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bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁 WHY DID YOU TAKE YUKI AWAY FROM US?!?! #BachelorWinterGames
Wells Adams @WellsAdams🔁All I want in life is to double date with Courtney and Lily. #BachelorWinterGames
letstalktv @letstalktvtime🔁How much did they pay Bibiana to help Jordan rehabilitate his image? #bachelorwintergames
Grant Lokken @glokkenspx🔁Dean said he wasn't a player? #BachelorWinterGames
Evan Bass @ebassclinics🔁It’s fitting and yet a little ridiculous that a bachelor show has been on for 50% of the nights my daughter has been twitter.com alive.
Wells Adams @WellsAdams🔁If I’ve learned anything from #BachelorWinterGames, it’s that people from Australia and New Zealand are the raddest!
Michelle @Misha_57🔁Wow. Luke, wow. Sadly I can't say I'm surprised. When everyone wanted him to be the Bachelor, I knew it was all just twitter.com a ploy.
bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁3. *Benoit proposing to Clare* Uh... bc that wasn’t a bit premature and, I don’t know, DRASTIC after knowing each oth twitter.com er like a month?!
Jewell @Jewkiejew🔁Not gonna lie but #BachelorWinterGames was probably one of my favorites to watch!!!!
InFREDible Hulk @J_LaMarca1🔁 All I want in life is to double date with Courtney and Lily. #BachelorWinterGames
debi♡ @debixxo🔁Why isnt jarred in #BachelorWinterGames tho??
bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁2. Me when Courtney & Lili didn’t win the games?! Like, excuse me Chris Harrison, did you see them interact ONE time? twitter.com ! Bc surely if you did you would understand that there was no other competition.
Terri Earls @tearls5🔁I hope you are as disappointed in yourself as the rest of is in you. What an a$$!
Jenna Hill Yoga @JennaMHill🔁I’m a little late to the #BachelorWinterGames and I have sooooo many thoughts and questions
Marissa Norton @marissanorton🔁AND 👏THAT👏 IS 👏WHY 👏LUKE 👏SHOULD 👏HAVE 👏BEEN 👏THE 👏BACHELOR 👏 @lukepell #BachelorWinterGames
letstalktv @letstalktvtime🔁If Ashley lost her virginity she would not have been whipping around and skating the next day unless... twitter.com
Us Weekly @usweekly🔁Exclusive: Clare Crawley gets emotional about late father after #BachelorWinterGames proposal usm.ag
Autumn Heaton @leaf_mealone🔁I never better see luke on another bachelor show because I WILL stop watching 😐 #BachelorWinterGames
bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁1. Me to one mister LUKE PELL. You do not deserve the royalty that is Stassi. You have been EXPOSED, my friend. Heart twitter.com less bastard.
Amber Hicks @ambhicks🔁The #BachelorWinterGames was 1,000x better than the actual Bachelor season.
bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁Hello, good morning, I am here to vent about #BachelorWinterGames
MostlyReality @MostlyReality🔁 thank you for your service. Mad respect for you. I wish you health, happiness and safety. May you always have angels twitter.com watching over you. 🔥 🔥
Vex n the city @VexNTheCity🔁 to after seeing that his douchelord title has been passed on: twitter.com
☆☆#GOLEAFSGO☆☆ @RThompsonMUFC🔁🇨🇦 rocks the Thank you Benoit & Kevin for representing how most 🇨🇦 guys treat women they ❤️. Hope a few are o twitter.com n 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
bubbles @suppppmorgan🔁In a strange turn of events, Dean turns out to be a good guy, and Luke is the f*ckboy.
AK @akeady🔁Okay I’m going to stop talking about this show now but the four episodes of made me laugh/smile/cry more than the la twitter.com st 3 seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette ❤️💕
Amanda @aeostuni🔁I've never had a problem really with spoilers but I can't even be on twitter right now. everything good about is e twitter.com verywhere. so I guess bye twitterverse till tonight/tmw...
Sarah Peiffer Haberman @SaraahBaabyyy🔁Clare doesn't deserve Benoit. #justsaying #BachelorWinterGames
Julie McLeod @Julie_A_McLeod🔁Is the most successful franchise for finding love 🤔 I know the Olympics aren’t every year but this show NEEDS to be
Julia Brown @mrsbrown4260🔁Only on can someone like Luke go from the sexiest romantic guy to shittiest jerk in one night... like what!? Can one twitter.com of the guys punch him in the face for all of us please!?
Perez Hilton @PerezHilton🔁Ice dancing! The Fantasy Suite! So much went down on the final ep of #BachelorWinterGames! goo.gl
Jenna Smith @jennnnasmith🔁I haven’t watched the #BachelorWinterGames finale yet but based on my timeline, I’m just so happy that @ashleyiaco is happy 😭
Ann Marie Pincivero @ampincivero🔁@troyesrus YES! Please @Bachelorinpara_ put Jordan on #BachelorInParadise!!! #BachelorWinterGames #TeamJordan
Perez @ThePerezHilton🔁Is this the best worst show on television?? goo.gl #BachelorWinterGames
The Bachelor/ette @bachelor_news🔁I just can’t stop watching the proposal!!! #BachelorWinterGames
Karen R @kaylabear04🔁My biggest takeaway from is that Chris Harrison can host virtually anything and guide it to solid ratings... his agent should be securing a bigger payday shortly
Aarika Willis @Aarikaaaa🔁Y’all I’m so here for @ashleyiaco and Kevin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #BachelorWinterGames
Irina @OhMyBrii🔁Biggest highlight of the Bachelor is Ashley I finally crying tears of happiness. #BachelorWinterGames


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