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BATsBATs Coach Velazquez @Gvelazquez_RHS🔁 Suns out Bats out👊🤠 Lady Rebel Softball competing at a high level!!
BATs InasNageena @inas75484523🔁 Raise your hand if you thought you bats could be trained! Cool, right? #InsideTheZoo
JT @Got_Twisteez9🔁 This is @finnthebatdog, he can fetch our bats any day. 12/10.
kelly tuberty @kelly_tuberty🔁 Way to work @kinseymsmith!! Hot bats!! 🔥 🔥
Evan Fenker @efenk9🔁 This is @finnthebatdog, he can fetch our bats any day. 12/10.
BATs Gerald G @GraumanGerald🔁 Without bats there would be no tequila: it's made from agave, which is pollinated by bats.
BATs @educate_tv🔁 Bats at Arkansas park test positive for rabies #wmc5 >>
BATs #LAAngels Baseball News @LAAngelsBB🔁Bats back Barria as Halos end trip with shutout
Bret Weinstein @BretWeinstein🔁Hey Paul, and were forced from tenured professorships by a mob with baseball bats falsely alleging racism and partn ered with college Admin--police ordered by college president not to intervene

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Earthjustice @Earthjustice🔁The includes a destructive attack on the that would harm important like bees, butterflies, & bats, as well as othe r listed species like Pacific salmon & steelhead, orcas, & California condors.
Tyler Kepner @TylerKepner🔁Whenever I think of new Mets catcher Devin Mesoraco (acquired from the Reds for Matt Harvey today), I think of him u sing bats made from his own trees in Punxsutawney, PA, as relayed in 2015 by
Vincent Pensabene @VinPensabene🔁#Yankees take AL East lead with win over Red Sox #PinstripePride
S @forvevervibrant🔁A third of our food is pollinated by , , & . So why is there a damaging attack on in the ?
Brayan @yam_bray🔁The day the mlb uses only baseball bats is the day baseball dies. The crack of ash wood on a warm summer day! #mlb
Martha Kathleen @dixiekitten39🔁Bats at Craighead Forest Park test positive for rabies
It wasn't me.... @dis831🔁Also I realized I hadn’t ever posted a lineup of bats on here, this is what it usually looks like! I’ve been making a lot of bats for a few years. This is a photo from the end of last year.
La'Toya @ivysmall11 from - 🚨MUSIC VIDEO ALE🔁//" target="_blank">
Bats "The $SPY Who Day Traded Me" @BatScientist🔁 @BatScientist @JimGray36822392 Doing good Bats makes that money. Haven’t see Sal on all week do you know if he is ok?
La'Toya @ivysmall11🔁GothamCityBoys Da Video …
Kevin Miller @KevinSuperFit🔁Ok SF Giants. Thats enough with the losing. You played very well in Atlanta and now the team has choked vs the Phil lies. Lets get the bats hot and the pitching unhittable again.
BaseballCloud @BaseballCloudUS🔁When was your first bat flip? Rawley Scout Davidson tosses bats and…
Srinivas Penumala @penmala🔁 Ashwin is like that guy from gully cricket who owns the bat - he bats up the order and also bowls maximum overs. #RRvKXIP
Richard Davis PA-C @boggs328🔁I finished the pole-of-bats display. They help hide the majority of the wiring from view. 😀⚾️ Always doing something to the . 😂
Fashionista @FashNova🔁Well I’m glad he got charged.

But BLM terrorist DeAndre Harris, who together with his accomplices attacked innocent protestors with bats all day, was let off. The guy who finally had enough of him and gave him a well-deserved beating was, however, charged.

No justice in America

Eric Blake Jackson @BlakeJackson81🔁A third of our food is pollinated by birds, bats and insects. So why is Congress seeking to strip away protections for pollinators and other endangered species in the ?
QUEENSBORN @uptown176🔁@nyygirl333 Hey if it keeps him hitting the way he is, keep the bats a coming Starlin.. lol
Etse Dossou @S_Beach_Bound🔁I had a dream I was at my grandma’s old apartment and somehow a huge ass bat got in one of the rooms so I closed the door. Then the bat jumped on the door, ripped through it, and landed on my chest and was choking me out with its feet. Fuck all the bats out there including batman
MA @piaamiaa_🔁Did y’all know bats were blind cause I sure didn’t
azadeh @aaazadeh🔁The includes a destructive attack on the that would harm important like bees, butterflies, & bats, as well as other listed species like Pacific salmon & steelhead, orcas, & California condors.
Brian Beckert @BRBeng🔁@zukirzz @CScottOSUPokes @BleacherReport Hey bats enough for a chance. You do know who JJ is right?
I See Stupid People @TwitAcctCA🔁LOL those 2 old bats love to talk a lot of trash and then say, "I've never interacted w/her. Why did she block me?"
Mar Jaramillo @marjarami5🔁Flip a picture of bats hanging upside down and you have what looks like an epic dance-off!

