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Baton Rouge Shipwrecked @BandShipwrecked🔁 the DIY scene is amazing. Baton Rouge, we'll see ya on Wednesday after all.
Sara🌸 @Sara_nicholee🔁Me realizing I only have like three and a half weeks left with my boy before he goes back to Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge Zach Bakke @Bakkeeee🔁 Former slave named Gordon shows his whipping scars. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863
Baton Rouge S&C Consulting @SCConsultingInc🔁We had a great time in Baton Rouge!
Baton Rouge avinash tiwari @dravinash23🔁 The beautiful hub of southern hospitality in Baton Rouge.
The Athletic @TheAthleticPHI🔁Aaron Nola (right) with brother Austin, who plays for the Marlins’ Triple-A New Orleans team, pictured while at .

“It’s hard to think where I’d be if I didn’t grow up there and go to LSU,” Aaron says.

on Aaron Nola's La. roots:

WAFB @WAFB🔁It's National Ice Cream Day! 🍦Here's where to get free scoops and cool treats in Baton Rouge >>
Andrew Lipham @andrew_lipham🔁i really think lsu is always a threat to beat bama when the game is in baton rouge. problem is that wont be enough t o knock bama out. it will take two losses to knock them out tho.
Grab Your Tickets @grabtickets🔁Paw Patrol Live Race to the Rescue Tickets - Baton Rouge $52.90 | | Grab Your Tic kets
Dedi Singleton @Disinjr_🔁“Missing In Action”
Produced by
✍🏿🎼🎶 for ☝🏿™️⏰ @ Baton Rouge,…
Arlene Agustin @Houseforsale123🔁1741 Brightside Dr Baton Rouge, LA 70820 via @fancy
Elton John @eltonofficial5🔁⭐ NEW Elton concerts are here! ⭐ The stunning Amphitheatre of Pompeii + fan voted Baton Rouge 2016 live shows can now be yours!

Download the app and listen:

💋 ♥️ @muthaFUCKuu🔁not in Baton Rouge 😂
Zé Dias Estrela DA Noite 🌟 🇵🇹..... @EstrelaDANoite8🔁🔥 GREAT NEWS! 🔥
New concerts from are now available on 💯👌
Make sure you check out the fantastic Amphitheatre of Pompeii & the fan-voted Baton Rouge, Louisiana gigs - head over to to download the app & purchase the recordings 🎶
Lynds🧚🏾‍♀️ @lyndseyshannell🔁 Nothing like Baton Rouge
JoseFernando @Josferch🔁 Louisiana teen might be first person on Mars via @theadvertiser
SOUTHSIDE_CJ @_SOUTHSIDECJ🔁 Niggas from south Baton Rouge >>><<<< we a whole different breed
💫 Everly Carrick 💫 @EverlyCarrick🔁Okay heathens, the continues on Friday, , faces in a quarterfinal match.

The winner will have a semifinal match with on July 25 in Baton Rouge.

Who wins?

Arlene Agustin @Houseforsale123🔁 1741 Brightside Dr Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Benjamin Moscona @BenjaminMoscona🔁I think we are...not many Moscona's out there. My dad was Joseph and my grandfather was Clement. Never heard of any M oscona's in Baton Rouge though...
Mr. Return Your Girl @CaleGuidry🔁 has a show in New Orleans on the 24th at Gasa Gasa! But they play around the Lafayette area, too, so I’ll def keep y ou updated. And has a show on the 20th in Baton Rouge!
Rebecca Rodham @ms_reba🔁Bob Johnson, reporter covering racial protests in Baton Rouge, LA, 1972. Beaten severely, was in a coma for 2 years, passed away in 2011 after being confined to a wheelchair, mentally & physically disabled, lived in assisted living the rest of his life.
4️⃣💩 @7211KiF🔁Niggas from south Baton Rouge >>><<<< we a whole different breed
maddie bug @maddiedaigle_🔁 This red car represents every person in Baton Rouge
C R Y S T A L💋 @_FCKahNiiqqa🔁 I'm from Baton Rouge LA. 🔥
Fellowship @fellowsig_🔁BAREBACK in BATON ROUGE - Aiden & FUCK RAW on -
Royal Seal Ent. @royalsealentllc🔁Retweet, Like, and Comment! shared - The !!!!!
Jacinta Trainor @purplevladgirl🔁If there's anyone near Baton Rouge, who is looking for some household goods or woodworking equipment, I have the following to sell as I am moving back to Canada at the end of the month. Time is of the essence as I am...
naye. @issavision🔁baton rouge music so aggressive & i’m wit allllll that
Black Excellence @myajnicole🔁contact my sister for all of your sweet needs 🍭

