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Robert Lobraico @RobL30🔁@DonLagreca I hope our pitching will be better then the bad news bears
Bears quezboi @dboogie81🔁 If you’re a Central Athlete or Central alumni and you’ve used this outlet.....RT #Bears
BearsBears Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner @drcetiner🔁Komodo dragon is angry with bears. 🙂😏
Bears Laura @fuzzywuzzie🔁 I can’t look at finger MRI without seeing a quartet of singing bears 🐻 🎤 🎼
Bears Christian Price @PricePriceBabyy🔁 We have officially re-signed Zach Miller to a one-year contract.


Bears Merchandise Group @dapet3products🔁KONG Wild Knots Squeaker Bears for Dogs, Medium/Large, Colors Vary
Bears Jared Horn @_jared14🔁 Add @Tyrusgreene to the list of Bears drafted! He's selected by the @whitesox! #GoBears
Bears Erik Lambert @ErikLambert1🔁The Same Buzzword Continues To Follow This New #Bears Team
Bears ✶ Sports Mockery ✶ @sportsmockery🔁The Same Buzzword Continues To Follow This New #Bears Team
BearsBears Nocoin Nogain @NogainNocoin🔁 Komodo dragon is angry with bears. 🙂😏
Bears Potlitically Incorrect @pot_incorrect🔁Bears reiteration. These people are really fuckin stupid
Bears Jacob Westenskow (Jacob The Cubs Reporter) @JacobWestensko4🔁 The Same Buzzword Continues To Follow This New #Bears Team
Bears Cool Higgs @CoolHiggz🔁 friendly reminder that BEARS!!!!!!
BoundMuscleJocks @BoundMuscleJock🔁 Bears
Bears Jake Tucker @vote4tucker🔁 Midhurst School students look out for polar bears
Bears Petar Sakov @petarsakov🔁 Key additions made by Bears GM Ryan Pace
Bears eGlobe #Network @networkurl🔁Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency
Bears #Digital Consumer @pressurl🔁Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency
Bears eGlobe Deals @emartmax🔁Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency
Bears #Biz n'#Tech @moneyurl🔁Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency
Bears Alyssa Ashton @AlyssaJAshton🔁Grinder and Coola enjoyed apples and lettuce but we had gingerbread bears—which were a massive hit. #veryvancouver
BearsBearsBears Louielette @guanzon_shanuie🔁 We bare bears as human 💖 ctto
Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski🔁Betsy DeVos is trending which means one of three things...

1. She said something stupid about guns.

2. She said som ething stupid about bears.

3. A family is missing a lot of Dalmatians.

Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The placed TE Zach Miller, who signed yesterday, on the reserve/PUP list. This ends his season, though the team knew he could not play. This means he’ll make $458,000 this year.
NPR @NPR🔁Since 2013, Andres Gonzalez has traveled to Newtown, Parkland, Columbine and other sites of school shootings to photo graph the ephemera — letters, teddy bears, origami cranes — left in memoriam.

What grief looks like:

Pernicious Z @PerniciousZ🔁It bears mention that these are all responses to surveys. It would be interesting to see some research not based on j ust asking people, but I have no idea how one would go about that.
Jason Brasher @jmckmb🔁A day after drafting Tyler Gray, the come calling to again, this time selecting in the 25th round – giving the Bears 2 draft selections for the 2nd straight year!
Sky Leach @SkyLeach🔁intent has bearing on sentencing. By the code he's guilty: he was found guilty. The anger was over judicial sentenc ing which bears on intent and culpability. That's why there are so many 'character exhibits' in the court documents. The entire recall is based on disagreemnt.
King Slayer @SalRockatansky🔁 Once I figure out how these Russian people are domesticating these big ass bears it's over for all you bitches
shloop shloppi🧠💭🕊 @dawson_roscoe🔁 Sko Bears
The True Sergeiski @thetrusergeiski🔁Nice parenting that made you a cyberbully.
And you look like you are ready for war. Will you enlist and go somewhere dangerous or just keep shooting bears and bottles?
Dave Heal @daveheal🔁are you doing replacement dessert or just no cake at all. if the replacement dessert is Very Gay then yes it will im plicitly read as an act of . my current plan is to buy one of those 5 pound gummy bears and cut it like a cake with an upside-down knife or whatever.
HeavensToBetsy @BetsyBoopJeans🔁In less than 60 days, it could become legal for trophy hunters in to go into a den and kill a sleeping mother and her . Join the . to help keep the hunting ban in place. Sign and share at
José A. Glez. Vecino @Glez_Vecino🔁"The day Al Gore was born there were 7000 polar bears on Earth. Today, only 26,000 remain."


