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#BabyJails#BabyJails Clifford Bain @ccbain999🔁 #ItsJustAJacket like #BabyJails are summer camps.


Steve Marmel @Marmel🔁Said the man running from an election that would be a referendum on his role in the Trump regime, his complicit obstr twitter.com uction of the Trump/Russia probe via Nunes, his tax cut for the rich, his attack on healthcare, and more.
Gutless and spineless.
Quite the legacy, Ryan.
Pat Kiernan @patkiernan🔁Which brings us to the next question: were the girls moved at 1 am because of flight schedules or because that hour p twitter.com rovided a “cover of darkness?”
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Dear : I previously served on active duty in the US military. America faces a lot of serious threats. But babies are twitter.com not one of them.

End your . Reverse your evil policy of ripping toddlers away from their mothers & fathers.

John Barna @oneinatree🔁Civility, ?

Power-drunk corrupt GOP-controlled nation runs GITMO , & u call for “civility” .... twitter.com

Funky Dude @TheonlyFunkyOne🔁Such a request must be based on legal grounds (I think)...
As much as those or or or should cease to exist, it's twitter.com inhumane, vile & repulsive. No wonder US pulled out of to cover for clump

Ruth Stone @RuthStone6🔁“A new order by ...HHS will now require Members of Congress to give detention facilities up to 2 weeks’ notice prior twitter.com to visiting the facilities in person-and they won’t be allowed to speak to the children at all”
CanadianShoeSmugglingUnderground @HappyHappyBeans🔁Shouldn't we be concerned that a woman tasked with caring for immigrant children is a truther with a history of racist tweets she calls "psssionate"?

Lisa Conant 🌊 @lisaloveshjff🔁In other words:
My cruelty, racism and wannabe dictator tendencies are showing and my failure as a President is even twitter.com more exposed so let’s change the subject.

ClashCity Womble @clashcitywomble🔁Trump's decision to scrap is a WIN for international pressure BUT the fate of the children remains unclear. WE DO CARE WHAT HAPPENS & this is why we'll stand Together Against Trump on
MiamiMark001 @MiamiMark001🔁The Trump Administration is considering housing up to 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children on military bases in coming months. Once they go down that rabbit hole, we'll never know the extent of their mistreatment.
Kathryn Croft @ExGOPKathyCroft🔁We’ve seen the finest execution of the current law using the policies of the and .

There is NOTHING fine, Fair or comprehensive about or .

Blue Laura Bauman @lbaufrau🔁 REUNITE THE CHILDREN WITH THEIR FAMILIES! And prove it because we no longer trust the Trum twitter.com p Administration
Maggy @ShePersisted28🔁Add that he preys on people & their prejudices, creating unfounded fears & hatred, to gain & solidify political power twitter.com . He’s a disgraceful, dangerous, vile racist.
Blue Laura Bauman @lbaufrau🔁 REUNITE THE CHILDREN NOW! And prove it with video of every family reunited. twitter.com
Sharon O'Brien @soandsew4🔁 WHY can't we FIND them? YOU are ABUSING and TRAFFICKING CHILDREN. WHY can't Senators and Congressmen get in to th twitter.com e is a TERRORIST.
The Mominatrixx 🌈#PRIDEMonth @TheMominatrixx🔁 If you think a First Lady of the United States, wearing the phrase “I really don’t care, do U?” on her way to ‘visit twitter.com ’ CAGED CHILDREN is “graceful & beautiful”, you’re a morally, ethically & spiritually bankrupt MONSTER.
Abbey Rivers @AbbeyRivers🔁Use one of those glasses with a camera on it when you go inside those We must see what’s going on with those kids. are hiding something
Tammy Lou @tamilu40🔁Our president is a monster and his policies are straight from the pit of hell. Drugging refugee babies? Good God, del twitter.com iver us from this nightmare.
🐾 Mama W🌊lf #Resists @ProudMamaWolf🔁Dear : I previously served on active duty in the US military. America faces a lot of serious threats. But babies are not one of them.

End your . Reverse your evil policy of ripping toddlers away from their mothers & fathers.

Sharon O'Brien @soandsew4🔁DENY.....DEFLECT.....DISTRACT. WHERE are the CHILDREN that YOU are TRAFFICKING? EVERY Senator and Congressman shoul twitter.com d have ACCESS to the . TERRORIST is the SCUM-in-chief.
Denise Greenstein @DeniseGreens🔁Florida Governor Rick Scott rewarded company, that settled a $3.8 mil medical fraud claim, with $600k tax break. That company now profits off the taxpayer by locking up migrant children. .

Virginia Brown @MsDixieDiva8253🔁And...that's $5.58 TRILLION per year to cage babies...while today the said they have to reduced Medicare/Medicaid by $1.5T to "keep the US solvent".


Wednesday Lee Friday 🧟‍♀️ @WednesFri🔁@realDonaldTrump The Trump strategy defined: Let’s stop trying. Trying is too hard. #cyka #healthcare #BabyJails #maga?
(((inglamwetrust))) @inglamwetrust🔁
Trump's twitter.com
W Watts @WWatts1🔁Jeff Sessions on separating families at the border: "I think it's the white thing, er, I mean the right thing to do."
🇺🇸 Lorraine 🇺🇸 ค @laddawan_r🔁I've used this quote before, but it's a great one...

"Unless you're willing to pick up a weapon & defend your country, I suggest you stop criticizing those who do." -Unknown

Those are my babies feet. 😂

Normah Jean ☘ @mjc5577🔁You are delusional. You already have control over entire gov't all 3 facets it's all Republican & you can pass laws twitter.com right now, so the question is: why aren't you?
Answer: you're incompetent.
You are the master, the guy, the
Alt Trite @alt_trite🔁@IvankaTrump @FLOTUS I really care. Why don't you? #BabyJails #TrumpConcentrationCamps twitter.com
Shawnstar @sanesty🔁Evil has permeated the White House from the West Wing to the East Wing to the residence. It's going to need some serious fumigation when they're gone.
Dani Danger @00Danger7🔁It's essential that everyone--especially every lawmaker--recognize that Trump's on ONLY happened due to ace reporting, relentless efforts by Democrats & vocal American citizens refusing to be complicit in .

Cherquilts2🇺🇸FamilesBelongTogether🇺🇸 @CherylCassel1🔁The began by using terms like "infestation"---likening other humans to vermin.

And thinking children were criminals rather than our most vulnerable citizens.

USMC @Infantry0300🔁We’ve seen the finest execution of the current law using the policies of the and .

There is NOTHING fine, Fair or c twitter.com omprehensive about or .

Jet Black @BlackerrjetJet🔁. your presidency will be remembered for all the horrible things you have done, but none more despicable than kidnapping and caging children
Alt Trite @alt_trite🔁@FLOTUS @IvankaTrump Be Best if you did care. #TrumpConcentrationCamps #BabyJails #StolenChildren twitter.com
aperri @aperri🔁Morning Musings: How can you be "Pro Life" and support Trump's policy of taking Babies from their mothers and keeping twitter.com them in Baby Jails


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