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Bellator Jay 💪🏾 @bigbodyjayy_🔁 VIDEO: Kimbo Slice Jr. picks up 1st pro win at Bellator 179.
Bellator Pedro Espinoza @pjet1976🔁Fighters brawl in front row at Bellator 179
Bellator Cageside Press @Cagesidepress🔁Bellator 179: Daley vs. MacDonald Results and Recap via @cagesidepress #MMA
Neil Bannon @mmaautowarrior🔁 Bellator has the best walkouts #Bellator179
Bellator TNB Sports Blog @TNB_SportsBlog🔁Paul Daley, Michael Page get into skirmish at Bellator 179 -
Bellator @newsoneplace🔁(Metro):#Rory #MacDonald chokes out Paul Daley in Bellator debut in London : MacDonald..
Bellator Kung-fu Kingdom @kungfukingdom🔁Baby Slice at the post-fight presser, he carries the family name proudly and wants to progress it further #Bellator
Bellator UFC World @UFCWorldNews🔁Daley The Perfect Pairing For MacDonald's Bellator Debut
Chamatkar Sandhu @SandhuMMA🔁Scott Coker says the Bellator could call an audible & hold another London event headlined by Daley vs. MVP this year. Lots of moving parts.
Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani🔁Worth noting about the tape delay decision: no one at Bellator wants to do it. It's all Spike. Made the same call whe n they had UFC.
MMAjunkie @MMAjunkie🔁Chaos erupts as Paul Daley attacks Michael Page in front row after Bellator 179 main event
Jorge @nojikoskijorge🔁@Benaskren Come back to Bellator, pls
Niall @NiallOC_🔁Fucking Daley tonight in a couple of rounds in his Bellator debut. Unbelievable signing from them. Bellator has never looked better
ern.s3 @ErnestSIII🔁I won't spoil Bellator, but do something else during Kongo/Sakai. Go for a walk, run in circles, slam your head against the wall. Anything.
Jeff Mans @Jeff_Mans🔁 Not just #UFC, @MadLab76 covers you for all things fighting! 👊 #Bellator
jake searle @Jake_Searle🔁Well Bellator 179 was eventful 🙄
Sport News @Sport_News01🔁Bellator 179 Results: Rory MacDonald Submits Paul Daley in Main Event…
None of your busines @Ljgdeybeyigr🔁Video - Scuffle between MVP and Paul Daley after main event of Bellator 179

