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Ben Simmons błākē dūttōn @BsDeez02🔁 when u find out LSU got popped for paying a player but it was tim quarterman not ben simmons
Eduardo Castillo @RFMasterpiece🔁 Ben Simmons getting two Bulls with one no-look pass is our @StateFarm Assist of the Week.
Ben Simmons Cranges McBasketball @JoeyMack88🔁 “Ben Simmons can’t shoot”
Eagles win Super Bowl!! @dan_mphillips🔁 Ben Simmons was unguardable in high school. 👀
Ben Simmons Chris Flonoury @umchristoff🔁 The only rookies to average 10-7-7 are Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball.
Ben SimmonsBen Simmons Jordan @PrimeOjeleye🔁 9. NBA Rookie of the Year?

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Ben Simmons Glenn 🌊 @Glennfluence🔁 BEN SIMMONS CANT MAKE FREE THROWS
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Ben Simmons and Allen Iverson are the only 76ers rookies in the last 30 years to have 30 points and 10 assists in a g ame.
NBA @NBA🔁Ben Simmons posted a career-high 32 PTS, along with 11 AST, 7 REB to fuel the in a close 116-115 win over the !

E mbiid: 30 PTS, 13 REB, 5 AST

Portis: Career-high 38 PTS, 8 REB

NBA @NBA🔁Ben Simmons (career-high 32 PTS, 7 REB, 11 AST) & Joel Embiid (30 PTS, 13 REB, 5 AST) filled it up in the thrilling W!
Timmy TTP @ChopChop570🔁Kyle Lowry was an All Star over Ben Simmons 😂
C.I @carlosjpigleias🔁🗣THE FUTURE IS NOW🗣

Ben Simmons: 32 PTS, 11 ASTS, 7 REBS, 13-18 FG, 2 GW FT’s

Joel Embiid: 30 PTS, 13 REBS, 5 ASTS, 4 BLOCKS, 3 STLS, 11-17 FG

Gregg Popabitch @SourSoul_🔁Can’t wait for Kawhi to be traded for Ben Simmons
Guy Williams @guywilliamsguy🔁Number 1 is clearly Giannis jumping over a dude. Then about 2 from Ben Simmons (underated dunker imo) but then this h as a chance. Defo white guy dunk of the year haha
Michael Waite @Michael__Waite🔁 Ben Simmons' 23 double-doubles are the most by a Sixers rookie since Charles Barkley's 29 in 1984-'85. @NBAonTNT
Sergio Tosti @sergiotosti🔁Devon, LeBron is not a good fit with Ben Simmons at all. This is Ben’s team and Jo’s team and LeBron doesn’t fit here unless he acknowledges that and we all know he won’t do that. We can’t take on anymore alpha males. Sure would be nice to get PG13 though
Buff @_AB10_🔁 Ben Simmons

32 Points (Career High)
7 Rebounds
11 Assists

2 Game Winning Free Throws

Rookie of the Year.

Bobby @BobbyVanD22🔁TOP 10 IN ROOKIE REAL PLUS-MINUS (minimum 500 minutes)

1. Jordan Bell
2. Ben Simmons
3. Royce O’Neale
4. Jayson Tatum
5. Donovan Mitchell
6. OG Anunoby
7. Lonzo Ball
8. Bam Adebayo
9. Daniel Theis
10. John Collins

Sheid☁️ @SheidMula_🔁I think i can predict how this one is going to go but let’s give it a go anyways

Who should be Rookie of the Year

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J'Challa ♠️ @UmCoolLikeDat🔁Andrew Wiggins was the most hyped high school player since LeBron James. He was already guaranteed #1 before he even signed. It was never a debate either. Ben Simmons similar, but hype wasn't on the same level.
Darius Watford @Dspiffy_3🔁Ben Simmons scored a career-high 32 PTS (13-18 FG) to go with 11 ASTS & 7 REBS!

Joel Embiid added 30 PTS (11-17 FG), 13 REBS & 5 ASTS in the 76ers 1-point win over the Bulls.

WBY Kaos @sleepnaz🔁The only rookies to put up at least 32p, 11a, 7r in the last 55 years:

Michael Jordan 2x
Stephen Curry
Steve Francis
Ben Simmons


King O @Saucepwa1🔁 My nigga Ben Simmons got that fresh fade
The Pick and Roll @PickandRollAU🔁Ben Simmons with career-high vs Bulls | 22 Feb 2018
#AussieHoops #NBA via @YouTube
swoosh @nolimit1k_🔁@tye0613 Ben Simmons can’t shoot either, doesn’t hurt his production
Matias Barmat @hoopstats🔁Ben Simmons had 32 points, 11 assists, and seven rebounds last night. Over the last 35 seasons, the only other rookies to match or exceed each of those totals in a single game are Michael Jordan (3x), Steve Francis, and Stephen Curry.
Adam @okguyadam🔁@mcten The next Ben Simmons
Jake Skov @JakeSkov_12🔁Ben Simmons and Allen Iverson are the only 76ers rookies in the last 30 years to have 30 points and 10 assists in a game.
Ben Creighton @Ben_CreightonTV🔁It seemed like the Parkview Patriots were trying to tear down the rims in their win over JA Fair

Featuring future R azorback Ethan Henderson ()
Airion Simmons ()


EaglesOverEverything @casamato21🔁Simmons is a special talent and hasn’t even found his jump shot yet. Mitchell will be the better scorer but ben the better overall player
Elijah Borenstein @TheEJB1999🔁Last night, Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid became the 1st Sixers teammates to post 30 point double-doubles since Iverson/Webber back in ‘06

Joel Embiid:

30 points
13 rebounds
5 assists
4 blocks
3 steals

Ben Simmons:

32 points
7 rebounds
11 assists
1 block
1 steal

Jordan @youngestof13🔁Donovan Mitchell is winning rookie of the year. Even if Ben Simmons leads the league in every category they won’t give him the award because the media wants to prove a point to the Sixers about tanking. Same reason Embiid didn’t win it last year
JC @JC130onYT🔁Reply to this tweet on who do you think will be the next face of the NBA and why?

Example: 90’s - MJ
00’s - Kobe
10’ s - LeBron
20’s - ?

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kristaps Porzingis
Anthony Davis
Ben Simmons

ًWalmart Nick Cannon @nickswish8🔁My nigga Ben Simmons got that fresh fade
Mr. Conway @agentcogs🔁 Ben Simmons easily the best rookie in the league
Dashawn Fleming @dashawnflemiing🔁No disrespect to Ben Simmons but this should be ROTY
Max Lederman @Max_Lederman🔁Ben Simmons is now officially the greatest international player in NBA history
Jason (Super Bowl Champs) @JasonKenny_🔁Ben Simmons casually stepped to the line and won the ball game last night.

We’re watching his game blossom right before our very eyes.

Stand Tall‼️ @O_JEE10🔁Ben simmons is more like magic than lebron😂 yall dont know ball fr
Yash⚡ @Yashyyy_🔁@TJHaLy U look like Ben simmons


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