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Bears tomas mina @MinaTomamifalo🔁 Join Bear311 for even more #bears, #chubs, and #cubs. It is FREE
Harvey Bush Jr. @ticothello🔁 #Bears rookie RB Cohen with the option pas touchdown to TE Miller
Olivia Harris @OliviaH41327874🔁naked daddy bears beach volley ass
Bears Cin🌈 @therealcinn🔁 Organized gummy bears
BearsBears Kendrick Saari @kendricksaari🔁 "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica"
Whataburger® @Whataburger🔁Bears.
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁Hear me out. No Rodgers, Stafford banged up, Vikings don't have a QB, Bears sneak into playoffs at 9-7 and first in NFC North
Brian Urlacher @BUrlacher54🔁@ChicagoBears That was Bears football today 🐻 #physical
marchoe @blushingmaid🔁 Bears.
🐲Ed Velazquez🐉 @edd_velazquez🔁Bears are badass
Oly Bears Volleyball @OlyVolleyball🔁Set 3: Timeout Rogers. Bears extend lead to 18-15!!
Laura Lee 🦄☀️🌈 @derkie313🔁@KFILE It was always BerenSTEIN Bears and they are just fucking with us now.
No Limit Solider ⚫️ @AmeenKnows🔁Knowing Shula he gone give the Bears every chance to beat us or at least stay in it Sunday
Anthony @AntonPhillipe🔁 #Bears fans just went from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 1 and then back to DEFCON 5 in like 30 seconds.
❤️ @GodsWarrior1963🔁I did!!! I love me some bears, especially the cubs. But I REALLY love all the big cats!! (Mainly lions)❤️❤️❤️❤️
Darcy Armstrong @DArm91🔁So the Giants beat the Broncos who beat the Cowboys who beat the Cardinals who beat the Bucs who beat the Bears who beat the Steelers who beat the Chiefs who beat Eagles who beat the Giants
Sharon Beach Watson @Shabbychicforme🔁 Check out Boyd Bears Plush Christmas Bear Velvet Coat #Boyds via @eBay #bears
Oly Bears Volleyball @OlyVolleyball🔁Set 3: Bears take the lead 16-15!
kcuf ffo @zirad_xo🔁Waves crash into Irish port as deadly Ophelia bears down on Ireland with strong wind gusts and storm surges.
WHODAT JEDI 🤘⚜️👽 @icemayne23🔁 Saints @ Packers (without Rodgers)
Falcons @ Patriots
Panthers @ Bears
Bucs @ Bills
Doreen Ireland @diri595🔁Sadly, the number of innocent bears that have been killed in 's annual Beat Hunt has risen to 241. 😓😡😓
$heezus @shea_gendron🔁Bears, beets, battlestar galactica.
ko @krispbenwa🔁 Let the #Bears get TY Hilton, Trubisky will get him the ball
niki carlson @pupperduck🔁@fuggirls Carlson 2020: BEARS!!!!
Sot ver kardashian ♡ @Heladito_blanco🔁 I’m obsessed with Haribo gummy bears
Alec L. @TreyBizzy🔁Let the #Bears get TY Hilton, Trubisky will get him the ball
Mitchellson @BoydRamos🔁@Deckatoe did u become a bears fan overnight or something
Tim Donovan @TheTimDonovan🔁that's right fans it's time for the #Bears R-R-R- REPLAY!
so enjoy as @ChicagoBears #beardown on @Ravens
David Tarrell @DavidTarrell🔁@jennafischer Bears. Bears. Battlestar Gallactica.
POLICY MAKING? @sonya7722🔁The so-called “antifascist” movement in America today bears a strange resemblance to the very fascism it purports...
A🦋 @_ayafav_🔁Gummy bears on ice cream?🤢
Rubén @TainoMedina🔁@jennafischer Bears beat Battlestar Galactica.
Benjamin Alterman @ben_alterman🔁@JohnJHendrix Beat Green Bay, Tampa, and Bears, probably 1 or 2
Geof Gee @GeofGee🔁From TPC colleague Joe Rosenberg: the study assumes wages increase 5.3-10.9%. I.e., Labor bears between 300-600% of corp tax. Ridiculous.
Bob Hovanes @BobHovanes🔁@MarkPotash @DannyParkins Hey jackass, what's our head coach's last name? Thanks for he heart attack. #Bears
Mrunjal Ruparel @MrunjalR🔁 Bears happy with 'baller' Mitchell Trubisky despite loss #TheHinduPatrika
Jeff Swartz @JeffSwartzII🔁Wrong. Bears were the 6th ranked defense heading into this week. With facing good offenses like Falcons, Packers, and Steelers.
Cliff Black @im_not_prud🔁@ilikebig_BUTZ_ Dude as long as we have a better record than the bears I count that as a good season
Chicago Bears Talk @ChicagoBears_TT🔁Player grades: Offensive line helps push Bears to win over Ravens #GoBears
Senju 🍃 @YoMario64🔁@_oliviacruz64 Make me gummy bears this time
Brian Miller @itsbrianmiller🔁There are no lebensunwertes leben--no "lives unworthy of life." Every member of the human family bears profound, inherent and equal dignity.
Henry Collier @ntentionlnachos🔁I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: one of my new irl friends is named Bri, and that still weirds me out a little.
scarlett_0hara @scarlett_0hara🔁Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears link arms during the national anthem before Thursday night game. Idiots.
Shane Barker @Shane_Ariel🔁@mybrainissmart '85 Bears or today's? Ha ha.
Ugly U fan @ExplicitlyRap🔁@PerrimanSZN @SkolFilms Im a Bears fan

I already own your division this year

Trev @the_TeeBarbs🔁Trevor Barber. Birthplace: Chicago.
Childhood hero: Brian Urlacher

Chicago Bears: Need a starting linebacker.

Does this qualify me?

Angela Case @angelamcase🔁The most Colorado thing I’ve seen today. Also, don’t feed wildlife, period. Also, if someone starts feeding bears at my apt, I’m moving.
Fed Zeppelin @jweztrader🔁Gold and miners bears in full force...🤔
Nathaniel Legaard @natty_ice49ers🔁@thefootballgirl I actually chuckled. Poor Bears fans.
Andria @RambleFandria🔁@Micah_Ramble But they just lost to the Steelers. Who lost to the bears. And almost to the browns. Anything is possible.
Jamie Shumake @jamiemshumake🔁@julia_yule55 @HannahDrury12 @sydneyspivey what do y’all eat like polar bears ??
Oly Bears Volleyball @OlyVolleyball🔁Set 3: Timeout Rogers. Bears pull within 1. 13-12 Rogers.
aprilllll @a_sunberggg🔁I took a 2 1/2 - 3hr long nap and now I can’t go to sleep... so currently laying in bed eating a box of gummy bears 🙃
Akihito Ariga @AkihitoAriga🔁Why vengeful bears amongst a gang?


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