Kaitlin Smith @Kaitlin_smith9🔁Good news contiunues for baseball. On heels of Bubba Hoopii-Tuionetoa being drafted (16th round, Twins), Bears move up one spot to No. 7 in national rankings. That matches all-time high for a Hawaii team, I believe.
eTwinning Melilla @eTwinningMel🔁They're also known as water bears. They can live under really harsh conditions, even in space. They'll outlive us all !!
Today's Parent @Todaysparent🔁If you visit Vancouver, the number one thing you have to do is go up and have breakfast with the bears! Absolutely amazing—and delicious. So cool to see these bears up close
Non-Profit Tweets @greatNPtweets🔁There are only an estimated 700 bears living in the area, and in the past 3 years, 175 bears have died directly from human causes, because of actions by poachers, cattle ranchers and hunters. 😢
Engineering Deathmatch @EngDeathmatch🔁 @EngDeathmatch Bears love stickers, it's a well known fact...
Even better, the #CollabBears love @engdeathmatch
Alyssa Ashton @AlyssaJAshton🔁If you visit Vancouver, the number one thing you have to do is go up and have breakfast with the bears! Absolutely a mazing—and delicious. So cool to see these bears up close
PJ Detweiler @paigeepetersonn🔁Betsy DeVos is trending which means one of three things...

1. She said something stupid about guns.

2. She said something stupid about bears.

3. A family is missing a lot of Dalmatians.

TimP 🦔 @timPizey🔁When Slack ends their IRC support, they will also shut off a major accessibility avenue, and they're not ready. It bears repeating: blind people will lose jobs.
bunbun @JuanitaCarlile🔁 it’s 2018 we’re not making fun of people who drive a prius anymore we got polar bears to save you idiots
TheDisneyExpert @drewgates03🔁 Bears 4 defenders: Hicks, Goldman, Amos and Fuller. Jackson and Floyd on the verge. Can’t wait to hear ya on the bea rs preseason broadcast!
B. R. Brown @BlueHorizon_YYC🔁Remember these? Care Bears "Birthday Bear" #CareBears #Birthday via @eBay
soymilkman @soymilkman_v2🔁@SkylarGasai @itsfinecalmdown I've had bears in my camp twice now
Exciting more than anything
Redhead Señorita @encapsulate5🔁 IHOB possibilities:

1. Bears
2. Beets
3. Battlestar Galactica

Olentangy Berlin High School Athletic Dept @BerlinBearsAD🔁Hey ladies, keep signing up for the Wittenberg Clinic on June 20th! It’s a great opportunity to gain more experience and learn from Wittenberg University’s head coach, Kelley Hubbell! All proceeds go towards and will benefit our program! Go Bears!

Feminazgûl @jkyles10🔁@DemocraticLuntz @memeseeker @LeslieBasco @KaitMarieox @NRATV @davidhogg111 In the snow, while fighting off grizzly bears.
Paul Jimerson @pauljimerson🔁 If you’re in Pasadena, Newfoundland and see one of these, back away slowly
Rob Pendergast @robpendy🔁@nflnetwork @TarikCohen @ChicagoBears @gmfb Go boy! #Bears #BearDown
erlindaandrada @mananglinz🔁 #ALDUB151stWeeksary true love bears all, ensures all and triumphs
The Element Group @TheElementGrp🔁Bitcoin mega-bull Tom Lee of says there's three things the bitcoin bears are getting wrong
BJ Dyck @DyckBj🔁 my first crush was Dark Heart, the villain of Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation. He made me feel things I was to o young and sheltered to comprehend.
kale @kaylaalmeidaxo🔁@Leann_Linhares i am sorry but the market basket gummy bears are fucking bomb my co worker bought them for the kids once.... bitch bomb
Ol_crow @olcrow1835🔁 bears gonna be slaughtered. bulls in control !!! Buying this blood! Another gift from the OTC gods to make my portfolio pretty ! Weeeee
KC Herbel @KCHerbel🔁 Mama, don't let your babies eat woolly bears...
jennifer rome @jennymaylou🔁Boys lacrosse takes on St. Joes tonight in Cheshire at 7:30 in the class S state semi final. The bears will be the home team tonight, should be a good one.
Yass MRLC @Yassmrlc🔁Yass Magpies U6 White Kaveneys Earthworks
Sunday 2nd June 2018

On Sunday 2nd June the U6 Whites took on the North C anberra Bears Red. This was our first game where our team look tiny...

