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Bernie Sanders Blake Tourangeau @BlakeTourangeau🔁 Bernie Sanders stands by an anti-abortion mayoral candidate
Bernie Sanders G.G.Gordon @GGG_says🔁 Bernie Sanders: “The model of the Democratic Party is failing.”
AGS @AdrienneGarcia🔁 Bernie Sanders backing a pro-life candidate AND defending Ann Coulter?
Bernie Sanders 💖 @jjjosuke🔁 I told you they have me drawing wild stuff out here. Someone wanted bernie sanders ballin
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁1. THREAD — INTRODUCING BERNIE SANDERS, the self-appointed savior of the Democratic Party. Here's what you may not know about him. (1/22)
Christina Sommers @CHSommers🔁Bernie Sanders Says Ann Coulter Has Right to Speak at Berkeley ‘Without Fear of Violence and Intimidation’
Liz Homer @liz_homer🔁Will We Abandon Women’s Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics?
🇺🇸UNITE 4 2018🇺🇸 @RiderBabe52🔁 DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. @DNC---> HE IS PLAYING YOU ALL!!!!!! #NeverBernie
Derek Suboticki @InsiderSubo🔁Bernie Sanders Says Ann Coulter Has Right to Speak at Berkeley ‘Without Fear of Violence and Intimidation’
pinocchio @brainfart76🔁 Bernie Sanders Condemns Threats Against Ann Coulter Speech At Berkeley via @legitgov
Angel Rivera @AngelRiveraLib🔁Your piece was full of bitterness, condescension for Bernie Sanders and outright falsehoods about Bernie Sanders and his supporters.
USA Robin @rdr70024🔁Are leaders on the left finally realizing they've created a violent, fascist mob that needs to be reigned in?
Jody Tomic @jodyctomic🔁Glad to endorse Bernie supporter Dustin Peyer vs. in 2018 primary. Hope Bernie will endorse Peyer!
Tori @tooooriiiii🔁 I miss bernie sanders
Laurie @Lauriel70912605🔁 DNC Chair @TomPerez Slammed for Continuing Anti-Trump Profanity on 'Unity Tour'
ElleOCentricUniverse @ElleOCentric🔁Bernard had $10 mill in unIDd contributions in DC, now disappeared. Who'd give BS $10 mill he couldn't explain?

1Birdie4Sanders @1Birdie4Sanders🔁 The revolution will be podcast. The Bernie Sanders Show is on iTunes. Subscribe now:
Moodylicious Spa @MoodyliciousSpa🔁 Why Bernie Sanders’s Unity Tour Failed
GoodToKnow @GoodToKnowCMTY🔁DNC wants Bernie's huge list of small donors even after it rejects Res33 ban on... by #MAHAMOSA via @c0nvey
double aids @winklew0nkle🔁 Bernie Sanders is the last Jedi don't @ me
vlh @coton_luver🔁11. Even as he was ripping into Hillary's reputation, few pundits conceded Bernie Sanders was running a viciously negative campaign.
Grayghost @ONE4137🔁FOX NEWS POLL: Bernie Sanders remains the most popular politician in the US - Business Insider
Bettie Rose @BettieRose100🔁Stop w/the FAKE news. Bernie's "I'm The Most Popular" poll done by FOX NEWS is a mere 1,008 PEOPLE voting by PHONE.
I'mSTILLWithHer @stefsstuff🔁I'm very sad that it took this long for Democrats to realize that Bernie Sanders has been throwing them under the bus for well over a year.
Noah (☭) @comradekhamtan🔁 smh @ people who think bernie sanders is a socialist
BOBBY JUNKIN @1216BJ🔁@TheDemocrats @SenSanders Democrats & Bernie Sanders: King of a Dysfunctional Party | National Review
Alice Farough @AliceFarough🔁Finally, a Democrat I can agree with.
Bettie Rose @BettieRose100🔁Stop w/the FAKE news. Bernie's "I'm The Most Popular" poll done by FOX NEWS is a mere 1,008 PEOPLE voting by PHONE.
ReubenArizona @ReubenArizona🔁Why Bernie Sanders’s Unity Tour Failed
Lynn @silent_crescend🔁Perez needs to put a dirty sock in his mouth.
DNC Chair Slammed for Continuing Anti-Trump Profanity on 'Unity Tour'
Jody Tomic @jodyctomic🔁DNC wants Bernie's huge list of small donors even after it rejects Res33 ban on corporate money. Don't do it Bernie.
Cat @zuessgirasoleme🔁Bernie Sanders is nowhere to be found when lists are compiled of top Senators whose bills have become law. He's a talker not a doer.
Kathy Hallacy @Kathy_Hallacy🔁 Sanders says "the model of the Democratic Party is failing"
Mackenzie @xidama🔁 Bernie Sanders better take *that* shit up w/whoever invented humanity.
vlh @coton_luver🔁8. As Bernie Sanders and surrogates trashed Hillary's character, Sanders had become what he promised not to be:
(((@peacebw/u))) @lbridges1212🔁You know Bernie Sanders is a foe not a friend when he defends Trump supporters & Ann Coulter more than Democrats & Jon Ossoff. No Frauds.
(((Lizbeth White))) @Celtique🔁And the news is out! is coming to for a special event at 4th Jun!
BOBBY JUNKIN @1216BJ🔁@TheDemocrats @chuckschumer @NancyPelosi Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party | Heat Street
JTK @JTCK17🔁Bernie Sanders was fine with his supporters booing John Lewis at the DNC last year but is now upset that Ann Colters speech was cancelled
Fools2234 @Fools2234🔁In light of France's election, worth noting that despite tough-talk on immigration, La Pen's economic policies are left of Bernie Sanders.
Saving America @Saving_America_🔁 DNC Chair Slammed for Continuing Anti-Trump Profanity on 'Unity Tour'
Kung Fu Sakety @sakettome🔁Y this dog look like bernie sanders
Gwynda Shields @Georgecolevet🔁Bernie Sanders released the 1040 for his 2014 tax returns only.

