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Not My Show @notmyshowtv🔁Me when Bruno started pushing Jen into the room. #BelowDeck
Nico_Scholly @NicoScholly93🔁I know what I’ll be watching tonight. The new episode of #Belowdeck
#BelowDeck Movimike @movimike🔁 Thats how it should be.... #belowdeck #leader #workhard #jobs #world #quotes
#BelowDeck LifeLoveYoga @MakeYourOwnJoy🔁Can't quite figure out why Jen is still on this Charter. #BelowDeck
Josh Seefried @JoshSeefried🔁Ummmm. This is weird considering I’ve never met you or really tweeted you except offering to help fundraise for a non twitter.com profit I thought you were helping.
Kate Chastain @Kate_Chastain🔁In all honesty I feel like 98% of people don't really like scallops. They're pretty much just Jiggly fish flavored s twitter.com quishy medallions
Movimike @movimike🔁Help those affected by Hurricane Irma
Lizzie Partin @Bravolacious🔁. Exactly how delusional are Jen and her "good hair" to believe she has any competency, a good work ethic, or any res twitter.com pect for her superiors? On everything that's holy, and on what planet, did she make it through the season without getting her ass fired?!
Mare @marilyngho🔁 🦋this is a yatch it’s not cheap . I think the tips prove that! Service should be top notch!! Jen is the top of the twitter.com list , nico took all season, we had to thrown one off, it covers the rest that worked hard
Param DhiLL0N @paramdhillon66🔁Loving with especially her one liners like “if they had more discerning taste or less wine it’d be a different story” 🤣😂🤣
The Case Place L.A. @thecaseplaceLA🔁It would’ve been ok for him to dip his penis into her vagina, but she can’t dip a clean fork into his au jus. Lol. I twitter.com don’t share food, either, but he could’ve had them bring him another au jus & spared the b*tch fit.
Bruno Duarte @brunobelowdeck🔁PS: KATE, for all your nasty posts and comments, last nights episode showed a wrong decision that I took towards . twitter.com But I know that was wrong, so dont use it to make your image better. Difference between me and u, I know when Im wrong and apologize
The Case Place L.A. @thecaseplaceLA🔁+1. Jen is literally being dragged every episode. She sucks at her job. They won’t let her talk to her daughter. She twitter.com takes too long to eat. She breathes and it’s too loud. It doesn’t make sense.
Mark Jansen @TehMadness🔁Jesus, is Nico texting his ex-girlfriend? Dirty fucker #BelowDeck
The Case Place L.A. @thecaseplaceLA🔁Thank you! I’m disgusted that no one intervened to stop him from putting his hands on Jen. That was unacceptable. I’m twitter.com sure Jen is tired. There’s someone attacking her weekly. The show should be renamed "Everybody Hates Jen".
Fabian S. Carrillo @fabscarrillo🔁Love that Kate does not mess around! #BelowDeck
Movimike @movimike🔁Do not try to make something look different from what it is. via buzzfeed.com
Mare @marilyngho🔁 🦋poor capt he will be glad to have this season over lol now the cooks worn out .. where’s Ben .. I’m tired it’s bee twitter.com n crazy w Jen calling Kaye whore..it’s crazy
Marz Jean @Marz__Jean🔁 Your energy is so welcoming and inspiring. Keep being humble and fighting for what you believe in. You are the only twitter.com one that brought something positive to this season.
Julie @Jewels_Messyass🔁I'm betting that the primary is watching this episode and wishing the ground would open up and swallow her right abou twitter.com t now 😂 Poor He was so gracious
Julie @Jewels_Messyass🔁As much as I love it, part of me dreads watching #BelowDeck. Because Jen.
LifeLoveYoga @MakeYourOwnJoy🔁I know Matt is trying but it's just not good enough. These guests pay mega
bucks and expect the best gourmet meals. twitter.com Let's face it, there's only one
and he is sorely missed.
Bruno Duarte @brunobelowdeck🔁That night was wild, I dont have any excuse for my actions, but my attitute was only to protect and she knows that. twitter.com She wasnt herself and I never had the intention to hurt anyone. We huged and apologized each other right before bed(uncut scene)
Giuseppe Sallo @Salpot🔁JEN should have been fired. Clearly she's an emotional wreck, her behavior proves just that! #belowdeck
LifeLoveYoga @MakeYourOwnJoy🔁These charter guests are beyond embarrassing. Not a fan of drunk women acting inappropriately and blatantly coming o twitter.com n to the happily married captain.