Coy Baja Dev @JacobyDave🔁@kdemerly It's a good phrase which bears repeating.

"Dirty SQL".


AlJumJuma @AlJumJuma01🔁@AHMalcolm @maxnrgmax Just take LSD at home. Fewer bears, more colors. 😀
Grip Gee Bot @Gripgebot🔁okay imagine being white and THE MAYNESTREAM METEOR Infiltrating western society using gummy bears yeah just.... ok
Brittany Wright @bnwright255🔁Ky fish and wildlife officials say breeding season is moving bears into more populated areas, to keep them away, make sure trash cans are shut and keep pet food off the open porch. More at 5 and 6
Kamiku @kamikukamiku🔁There were hundreds of so-called messiahs and prophets at that time, and the only one who succeeded conveniently fulf ills exactly what Jews had been waiting for centuries before, and eventually bears exactly the name that means "Saving God" (Jesus, Joshua) "Messiah" (Christ)...
michael ogilvy @michael_ogilvy🔁Thankfully his baleful presence never extended north of the Border, but thanks to his vile "newspaper", a country I l oved so much when I first moved here is now, in so many places, riven with bigotry and racism. The Brexit vote bears testament to that.
Melly Khan @MellyKhan🔁fuck me while we're watching "We Bare Bears" episodes,

shall be my new tagline in Grindr.

SPX Trader @SPXTrades🔁@buy_strength That is why I got puts than shorting $NQ_F. It can be a real widow maker to the bears
Joe Gilster @joegilster🔁Strong demand all day. The close was incredibly strong, but so was that bar from 9:40am-9:50am CST this morning. Af ter that the bears had no chance. Fixed income could not get off the floor all day, which helped stocks too.
Your Puppy GF @PupperMaddy🔁Yeah I know the whole 'bears having bad eyesight' is just a myth and all but I'm using it as an excuse to draw Kumako wearing glasses anyway because DAMN 💦💦
MagnaiPride @GElRSKOGUL🔁@mulengidori they're good and big and horrible and powerful and perfect. we all aspire to be bears
Neng Rugayah @zmueae14cda__🔁Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not thru insensibility but thru greatness of mind…
The Oracle @Khaswi_🔁In a not so distant future, my generation will witness what happened in Iraq when Saddam was toppled, everything incl uding his statue was brought down, ANC is tasting power for the last time in 2019. and after that, remove everything that bears Mandela's name including our money
vgambit @vgambit🔁The first time I noticed I had a memory that doesn't match recorded history was Berenstein Bears. Now I can't find t he original version of Parteechecka by Zeebra anywhere. I'll have to see if it's still on an old iPod, cause this isn't acceptable.
supermoon @PumpSuper🔁- Downtrends getting shorter
- Bears getting cockier
- Patterns are clear
- Higher lows since February

This time we're breaking 10K 101%

TrackDiesel @TrackDiesel🔁@jpalmiotti But, was she as cool as a polar bears toe nail?
Polar Bear @PolarBearBot🔁Polar Bears
Jo @jo_wilp🔁@CryptoCred How long you've been into trading? (Crypto,stocks,gummy bears... what ever)
Malcontent @CantankerousRex🔁Story of the day involving bears.
bookloverjo @bookloverJo🔁The quality of this writing has just blown me away! If you fancy using Brightstorm in the class ever, do take a look at what has been up to!
'We are soo good that we can fight three massive, sabre-toothed bears blindfolded' Seriously they are SOO hired!
Sharon B @Sharonyas🔁I’m at the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, Romania, with our partner AMP. I’m proud we’ve rescued 101 bears from cruelty and illegal captivity
Ryan S. @maybeprobablyme🔁@ChrisMurphyCT Guns only keep our schools safe from bears. 🤷
Eileen Schuh @eileenschuh🔁Mama, don't let your babies eat woolly bears...
Ben stone @bengabestone🔁Well done!! If you get your state cleaned up, please come help your neighbor (Illinois). But if you do, change pack er to bears!! Lol. ❤️🤣
AstrologyGodScience @AstroGodScience🔁A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all. It is an idol, made to take the place of your reality as Son of God.


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