Suzanne Johnston @suejohnston56🔁14. Let's step back and look at the history: Sanders was first elected with the NRA's help. And he rewarded them.
Lawson @lawsonmillerlm🔁Bernie Sanders is vastly overrated.
Damaris Moné @DamarisMone🔁 agnst but supprt Bernie Sanders an Independent, who is not Democrat, hates Dem. Talk about
amanda miller @amandamiller106🔁A letter written by Mayor Bernie Sanders to Margaret Thatcher on the treatment of IRA prisoners in 1981 via /r/Sander sForPresident …
Edgar Allan Hoe @klimtbabe🔁Bernie Sanders literally forced a recount of all the delegates at the Democratic convention before he conceded to Hillary.
Sheila Humphries @sheilafaye01_g🔁@gotrr I caucused 4 Bernie & voted 4 Hillary. Ppl demanding Sanders' supporter email list is ridiculous. Is DNC sharing list w/Sanders
Doug Biviano @dougbiviano🔁A Bernie Sanders campaign adviser was a Russian. Now he's speaking out. by @ggreenwald
Bedford MA Democrats @BedfordMassDems🔁Will We Abandon Women’s Rights in the Name of Politics? via @thecut (A very important read)
Chillwave Ty 🚁 @BurningOrchids🔁Notice people like Bernie Sanders are never described as "far-left". They say that to put it in the average guy's he ad that she's bad.
roque sullivan (ロク) @roquesullivan🔁@SenatorIvy @ddale8 @Trabant Richard Dreyfuss as Bernie Sanders, Cybill Shepherd as Hillary Clinton in "2016: The Year the World Ended." 😑
Marnssj @Marnssj🔁Tad Devine also worked for Yanukovych, thereby presumably implicating Bernie Sanders in the wider Russia conspiracy
Rosa A. Clemente @rosaclemente🔁Bernie Sanders is supporting an anti-abortion Mayoral candidate Heath Mello. I think this says It all about his...
Penthos @Penthos🔁"If Bernie is weird, then the American public is weird, because his views mirror the nation's views"

david kinard @dthomicide🔁@TomPerez @SenSanders Perez I'm sick and damn tired of the Kiss Bernie's ass fest, we need YOUNG HUNGRY REAL LOYAL DEMS NOT A KAZOO SANDERS!
Maria Mollenkopf @molmar54🔁"Bernie Sanders may have lost, but he’s more of a factor for the Democratic Party now than the winner has been."
❄️Warrior Puss™ ❄️ @joan_evans_nyc🔁"The Flaw in Bernie Sanders 'Unity' Plan"...

I'd say it's far more than just a's a fucking calculation!

Christina @Phire2Fire🔁19. BERNIE SANDERS IS JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN. No more, no less.
And a very destructive one when it comes to the Democratic Party.
Daisy Dolly & Stella @daisydollystell🔁Greedy Bernie Sanders owns 3 houses, is in the top 6% of US income and flies around on private planes!
Don Estep @donestep1🔁“Democrats Choosing Sanders to Lead are Leaving Too Much of their Base Behind” by Sasha Stone
Carina, Ph.D. @checarina🔁Bernie Sanders is the PETA of progressive politics. Yeah, I said it.
Feisty Trumpster💋 @HFemtard🔁Democrats don't even like Democrats. Bernie Sanders is a registered Independent
Rob Johnson @rjocean🔁Sanders: Democratic Party's Model Is 'Failing' via @Newsmax
Cheryl Fox @MyChristmasHams🔁@Shashana80sKid #berniesandersisoverparty
Bernie sanders and his paid trolls can sit on a big one!
Méabh @ma3v3monahan🔁Does Bernie Sanders think he lives in a fucking vacuum
Woobie🌹Tuesday @WoobieTuesday🔁Which candidate do you think would keep black families safer than Bernie Sanders would?
BROOKE CERDA GUZMAN @DESCOLONIZADORA🔁Retweeted Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders):

People who voted for Trump now understand that his agenda is for the...


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