSRQ🔁 Live! Bernie Sanders Rally in downtown Phoenix.


vivian williams @vivartist14🔁HAPPENING NOW: Sen. Bernie Sanders is in Phoenix holding a rally on immigration reform with Arizona Congressmen...
Trump=TraitorTrash @snarkytoes🔁 And Bernie Sanders calls other candidates not liberal enough for HIM? WTF?"
MerryDw #resist 🗽 @merryDw54🔁All of Hillary Clinton’s many Bernie Sanders criticisms in her new book
Rocking73 @E_Niclasen🔁Bernie Sanders Found Guilty of Collusion With Foreign Socialist Party

Why isn't the left reporting this?

♱ Boëthius 🇻🇦 @_boethius🔁Breaking news report Bernie Sanders, still fuming over his loss to Hillary Clinton, has been taking out his frustrati on by beating random people of color with a baseball bat.
AFRICA1804 @africa1804🔁That damn Bernie is at it again! Going deep into red states like Texas & spreading the progressive message in areas Trump won by huge numbers! Who does he think he is!? BERNIE ISN'T A DEMOCRAT! 😂😂

U.S. Sen. Sanders rallies in Lubbock of all places

Son of Betty @CrazyCurlyBlue🔁 Bernie Sanders’ job is to ensure Ted Cruz wins.
SW Blue-Black Women Do The Heavy Lifting @SMBlue63🔁I've waited for Bernie Sanders to address Russia as a primary reason why Hillary is not POTUS.

I've waited for Bernie Sanders to lead on progressive gun legislation.

I've waited for Bernie to denounce the horrible things people say on his behalf.


We're DONE.

Brian Escobar @BrianCEscobar🔁 Bernie Sanders trying to lobby to play LF for the #Dodgers.


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