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J. Ronnie Moe Pratt @FatherBlue6🔁 Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa got every Warner Bros exec involved with the Justice League movie like:
Ben Affleck Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁Remember when Ben 'the groper' Affleck lectured Trump for his locker room talk?

Oh, the sweet sweet irony. 😄

Finessa Huxtable @ChinaDeLaghetto🔁 It took Ben Affleck 14 years to apologize for this
Joe Scanlon @JKSCN🔁 Ben Affleck allegedly groped Hilarie Burton and now there's video.
Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁Ben Affleck & Matt Damon - two of the biggest virtue signalling, self-righteous blowhards on the planet.

Both now completely exposed.

Austen Fletcher @fleccas🔁[VIDEO] Ben Affleck objectifies female reporter, comments on her breasts, then makes fun of "retarded" people with c erebral palsy.
Carla Grimes 💀 @LostSisGrimes🔁Gents, let’s do this too. No tweeting for a day. In solidarity with .
Christine @Dreambout45🔁[VIDEO] Ben Affleck objectifies female reporter, comments on her breasts, then makes fun of "retarded" people with cerebral palsy.
ABHISHEK SINGLA @ABHISHEKSNGLA🔁Remember when Ben 'the groper' Affleck lectured Trump for his locker room talk?

Oh, the sweet sweet irony. 😄

DenisePouchet @DenisePouchet🔁"When an account engages in abusive behavior...we may suspend it"
Insulting Ben Affleck a bigger threat than inciting nuclear war. Got it.
Linda Kirk @lindakirk_va🔁Hollywood can burn in hell for all I care. From Affleck to Clooney & Kimmel to Damon, let it all implode!
💀 Łørđ Đrąvën 🎃 @The_SuperBeast🔁I'm waiting for the bitches to come out and defend Jason Mamoa because "He's hot & he has tattoos" yet have the nerve to trash Ben Affleck
TRUMPs My POTUS 👌 @DebraMMason1🔁The DNC.. Supports Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Madonna, Eminem, Colin Kaepernick, Antifa, BLM, And still can’t figure out how Trump won?
Anonymous America @KORANISBURNING🔁 BEN AFFLECK is a pig, just like his mentor, Harvey Weinstein!
T J Stevens @TJStevens13🔁... is that Ben AFfleck, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel and Meryl Streep, who have attempted to normalize or obfuscate Harvey
jugni @shawty4lifee🔁 Ben Affleck fuck off
Athena @harleyrebirth🔁imagine carrying a child for 9 months and having ben affleck. then imagine carrying another child for 9 months and it's casey affleck.
A SFWW @Opy1963🔁Newly surfaced video of Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck show off the charts Hollywood hypocrisy
DJ @oldtaxipark🔁 @Independent What's wrong with telling Ben Affleck to fuck off?
ManoBrow @realmanobrow🔁Harvey “Wallbangher” Weinstein
Ben “Dover” Affleck
Oliver “ClothesOff” Stone
Roy “WhatsYour” Price
hollie💫 @hollieecollins🔁@madisonsnider_ “OH MY GOD I KNOW WHO BEN AFFLECK IS!!!!!”
Nightgammer @Nitegammer_🔁FULL VIDEO: Ben Affleck Groping Hilarie Burton's Boobs in 2001, When She... via @YouTube
Mike Dirsa @DirsaMike🔁@ElNatetweets Two names sum up twitter today Rose McGowan and Ben Affleck. Hurry up Saturday
♏Ambitious Scorpio© @QuitaChantel🔁Father Joseph Maskell. Dallas Austin. Dr. Luke. Ben Affleck. Harvey Weinstein. None look the same. All men. All abusers/rapists.
Help Puerto Rico Now @RedRidingYou🔁Fake Apology Alert.

Rose McGowan Attacks Ben Affleck Over Harvey Weinstein: ‘You Lie’

Butch Hoffman @butch_hoffman🔁 Crack attack.
David @pumoligy🔁2ND Woman Accuses Ben Affleck of Groping
is filled with perverts, predators & pedophiles

/r/news @rslashnews🔁Makeup Artist Claims Ben Affleck Groped her -
Linda Clark @NurseLindaC🔁Rose McGowan gets a ban for calling out Ben Affleck but Trump can threaten to 'destroy' thousands of people. Sort it out Twitter 👊🏻
Arryndosk Raven @Arryndosk_Raven🔁Rose McGowan’s Twitter account suspended after criticizing Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck over sexual harassment allegations.
Nightgammer @Nitegammer_🔁Ben Affleck Says Sex With Matt Damon Is Good via @YouTube
Wwwillstand @wwwillstand🔁 👊 Hit them in the wallet 💰💰, where it hurts 👊!
@BenAffleck #JusticeLeag ue

bob M @bobbymalik74🔁 I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014.
✌Resist 😎 @snoozeq1🔁Rose McGowan's Twitter suspension has many speaking out. Some are calling for :

Elise Mysels @02Cents0PositivelyJoan: 🔁 Rose McGowan speaks against sexual assault: Suspended

Ben Affleck admits to sexual assault: No action


Macp Is Me ™ ®  @Macpisme🔁It is not just the depravity of NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, but also their Hollywood enabler's like Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck and Meryl Streep
SusanD @AZ_Susan🔁 "Actress @RoseMcgowan blocked from Twitter after tweeting about Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck"
JESSEJ(LP SOLDIER) @Jesse1304🔁casey affleck did that stuff so lets make it seem like ben did it too like tha fuck u all dumb as fuck tbh
mythos=D @mythos1014🔁 Hilarie Burton WAS groped by Ben Affleck. Say it like it is.
Hillary For Prison!! @clintons4prisn🔁Rose McGowan Tells Ben Affleck to 'F*ck Off' after Statement on Weinstein: 'You Lie'

SavageModeMom @SarahCa19881300🔁Rose McGowan, who accused Ben Affleck of lying about Harvey Weinstein, said "There are powerful forces at work"
kohai @nadine_ayala🔁Rose McGowan has her account suspended by Twitter after telling Ben Affleck to f**k off
Gina Lawriw @GinaLawriw🔁Ben Affleck apologizes for groping 'TRL' host but has not publicly responded to McGowan @USATODAYLife
Teo Vucic @cicuvoet🔁In the last 36 hours I witnessed Ben Affleck apologize for hugging a woman and Jason Momoa apologize again for saying a joke many years ago
Michael Diller @mwhnelozub🔁Rose McGowan speaks against sexual assault: Suspended

Ben Affleck admits to sexual assault: No action

THIS is why women don't come forward


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