Matt Foulis @Foulis9🔁@BlueJays @dw7777777 how good with this guy be if he never had to take at bats?😂
Warrior Baseball @WE_baseball1🔁Warriors (15-3) ride the arm of Matt Caldwell (7IP 8H 3R 8K) and the bats of Eric Hoosier (1-2 1R 3RBI 3-run HR) and McQuade Canada (2-3 1R 1RBI) to beat Liberty 4-3 in the first game of sectionals.

Will host Independence tomorrow at 6:00

Atom Manhattan @Atom_Manhattan🔁Few of my favorite things about in -
Watching the bats feed in my backyard at twilight, and opening my window in th e middle of the night only to hear the spring peepers singing away 👍😁
La'Toya @ivysmall11🔁GothamCityBoys Da - 🎥"Deja Vu Freestyle" Video…
Sandra Graham @SandraGraham_x3🔁For those wondering has been using Starlin Castro’s bats since last year. When I asked why he prefers those to his own... he said “they’ve had a lot of hits in them”. Castro gave him 3 more when the Marlins were in town
Jon Spencer @jspencermnj🔁@Toltribe I guess I’m happy he can go somewhere and play, but I value guys like Gio, Gomes and Perez for what they do without their bats.
RozaneAtHome @RozaneAtHome🔁@Redpainter1 Wonder how quickly Junior will pick up on Kimmy constantly asking "Oooh, will your Daddy will be there? ::bats eyelashes::"
La'Toya @ivysmall11🔁GothamCityBoys "It was an honor to sit down with the…
Stephen Farkas @Wiffleguy48🔁@TheSWBL We will be the safest people in the area plastic cleats and plastic bats #nonconductive
La'Toya @ivysmall11🔁Hope his ass can swim thou 🔊🔊🎤 GothamCityBoys NEW VIDEO…
La'Toya @ivysmall11🔁🚨NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT🚨
Gotham City Music Group…
Dallas David @TherealDD904🔁Feel ya. Same for comp softball. Our kid is committed to play at OSU and the bat she played w(DeMarini) and was bann ed at TB level. Spent so much $ bats every season. in order to stay up to spec, she now swings the bats OSU uses-Mizuno. Insures its approved. Pick his fav tm bat.
yanks @itsgleyberday🔁Its getting so unreal how they just manage to string together quality at bats in the CLUTCH. Hope this team never comes down to earth
Mike @mogerba🔁Indians Slugger Larry Doby has his bats ready before a game at Comiskey Park vs WhiteSox in the late 1940's.
Katelyn Adams 🌎 🌊 @kateydid1983🔁A third of our food is pollinated by , , & . So why is there a damaging attack on in the ?
buttery bisket🥞 @suckitgrandma🔁Honestly how are bats ever legal does anyone ever think of that like obviously you gotta drive home and like you’re o nly going there to get drunk and everyone’s like yeah let’s legally all go get drunk together
Corey McManus @metfanonedge🔁I still haven't given up. If these bats get going in these upcoming series, all this could be a bad dream. I feel lik e these upcoming games will define the rest of our season, even being this early.
Dan Krumsiek @Krum_siek🔁@Jared_Carrabis #CarrabisBlogHeadlines “Yankees nearly choke away 1-0 first inning lead; require 8 at bats to sneak by Red Sox”
Ankur Patel @Iam_ankup🔁@Braves Need Riley DHing and joey no bats back in triple A
1stPlace YANKS @NYvsEvery_1🔁@Barnebyscom that's funny ,I've been googling little league things for my son , Glove,Bats etc.. Is Twitter all up in my data??
ScoringLive @scoringlive🔁After two complete innings of play, it is a scoreless game. Waimea is the visiting team this afternoon and so far are holding tough...the bats need to start moving though...hitting air does not get us on base....connect!
Jim Metropoulos @metropoulos_jim🔁12 K’s - 17K’s — if you consider those at bats mean nothing that means on average they are playing baseball with half the at bats you get in a game - with the errors and walks they give the opposition the other side gets more than twice the chances to score that the do


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