she's located in the baton rouge area and she won't disappoint ! just sharing her talent with y'all 🙃

momma ce @celinelpham🔁can’t wait to be in baton rouge
Lovesworn Princess @Kalindlara🔁@slowb1rd ...

I'm not much of a predictor, I'm just here to stan for Callin' Baton Rouge (and to a lesser extent, The River).

Johnny Cook @johnnyocook🔁Because you’ve gots to have #friends from Baton Rouge! 😎❤️ @ Crocker Bar
DrFeelGood @DrFeelGoodJobs🔁☀ Hiring: Nurse RN – $5000 Sign-On Bonus
Location : Baton Rouge, LA, U
☑ Apply Now ☞
HD Quality, dir @shotbyHD🔁Sam I Am - Piped Up [Label Submitted]

Instagram page Link: @da_real_sam_i_am

Artist - Sam I Am new single "Piped Up" from the upcoming album Reincarnated. Jigga City - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mr. Return Your Girl @CaleGuidry🔁Awesome! My brother lives in Baton Rouge so I will be sure to check them out! Also, don’t forget to keep sharing that playlist!!!
neshaaaaaa🏳️‍🌈 @neshagayasss🔁 baton rouge really on the map 😛? ?
epgapartner @epgapartner🔁I love my son Chef 7even in the building. Please make sure you stop by UpScales Baton ROUGE Tuesday Oct 2nd. Come get your eat on
DaddyKewl @Daddykewl09🔁@EAHelp madden 18.. 4 games in a row. Disconnect in 2nd Half. I'm in baton rouge LA area.
Paula Lorente, Ph.D. @1gr8idea🔁Louisiana will receive the federal funding needed to finance a flood-control project in the Baton Rouge region that has been on the drawing board for three decades:
Lyft Promo Code ZOOT @BlazinDeals🔁Free Lyft rides applied to your Lyft app account Lyft Promo: ZOOT >> Paul M. Hebert Law Center (law school on the mai n Baton Rouge campus) /Dance to Save/
Baton Rouge Local @BatonRouge_Buzz🔁Baton Rouge Weather: Baton Rouge, LA Weather :: 84F Fair Weather Forecast:
upbeat emo @GilpinGrace🔁Baton Rouge twitter I’m bringing the squad on Wednesday what are some BR hotspots to show them because currently all I have is cici’s pizza, my house, and the goodwood library ???
itskaay💋 @aamourkaay🔁 Baton Rouge don’t nobody wanna support you especially if they see it in yah
Ash Holloway @TheAshHolloway🔁Callin’ on Baton Rouge
Q @QGrate8🔁Living rooms full of way to many valuables old miss bad n boujie attitude like she from Baton Rouge @Lopezchesarr what’s song
Groove-Line @grooveline4u🔁Check out my girl, Baton Rouge’s own, DaVenus Etienne, the next Princess of Southern Soul...her song “Bye Bye Baby” i s featured on Pokey Bear’s “My Side Piece” Motion Picture, and her song “Come...
Michael D @MikeDatTiger🔁I was legit shocked by how dumpy that airport is. I thought “I thought NY was rich, but this is worse than the dang B aton Rouge airport”
John T Willett @RoadHogWarrior🔁 D-Mac post game interview Baton Rouge
TAWNY @ITS_TAWNY🔁Baton Rouge, what does it take for the news to follow a case? After investigating the 280 missing people in La, they receive MAYBE one day on your broadcast, some not making the news. Care to elaborate?
That Team Wiseman Followed @burrdflu910🔁I've never watched a USC game on TV because they never matter. but I did see them play in Baton Rouge. Guess how that ended up?
Sexy Girls Cams @Kimberl07793404🔁Girls 🍓

