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Bellator MMA 101 @WorldWideMMA101🔁Gegard Mousasi departs UFC for Bellator #mma #ufc
Jose Contreras @MAGNET_69🔁 General reaction to UFC letting Gegard Mousasi go to Bellator:
Sky Don @Don_of_Dallas🔁 BREAKING! Gegard @Mousasi_MMA signs with Bellator. 😎🎤 #TheMMAHou r
Bellator Sorin Bejan @Sorin010🔁 Gegard Mousasi departs UFC for Bellator
Bellator Gegard Mousasi @mousasi_mma🔁A new era has arrived. Me signing my @BellatorMMA contract. Bellator MWs, there is a new sheriff in town.
Chamatkar Sandhu @SandhuMMA🔁I'm hearing from a reliable source that Gegard Mousasi has signed with Bellator MMA. It's one source but I'm trying to get confirmation now.
Kyle Steele @LoudMouthMMA🔁Proud to announce the signing of top middleweight to !

Details 👉 👈

Brian Ceron @therealbdb🔁@JoeScumbag Bellator is leveling up. Every disgruntled fighter will end up there
JustGriff @njgriff🔁A new era has arrived. Me signing my contract. Bellator MWs, there is a new sheriff in town.
UFC World @UFCWorldNews🔁Gegard Mousasi parts ways with UFC, inks six-fight deal with Bellator MMA
wop @brrrklaw🔁Gegard Mousasi signs multi-fight Bellator deal after 4-year UFC run via @mmajunkie
Ashton KUSHer @Father_Zeiser🔁Yep. WME lost the plot. Mousasi leaves the UFC with a 9-3 record on a 5 fight win streak, never fighting for the title. Good for Bellator.
Chris @chrismcflynn🔁an honestly it couldnt have been that extreme of a raise if bellator was able to land him, keeping in mind if money i s the focus here.
Aydin Reyhan @AReySportsNews🔁Just read a story on how it would be nice to see Whittaker take on Mousasi one day... if he stays in the UFC.

He just signed for Bellator.

melaniegalemma @melaniegalemma🔁Happy to see get paid by Bellator. Another fighter the UFC wanted to underpay and didn't appreciate while they had.
Абел♌️ @__Abel17🔁Gegard to Bellator? Is this mean NO Armenian guy fighter in the UFC? I guess I better get my body together as soon as I can. 🙌
Julian 傅立豪 @BaiHuJ🔁Does Mousasi know they have women fighters in Bellator too?
************ @likeakipper8🔁@JESnowden @BellatorMMA Bellator doing well, UFC only interested in money not talent. Stupid decision to let him go
Walter Lemieux @walterlemieux🔁@MeganA_mma That's insane. I was really hoping to see him fight Whittaker, what a fight that would have been. Huge addition for bellator
James D. Fanelli @PowerSerge_93🔁 Report: Free agent middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi signs with Bellator MMA
Lewis bloor @lewisbloor97🔁 Gegard Mousasi signs multi-fight Bellator deal after 4-year UFC run
jord @Jordan_Edwards1🔁Sorry but who's the best WW in the world? 🤔😂 but your saying if ex UFC become Bellator champs is bad? Implying Bel lator is 2nd rate
Furious Rabbit @furyoftherabbit🔁@mousasi_mma @BellatorMMA @CUSTARD_TSUNAMI time to watch Bellator!
cody winkle @codywinkle53🔁If many more 170ers or 185ers leave for bellator then we will have a new argument who really is the best 170 or 185 in the world I don't lik
Dobie Gillis @CatsAndKhakis🔁Mousasi cites Scott Coker's presence as a major reason for his Bellator signing. Says Coker is "honest" and "treats fighters with respect."
Frank-O @bangfightclub🔁 Mousasi on #themmahour: "Why would a fighter choose to not go to Bellator, where you're going to get treated better?"
King Hank @Henkie_TMT🔁@mousasi_mma @BellatorMMA Glad for you a shame for the fans, u can easly be MW, LHW and HW champ, best fighter in bellator.
Simon Rai @fightfansocial🔁i think it's kind of lame that @mousasi_mma decided to sign with bellator. it's the ufc rejects league, not the champions league.
Himalaya @sandyem1989🔁 Im happy to have Gegard Mousasi in Bellator. I see some fun fights for him there.
Hunter Alek Homistek @HunterAHomistek🔁 signs with Bellator, Tides continue to shift. Ole Bo with some words
Samuel Carrizales @Ham4Ever22🔁That's huge.. one of the best in that division. He's gonna have the belt soon in Bellator
Alfredo valdes @Alfredov2012🔁 More info on @mousasi_mma's signing to @BellatorMMA below.
Mystic Mos @TheMMAholes🔁Love it!
Ashton KUSHer @Father_Zeiser🔁 OFFICIAL: Gegard Mousasi has signed with Bellator MMA
Cory jackson @coryjackson89🔁@arielhelwani @BrendanSchaub oh shit, bellator doing the damn thing!
Daniel Dale @dannydale831🔁BREAKING: Gegard Mousasi announces on that he has signed a 6-fight deal with Bellator. LIVE now:

Robert Vallejos @RobMVallejos🔁Its actually not a fair fight. Bellator has the luxury of unloading their best stuff on cable TV. UFC has so many ma sters to serve.
White Belt Breakdown @WBBreakdown🔁Ranking 's July 10th, 2017 achievements: #2. Signing with #1. Making this list:
Edge Lombardi👊 @EDGELombardi🔁I don't know the difference in $ but there is a huge dropoff from to ..that's worth taking less to stay IMO..if lega cy matters
Jonas Näslund @Eaxen🔁@mousasi_mma @BellatorMMA What a huge bummer. Who gives a f about Bellator?
Matt Thorpe @Thorpey1989🔁Hey @danawhite will you an the @UFC pull their fingers out and keep the best fighters from going bellator?


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