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#backtoschool Dr. Joseph Macharola @JMacharola🔁 #9 is brought to you by.....🥁🥁🥁
#9weekdays #backtoschool
#backtoschool Kara Harvey @hglblog🔁So many great ideas! #backtoschool #goldfishmoments #ad
>>> <<<
Dan Kostelec @DanKostelec🔁I'm going back to college today. @MVCC_UticaRome #backtoschool
#backtoschool Ericka B. Wiseley @ErickaWiseley35🔁 RT if you plan to promote inclusion & #ChooseToInclude when you go #BackToSchool! 📚📝📓
#backtoschool Carla Kilbride @CarlaYServices🔁 Digital Creative MA at @lomondtrossachs Shanna shares her #SchoolTaughtMe story! #BacktoSchool
#backtoschool Amy B. @amybhahaha🔁Tea, a new @TomEaston , the @nytimes . Not many of these mornings left.


#backtoschool NYPD 115th Precinct @NYPD115Pct🔁The @NYPDQueensNorth #BacktoSchool Bash is here! From 11-2pm, side of Queens Center Mall. #freefood #DJ
#backtoschool Allen Robertson @RobertsonAllen🔁 Happy first day of school at @olatheschools and @bvschools! Have a fantastic school year! #backtoschool
#backtoschool Valerie Tan @ValerieTan_7🔁 So proud of this kid! 📚✏️🎒 #BackToSchoo l
#backtoschool GATE @GATE_Stores🔁It's never too early to become the teacher's pet. #BacktoSchool
Del Monte Fresh @DelMonteFreshFresh is in session! 🔁
UniversityofHouston @UHouston🔁We've got spirit.
We've got heart.
Coogs will be back on campus.
Get RED-y for the semester to start. 📣 🐾

Countdown: 7 days!
Glasgow City Council @GlasgowCC🔁It's the start of a new school term in Glasgow - happy learning to all 70,000 + pupils & new P1s
Matt Steinberg @MrSteinbergHHS🔁Parents: help your child study better, not more this school year:
Good Morning Wash. @ABC7GMW🔁 = back to sports + shares what you need to know if your child cracks their pearly whites. 8:45am
Kyle Ridley @ProducerRidley🔁 = back to sports + shares what you need to know if your child cracks their pearly whites. 8:45am
Tappy Turtle @TappyTurtle🔁 What's it called when matter changes from gas to solid state without a liquid phase?
Write About This @WriteAboutThis🔁 Writing Idea: What are 3 things you wish your teachers knew about you?" target="_blank">
Caroline Slade @Sladie12🔁Shop the new uniform online via & raise free funds for us >
alison wonderland @kakicuddles🔁Oliver is Costco famous #olivergram #backtoschool
Kara Harvey @hglblog🔁Getting ready? and save big on all of your back to school needs at : AD
BeeFree @beefreeio🔁Want to send the perfect campaign? Get inspiration from &more
Lauren Simms @lauriai🔁#WIN a BRILLIANCE by @rubbermaid Salad & Snack kit! Perfect for on-the-go meals and #backtoschool! #LockInBrilliance
BeechAcres Parenting @BeechAcres🔁Good luck to all of the @IamCPS families headed back to school today! #BacktoSchool
Twin Pickle @Pickle_Mom🔁Kids going ? End the with a cool day at !
Antonella Poce @AntonellaPoce🔁Relationship building through culturally responsive classroom management: via
Chris Robot @dpcoupon🔁Customers can get lowest price and #promocode #deals on #backtoschool #offer on directory Lister at #KRKsoft

Patrice Steel @PatriceSteel55🔁3rd Grade Rocks felties
Melle Amade @MelleAmade🔁Got the little angels today. They were both super excited to be with their new…
Lynda Katka, M.S. Ed @LyndaKatka🔁Back-to-school activities to help break the ice and and welcome #students. @lyndakatka @groupfitpro #backtoschool
Independent Retailer @indretailer🔁 is a great time to test-run different operational, customer experience, or marketing strategies.
Dent4SpecialPeople @TeamDFSP🔁💙RT: 📓✏️Tips for a routine to help prevent tooth decay🍎" target="_blank">
Angelique Williams @Groundedness🔁The latest Heart-Centred Leadership! #backtoschool #writechat
Noah V Tv @itznoahv🔁Literally the first day of school and my hair has to be the worst it's ever been 😐😡😡😡 #school #backtoschool #hair #schoolsucks
Chris Robot @dpcoupon🔁Buy with #promo #discount on #backtoschool #offer for online privacy tool @hidemyass

