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Ben Ferguson mike roberts @LiveMike46🔁“Ben Ferguson”

Don Lemon was Eminem to Ferguson’s Trump

ENG @ericgreaux🔁Ana Navarro OWNS Ben Ferguson in FIERY Discussion, "Ben, You Are NOBODY" via @YouTube
Mediaite @Mediaite🔁CNN’s Ana Navarro, Ben Ferguson Take the Gloves Off: ‘Who Died and Made You the Judge of Blackness?’
Ben Ferguson Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 When Ben Ferguson actually condemns Eminem on CNN, Eminem has accomplished his goal! #resistance
me @neyney2go🔁Lemon to Ferguson: You're giving a bull crap answer @donlemon "THANK YOU DON 4 ALWAYS KEEPIN' it REAL!"
Ice Player @IcePlayer10🔁@Mediaite Ben Ferguson is a dumb racist SOB!
MaslowWoman Live @maslowwomanlive🔁Don Lemon Hammers Ben Ferguson: ‘I’m Smarter Than the Bullsh*t Answer You’re Giving Me!’
Christopher May @christophermmay🔁Between Don Lemon calling Ben Ferguson's arguments "bullshit" last night and Chris Cuomo beating down Scott Perry (R-PA) now on . DAMN!
Samuel Weissman @samuel_weissman🔁Lemon to Ferguson: You're giving a bull crap answer It's ok to curse, when ur right.

Rainy Day Couture @RainyDayCo🔁Don Lemon To Guest “I’m Smarter Than That Bullsh** Answer You’re Giving Me” [Video]

Don Lemon was not having it when Ben Ferguson decided …

Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁Memo to Ben Ferguson. There aren’t 86 mayors in PR. That’s impossible. There are only 78 municipalities, so 86 is a made up number.
The Naked Truth @TheMediaIgnores🔁CNN’s Ana Navarro, Ben Ferguson Take the Gloves Off: ‘Who Died and Made You the Judge of Blackness?’
💜🎶Miss SHEILA 🌴 @Tpa_ismyhome🔁@Mediaite Ben Ferguson is straight garbage
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁Ben Ferguson is such an idiot. You have to believe this is a really bad acting gig from a really bad actor. Really bad.
NOSA TOPNOTCH @nosatopnotch🔁Ana Navarro is a national treasure.... What was she thinking being on 'the other side.. She just ethered Ben Ferguson.. We love Ana Navarro
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 Ana Navarro to Ben Ferguson on @CNN @NewDay
"Who died and made you the judge of blackness?!"


Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁Dear

Ben Ferguson is repulsive and his opinion about any issue should not be aired to the masses. Why must you allow it?

Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 @MariaTCardona Ben Ferguson is such a big bully. I love seeing you take him down.
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 I love you! Calling what Ben Ferguson said "bullshit" It's about time ppl call BS on all of the Trumpian NFL propaganda.
Midnight Star @foreballs2🔁Lemon to Ferguson: You're giving a bull crap answer
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁I seriously don't understand people like Ben Ferguson who come on claiming Fake News, and Sexism of Eminem but sit & praise Trump FOH.
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁Ben Ferguson, the White male Republican analysis, is not an eligible spokesman on Black Life in America; nor can he call Black Folks slack..
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 CNN Ben Ferguson is just as bad as Jeffery! Kick him off!
Covfefe LeMew🇺🇸 @Budzmutti🔁CNN don’t use Ben Ferguson. He enabled a sexual predator we now call president. He has a double standard for others & Don was right, BS!
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 Dear CNN,LITERALLY no one wants to see or hear from Ben Ferguson.

#TakeAKnee #ResistTrump

paul williams @paulonwilliams🔁Why is @cnn paying this ben ferguson dope to come on TV to BS? Jerry Springer is asking for patent money for copying his format.
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 Ben Ferguson thinks Eminem's lyrics are worse than Trump's actual sexual assaults.
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁 Don Lemon just said Bullshit twice to Chump apologist Ben Ferguson and I've never been prouder of him! 👍 #CNN
Hind Karkhanechi @karkhanechi🔁Ben Ferguson: I'd never vote 4 Eminem as pres.

: But Trump said similar stuff & you voted 4 him.

Ben Ferguson: Wait, what?

booker25 @Booker25🔁Lemon to Ferguson: You're giving a bull crap answer @CNN
Rebecca @RsvpV🔁Ben Ferguson holier than thou speech is revealing. Straight pathetic.
#ThursdayThoughts #TrumpLogic
D. Harris @GottabD1🔁 Don Lemon just Checkmated Ben Ferguson! Trump supporters will support this vile piece of toxic trash beyond approach!
Ali Ebrahimzadeh Esq @AliEesq🔁Mediaite: CNN’s Ana Navarro, Ben Ferguson Take the Gloves Off: ‘Who Died and Made You the Judge of Blackness?’…
MyTwoWheats ❄ @MyTwoWheats🔁The bullshit, it burns!

Ben Ferguson gets a taste of "arrogant" (read: "uppity") Don Lemon.


Zezrie🎃MCID @zezrie🔁I love ! He just told Ben Ferguson that he (Ben) was spouting bullshit, lol. It's about time "Spanky" was put in his place!
Ty Smith @AFan_ofTruth🔁@cthagod @breakfastclubam Ben Ferguson. Twitter is letting him HAVE it! 😂😂
Jan Gorman @sifto8888🔁So "white men" are now the enemy of the left? Ben Ferguson is actually one of the voices of reason on Cnn..😆😆
Mmabatho @MmabathoSisJ🔁@CNN How long will you continue insulting and assaulting your audience with the likes of Ben Ferguson for ratings? @NewDay
Dale @goingtomycabin🔁@MattMurph24 Ben Ferguson is a fuckin sideshow circus ..he’s a fuckin moron..who gives a fuck what that puppet says...
His Dudeness @ZJudkins🔁@tonyposnanski She missed a great opportunity to slap the shit out of Ben Ferguson.
Deonne NC @drdeon2000🔁 why do you allow Ben Ferguson flat out lie about CK not doing anything in the community? He donates millions and gets involved
Aiko @Aiko_Rina2🔁
Rose McGowan

USS Cole
Ben Ferguson

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