europe else sex real younger hooking up baton rouge xxx wife top girls searching for gb dating amateur cam soul mate recommended singles missouri milf lifetime britain online girl hot sweet agency teen austria

steen @ChristineMary18🔁I have maintained a job in New Orleans and an internship in Baton Rouge all summer WITHOUT a car. No excuses as to w hy you can’t get to where you wanna go. Just find a ride man 🚗🚎✈️
Yellow Porsche @portiaacayenne🔁Watching this thinking the 1913 is referring to a sorority and then i realized this is literally one of two clubs in Baton Rouge 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Josh Jackson @audrum1🔁I'm at Jackson Lakeside Resort in Baton Rouge, LA
Ryan Kantor @ryan_kantor🔁Strong work. Only two blah games, but at least one is at an interesting venue - Yankees Stadium, and the other is in Baton Rouge.
Dedi Singleton @Disinjr_🔁👂🏽 & 💰 attention , ✍🏿
Let me sit this here fa’ ah lil sec’ @djyaboyearl #repost 🎼☝🏿™️ ⏰ @ Baton Rouge, Loui siana
LCW ☆ @CWC_Texas @LonestarCWC🔁We gonna take that Texas belt away from you Lonestar. We gonna do it at home; that's right, you're gonna be beatdown down in Baton Rouge. Yu'up, Ol' Saul will guarantee that.
bread crumb 🍞 @clurbercrombie🔁Cults you didn’t realize were cults in BR:
- Catholic Schools
- Closet Democrats
- Parkview
- Garden District Coffee
- Theater Baton Rouge
- Straight People that go to Splash
- Bocage Moms
- Personal Injury Lawyers
- People Who Think Government Street will be great as two lanes
Nayyir. @nayyirransome🔁Saying, "On some shit" MUST be a Baton Rouge thing.

I feel like it's our, "Jawn" or "Dead Ass".

Sam Hoger @SamHoger🔁Went to Lakewood Church today and Pastor Nick was awesome.

If you are ever in Houston I recommend going, it's so p eaceful and live at the same time.

It was great going with my childhood friend Michael J Ross who drove in to town from Baton Rouge to see me:)

pastorkrichard @elev8church🔁John 4:24

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth .

"If we are attempti ng to live our lives outside of Gods word then we have failed. (POINT BLANK) — at Elevate Church of Baton Rouge

somer loven 🌻 @somerlovin_🔁 What’s up, I’m Dwight Martin from Baton Rouge, Louisiana ⚜️ I am majoring in business management 👨🏽‍💼 can’t wait to see all of y’all for freshman week. 😈💙❤️
AaronGeorge @matthewgeorge16🔁Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have you... Happy 21st beautiful, love you raleighelisabeth 😘🎉🎈 @ Baton Rou ge, Louisiana
Tina Padgett @oldnsold2013🔁Check out Vintage Scissor Holder Baton Rouge 150TH Telephone Southern Bell Louisianna via @eBay
Mona Leingang @MonaLeingang🔁Paul Leingang, I’d like a couple of these to use here in Baton Rouge! Congratulations to Danielle and DESeaGrant!
don’t blink... @rathaunique🔁Ranking Southern Women;
10. This
9. List
8. Cannot
7. Be
6. Compiled
5. Without
4. Lousiana
3. Opelousas
2. Baton R ouge
1. New Orleans
Chuck albert @Chuckalbert23🔁Baton Rouge next week I think so!!!🍺
Cornbread Hardliner @TwoYdsandaCloud🔁Worst Circles of Hell

12. It’s
11. Impossible
10. To
9. Rank
8. Them
7. Because
6. They
5. Are
4. All
3. Unimaginab ly
2. Horrific
1. 1-10 East just after the MS River Bridge in Baton Rouge


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