Dak @dak2zeke🔁 Paul Daley attacks Michael Page cageside at #Bellator179 (Video) (via JoseYoungs) "
Keith Ó Gealbháin @KeithGalvin🔁At the championship level Bellator are very strong right now. All the better once they figure out what they are doing with the HW title.
Macoy Guymon @macoy_guymon🔁Yeah he did and if he stayed in the UFC he would probably be champ so that's why I think he will dominate all his opp onents in Bellator
Vinny Chase @Mattrod661🔁 Paul Daley attacks Michael Page cageside at #Bellator179 (Video) (via @JoseYoungs)
knockout_ned @knockout_ned47🔁@iainkidd from everything I've heard it's Spike who insists on the tape delay nonsense, Bellator's against it
Andy Stevenson @andyste123🔁 I hear that you have to rent Bellator: MacDonald vs Daley on VHS from Blockbuster if you want to watch it
TheUSAbulletin @TheUSAbulletin🔁Bellator 179 Results: Rory MacDonald Submits Paul Daley in Main Event Debut @mikestrattonNET🔁Former UFC fighter Rory MacDonald dominates Paul Daley in his debut Bellator bout
ALIVE 名古屋中川支部 @alivenakagawa🔁 Rory MacDonald chokes out Paul Daley video: #Bellator179 Bellator #RoryMacDonald #MMA
#FantasyBooking @FantasyBook🔁@davemeltzerWON is Bellator more WCW or TNA as far as popularity goes vs UFC?
Genji @Genjihanzo99🔁I liked a @YouTube video BRAWL: Paul Daley Attacks Michael Page at Bellator 179
Chelsie @chelsieomfg🔁The fact that 's debut is being broadcast in the U.S. via tape delay is beyond maddening.
Luke Blakley @Luke_Blakley🔁That Cheick Kongo fight was the worst fight I've ever watched #Bellator
✨Randy Savagery✨ @Randall_MMA🔁 Chaos erupts as Paul Daley attacks Michael Page in front row after Bellator 179 main event
celticmama @c_celticmama🔁#Bellator loving it tonight!!
Momin Khan @moee_khan🔁As much as I love Rory, it would have been interesting to see him lose so bellator could start to challenge the UFC.
Juancarlos @786873🔁Bellator 179: Rory McDonald welcomes Paul Daley's call out #ufc #mma #RoryMcDonald #pauldaley #Bellator179 #boxing
Kyle Curley @kylestyle24🔁Had the makings of a big night for Bellator in UK but MVP's injury & Daley/McGeary losing is a downer for them. Hopefully MVPxDaley happens
L2TheK @DaFreshMeister🔁Paul Daley vs. Michael Page just become one of the biggest fights Bellator can put on. The hype and promotion for this would be epic.
Izi @MMA_Inciter🔁Here's your picks and prediction from staff. Somebody predicted a d raw...
Izi @MMA_Inciter🔁 ⚠️!WARNING! SPOILERS⚠️ Full #Bellator179 Main Card Results and Recap
Gini @elparkojr🔁People still giving Bellator guff for the tape delays its Spike's fault ya ignorant fools
Izi @MMA_Inciter🔁 Paul Daley and MVP Brawl at #Bellator179
Jude Samuel @EFNSports🔁Some great action so far on Bellator but if you're watching on time delay the Kongo fight is a good one to make a cup of tea 😑
Andrew Lawrence @TheClownKid🔁@JESnowden For me to spoil Bellator, I only need an internet connection. Everyone knows it's gonna get spoiled... @mmafightline🔁Bellator 179 results: 'MacDonald vs Semtex' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV -
Ryan @RyanBeaton_🔁Rory McDonald is a different gravy compared to those bums in Bellator 👊🏻
José Youngs @JoseYoungs🔁Paul Daley attacks Michael Page cageside at #Bellator179 (Video)
FanSided MMA @FanSidedMMA🔁Paul Daley attacks Michael Page cageside at #Bellator179 (Video) (via @JoseYoungs)
SI MMA @SImma🔁Paul Daley attacks Michael Page cageside at #Bellator179 (Video) (via @JoseYoungs)
BronTheBuilder @Parker_Campbell🔁 MMA media posting Bellator results with no attempt to allow people to avoid spoilers is shady as shit. We see you.
Bradley Smith @KYSupr3macy🔁@SandhuMMA @MMAHistoryToday Just shows you the different levels between UFC and Bellator. Rory couldn't buy a win in the UFC recently.
Jonathan Snowden @JESnowden🔁@TheClownKid Yes. If you want Bellator streams you can find them. If you want a recap you can click. Unrelated to spoilers imo.
Ryan Henschell @RyanHenschell🔁Kelowna's own @rory_macdonald just won his debut against Paul Daley at Bellator 179, Note: He defeated the current UFC champ & #1 Contender
Jay Anderson @JayAndersonMMA🔁Bellator 179: Daley vs. MacDonald Results and Recap via
Read 4 Fun @Read4Fun1🔁After His Bellator Fight With Rory MacDonald, Paul Daley Rushed Into The Audience To Scrap With Michael Page
Mad Samurai @MadSamurai🔁Hendo at a non televised bellator event
chris pendleton @chris_pen2🔁 Brawl breaks out between Paul Daley and MVP
Vancity @ufcvancity🔁@blendihashani Where did I compare it to the UFC? I simply just stated he would beat both of them for the Bellator belt lol
Japan News & Events @nipponupdate🔁Bellator , #AmberAlert , Rene Lima-Marin , #IfAliensInvade , #BOSvPOR , #AskCoppy , SunRail , Joint Chiefs of Staff
Sarosh McAfroz @skafroz1🔁Rory MacDonald should be nowhere near Bellator, bring him back @ufc #Warory
Blendi @blendihashani🔁I know man, but com'n it's bellator ffs don't compare it to ufc, like " they will fight for the welterweight wold tit le" i dont get it!!
Mark Dolan @dolobhoy🔁What channel is showing this bellator fight
Native Crown @NativeCrownBand🔁@arielhelwani Fucking Bellator tape delay even ruins it for the guys in the UK! We know the score even as we watch the damn thing "live"
MMAFightForce @MMAFightForce🔁Paul Daley, Michael Page get into skirmish at Bellator 179
Macoy Guymon @macoy_guymon🔁Eddie is one of the few from Bellator who is on a UFC level, I'm saying that there are some in Bellator who could com pete in the UFC
The Fight Life @FightLifeTV🔁Dominated Daley on the ground for 2 rounds, finished with a rear-naked choke. Great debut for Bellator.

chris pendleton @chris_pen2🔁 MacDonald wins at Bellator 179
junes @Juniorfrater89🔁Daley vs mvp later this year in the UK .... that shit need's to happen #Bellator
Shane @OMearaaa🔁How'd you watch, stream? I might have to start catching some of these Bellator fights, their 170 division is close to the UFC's
Ross Kingsbury @DownedOpponent🔁@JESnowden Makes me less interested in watching Bellator when I know what's happened.


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