JasMarie @AnitaSkyy🔁Drunk or not I wish nico would put his hands on me and tell me he’s going to lock me in a bathroom for responding to twitter.com something he wasn’t involved in. Foh
Katie Lisko @klisko11🔁Day Made. Re-tweet from THEE and a like from the one and only . twitter.com
marinemajor😎 @marinemajor🔁This episode of #BelowDeck is featuring fake Christians who are big supporters of #DonaldTrump .
JasMarie @AnitaSkyy🔁How is everyone on here acting like Jen was unprovoked. She just wanted to use the br and baker kept her from using i twitter.com t. Baker called her a fucking idiot and Jen is wrong for having a reaction?! I can’t with this show 🙄🙄
Deborah Carr ☇🇬🇷 @deborahcarr🔁Unfortunately, Jen didn't have time for the appropriate response: "That's crossing the line, never bring my daughter twitter.com into this" & when she tried to address it later, she just faltered ☹
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen is completely out of control. #BelowDeck
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Baker tried to help Jen all evening and to thank her, Jen called her a whore.
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen insinuated that Kate was a whore, last week, now she has straight out called Baker a whore. That must be her go to. #BelowDeck
रश्मि 🌹 @Mankirashmi🔁#DWTS Clarkson Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Oilers #BelowDeck Brook Lopez #AlternativeHolidayDishes #ChampsVsStars tinyurl.com
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen and her self absorbed pity parties... Beyond annoying! #BelowDeck
Melissa @RabbitHoleTX🔁What a hot mess the primary is on nothing worse than a grown ass woman sloppy drunk and stupid thinking they're God twitter.com 's gift to men poor Captain Lee
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁I think it's impossible for Jen to take responsibility for anything she does.
JasMarie @AnitaSkyy🔁And they keep trying to dictate what others do when they’re not on shift! Drunk or not if I’m not clocked in don’t t twitter.com ell me what to do. I’m team Jen they all need to stay in their lane and stop picking on the easy target 🙄
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Kyle didn't just become crazy about table manners, when Jen touched his food, he's been that way.
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen thinks everyone is after her. She doesn't seem to realize she is the cause of a lot of the problems she has.
✨▪️Steel Town Girl▪️ @vlbasile🔁 I feel like that primary was over the line with !she should know Capt. Lee is happily married and to push that situa twitter.com tion on him was uncomfortable and embarrassing.But, as usual Cap handled with ease&tact!
SDW @TRHoftheIE🔁@JenHowell_13 is a mess! Idk how she can be a mom... Every free moment is drunk time. #BelowDeck she is a terrible drunk and mean. #rehab
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁When you make the conscious decision to f*ck with my food, you're dead to me. - Kyle
That's taking it a little far, twitter.com but I can see that.
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁I don't want someone's fork in my food, without asking, either. #BelowDeck
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen dipped her fork into Kyle's ouju and said may I, as she pulled it out.
You're supposed to say may I,and wait for twitter.com an answer BEFORE touching someone else's food.
MoreFoodMoreGains @MyronBolitar99🔁Yeah, I remember the last primary who's in the next episode. He's a real yambag. He could be the co-star in every B m twitter.com ovie you'd watch when nothing else is on television.
JasMarie @AnitaSkyy🔁And Jen needs to stop whining all damn day and try to improve. I like her but I also like ppl that take it upon thems twitter.com elves to better when others doubt them
elizabeth baldwin @lizziejobaldwin🔁@Kate_Chastain at the end of a charter,does the crew always hug the guests? I find that so personal. #BelowDeck
KarenW @KazzaWohl🔁 I’m sure Jen must’ve ruined any chance of a future job after this? She is an awful employee! She’s Lazy, moans all t twitter.com he time, talks to her boss like Shit! All such great qualities for her next job??!
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁At least Matt seems open to constructive criticism and doesn't have a problem using Kate's ideas.
✨▪️Steel Town Girl▪️ @vlbasile🔁 Bruno,honey, know you mean well,but just don't ever put your hands on a super drunk girl in a bad mood😒. She will a twitter.com ct like Jen did😤
JasMarie @AnitaSkyy🔁I hate how this crew treats Jen. She definitely needs help with getting the work done effectively but my problem is e twitter.com veryone just gives criticism not constructive criticism. To be a leader you gotta learn how to work with ppl on ALL levels
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Ohhh nooo The next charter is not looking good for Matt. #BelowDeck
MoreFoodMoreGains @MyronBolitar99🔁Jen. Is. Super Smashed Bros. #Belowdeck
Is it just me? @misnsomething🔁Jen is just straight out lying! #BelowDeck


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