melissa weintraub @dentistmel🔁Find your child's teacher supply list w/ Find it here:
Mary Cruden @marycruden🔁 Want an exciting experience with your new classmates? Apply for an exchange! #BackToSchool
amy Lovell @acid666🔁Win a @staplescanada #backtoschool gift bag with the season's hottest trends via @teachersoncall_
EdTech @EdGameTec🔁 Best Resources and Tools for a College Freshman #collegeprep #education #backtoschool
JD-Peroro @JDPmag🔁The latest #DigitalMedia meets #Education! #backtoschool #writechat
MIWLA @MIWLA🔁First day of class activities that create a climate for learning. #backtoschool #edchat
Asphalt Enterprises @AsphaltEnt🔁Part of our checklist: sweeping lots & stenciling permit spaces for a University before students arrived!
MSU Detroit Center @MSU_DetCenter🔁Best Resources and Tools for a College Freshman #collegeprep #education #backtoschool
Chris Robot @dpcoupon🔁Get #Coupon #saving on #backtoschool #offer on #antimalware products @gridinsoft

Shari Rolston @kiss_glass🔁Answer? #mywines #anywine #backtoschool #praisethelord #mommyhaswine #mommystimeout
Angela Cato @AngelaCato🔁Your Best Bet #School Supplies via @recyclebank #smallsteps #lesswaste #backtoschool #savetheplanet
Becca Lacy ❤ @Becca_lacy🔁You could a satchel lunch bag! Just RT & & it could be yours just in time for .
Jeremy Murphy @jeremypmurphy🔁Very convenient to have Target 🎯 ship supplies to us. First time we've bought back to school items all online.
Zion Baptist Church @ZBaptistCincy🔁God's blessings to teachers and students heading back to school. May another year bring a growth in wisdom and unders tanding.
Amy gomez @Amygome97053380🔁I'm so excited about HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY! Enter here!
Miracles To Go @Miracles2Go🔁It's WINGSDAY!!!!
5 wings & fries $5
Chris Robot @dpcoupon🔁Get #discount #coupon on #backtoschool #offer on #videoeditingtools #audioeditingtools @FlashIntegro

Wan-Yu Lu @WanYuLuMKIBC🔁Get ready to go with clear skin! 2 wks of using set and brush 2x a day.
❤BLACKERtheBERRY🇧🇸 @MsSpice9🔁 #BackToSchool: How I Teach a Language Class With Infographic Visuals [Video] via @piktochart
CTC at Fort Osage @FOCTC🔁Either the Cupcake Fairy snuck into our building or we have some awesome administrators
Lake Pointe Granbury @LakePointeGB🔁Having Early Mornings Fever?
Pull up your socks & wind up with your purchases
Leave the cooking with this !!
Vanessa 👅 @Vanessabing_🔁Look no further for a great range of products. Find out about our wide range of :
Beau Scott @NerdCoreTeacher🔁Although Hogwarts would be an exciting place to teach, I can't wait to start another year at Dayton!
Michelle Todd @michelletodd🔁Happy 1st day of Pre-K baby girl #firstdayofschool #prek #backtoschool
Shannon Fraser @_sfDesigns🔁Back to school essentials - are you ready?! #backtoschool
ONTHealth @ONThealth🔁 tip: Some schools may have allergen policy. Contact your child's to find out
Bev Adamsky @bevsshop🔁Check out this Croft Barrow Sweater Sz S Blue Acrylic 3-4 Sv Pullover #backtoschool via @eBay
MC7thGradeSummit @mc7th🔁I just entered the @SignUpGenius #BackToSchool Genius Tech #Giveaway for a chance to win $5,000!
Tiny Tots Therapy @tinytotstherapy🔁Experts say that the fit of your is the most important consideration when doing shopping.
Drew Madden @drew_madden🔁 Help keep your kids healthy by reminding them to wash their hands regularly at .
David Rider @dmrider🔁In ParkingPal fashion - is soon upon us. Protecting school zones is important to us. Where are we needed most?
Dan Koch @danvkoch🔁Props to for championing TEACHERS! In a campaign & in the classroom--teachers ARE rock stars!
HLpublicsafety @HLpublicsafety🔁Drive carefully today - watch for students, buses as Lexington goes #backtoschool
Carrie A Shaw @CarrieAShaw1🔁1st Day Picture!!! #hges #backtoschool
Adam Carroll @adambcarroll🔁A bit warmer with sunny skies in the School District today as kids head . Welcome Back!
DJ Sanouk @djsanouk🔁First day @…
Alan Jessup @AJ_in_KC🔁Good morning students! Today is day in Blue Springs! Watch out for students in neighborhoods and SLOW DOWN in school zones.


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