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Film London @Film_London🔁Next up at are with titles inc. Blade of the Immortal & Zoology, and who present Darkest Hour
Mike Romo @rikemomo🔁If you like samurai films a lot, then you pretty much must see “Blade of the Immortal”. Absolutely insane. #FantasticFest
Matinee Heroes @MatineeHeroes🔁 BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: Pretty much what you expect. But that's okay, it was what I wanted.
Robbie Collin @robbiereviews🔁Blade of the Immortal: Magic Miike XXL. I swear I will never tire of watching this guy find new ways & excuses to slice people up. #LFF2017
Authors Taproom @AuthorsTaproom🔁❤ Looking for the perfect blend of action & romance? .'s BLADE OF DARKNESS 👉 today!
Sean Patrick Kelley @endiron🔁Blade of the Immortal. If you were raised on Saturday matinee Kung fu theater, your heart will swell three sizes, and burst. #FantasticFest
Tengu86 @Tengu86🔁 Good news for Miike fans... BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is one of the great ones and a bloody, funny blast. #FantasticFest
Vampire Bat Wedge @MovieNerdMatt🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: prime Miike action that nicely muddies the moral waters with several epic set pieces. Loved I t!
Token for Granted @RAWRnivore🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is phenomenal! The AGFA Secret Screening is up next.
Luis @Scrface87🔁13. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: Miike's 100th(!) feature combines period style of 13 ASSASSINS & violence he's best known for.
Emanuelle Arson @rabbitroom🔁13. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: Miike's 100th(!) feature combines period style of 13 ASSASSINS & violence he's best known for. @DailyGrindhouse
Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk🔁Not a w/o Takashi Miike. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL brings the big bloody battles in spades. Would play better as a TV se ries.
Wesley Messer @GeekWhoLanded🔁I also reallllyyy want to see the Blade of the Immortal movie.
Harry Knowles @headgeek666🔁 Blade of the Immortal is my favorite so far! #AICN #FantasticFest
Nick Johnston @onlysaysficus🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL- really hope some amateur editor chops this down to 80 minutes and puts droning synths over it. #FantasicFest
Chris Hampker @drinkandamovie🔁Blade of the Immortal Review Fantastic Fest: via @YouTube
Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF🔁In a year when many, if not most, movies run too long, BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is only one where the excess feels earned.
Christopher L Cox @ChrisCoxCritic🔁I'm probably the 8,000th person to say this, but "Blade of the Immortal" is the best Wolverine movie ever made. #fantasticfest
Douglas Quaid @ShopSmart5🔁 Blade of the Immortal. 4 out of 5 . Film #19. #fantasticfest
Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF🔁 BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is incredible. It's now my favorite of #FantasticFest #FantasticFest2017
Adrian Torres @YoAdrianTorres🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is exactly what you want in a Miike film. Fighting galore, smattering of heart, a story that grows. So so good!
Scott Daly @scottdaly85🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL could have been my favorite film of the festival if it had just been 90 minutes long... #FantasticFest
Jared Skolnick @jaredskolnick🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: Miike's TRUE GRIT/THE PROFESSIONAL, with a lot more stabbing and decapitation. I am happy Jared #FantasticFest
Daniel Marsh @Infoseepage🔁I came away most impressed by Blade of the Immortal's dry- cleaners. They are wizards at getting bloodstains out of silk #FantasticFest
Jacob Triska @JacobTriska🔁Sign me up for the next 100 movies Takashi Miike makes. Blade of the Immortal was fantastic. #FantasicFest
Jonathan Hansen @HANSEN_SOGROOVY🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is incredible. It's now my favorite of #FantasticFest #FantasticFest2017
Cory Bowers @cory_bowers🔁My ★★★★½ review of Blade of the Immortal on @letterboxd: #FantasticFest
robin @robin7crows🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL bloody, stabby, slicy jidaigeki fun. best adaptation of manga i can imagine, even if Rin shortchanged #fantasticfest
Mark @No_Fancy_Shit🔁@TalcyBri I shall! Looking forward to seeing Blade of the Immortal when it comes out too
Kevin Levine™ @KevWatchedAFilm🔁My ★★½ review of Blade of the Immortal on @letterboxd:
Alan Cerny @NordlingCS🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: Pretty much what you expect. But that's okay, it was what I wanted.
Daniel Marsh @Infoseepage🔁Blade of the Immortal dragged for me. A lot of indistinctly realized action trying to impress with sheer quantity. #FantasticFest
DoomBean @DoomBean🔁Blade of the Immortal descrip for Westerners : True Grit with a LOT more bodies & Rooster as a bad ass immortal swordmaster. #FantasticFest
Susi @sushithegreat🔁And Blade of the Immortal delivers. Action and costuming worthy of Mike's 100th film. #FantasicFest
Douglas Quaid @ShopSmart5🔁Blade of the Immortal was bloody & badass, Miike is a cinematic genius. (But can we make little girl characters like 15% more tolerable?)
matt lynch @colonelmortimer🔁Literally almost every single person who appears on screen in BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL dies. #FantasticFest
Marcelo J. Pico @MarceloJPico🔁Blade of the Immortal offers some damn fine, bloody samurai sword action. It’s the Old Man Logan movie of the year.
Ron @rpringle🔁There is no such thing as typical Miike, but BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL hits all the bloody body parts notes you hope for. #FantasticFest
🌙Amelia SpookE🔮 @BrowncoatAuror🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is extremely my jam but wayyyyyyyy too long. #FantasticFest
Charley Feldman @charley_feldman🔁Takeshi Miike’s supernatural samurai gorefest Blade of the Immortal is terrific FUN + ❤️ villain motivation basically to get academic tenure
Jared Skolnick @jaredskolnick🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: that's gonna need a bandaid #FantasticFest
Diva Del Mar @thedivadelmar🔁Blade of the Immortal is my favorite so far! #AICN #FantasticFest
Anyabelle:Creation @BookishPlinko🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is top-shelf Takashi Miike. A bloody good time for genre fans old and new. #FantasticFest
Rob Hunter @FakeRobHunter🔁Good news for Miike fans... BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is one of the great ones and a bloody, funny blast. #FantasticFest
Tonk Sang @tonksang🔁Blade of the Immortal: cursed swordsman in feudal japan... but easily forgotten. Watch if nothing else is available. #FantasticFest
Pablo @FantasticFest @Pabably🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL
MICHAEL LOVAN @michaelovan🔁For his 100th film, Miike proves he's still a master at punctuating violence with humor. Blade of the Immortal is very fun. #FantasticFest
John Hardin @HarditoATX🔁@fantasticfest Blade of the Immortal is Japanese Logan. Pretty good! #miike100
Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: maybe my favorite action film since FURY ROAD. Holy tap dancing shit.
Germain Lussier @GermainLussier🔁Blade of the Immortal is rad. Definitely too long but in that time it delivers way more samurai kills and dismemberments than you’re used to
E.L. Wacker @erikwacker🔁#FantasticFest Film #13: Blade of the Immortal, a fun but disposable samurai actioner from Miike. Some good fights and memorable characters.
John Gordon (jgor) @indiecom🔁Takashi Miike's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is a bloody good time. #FantasticFest
Leila Bela @LeilaBela🔁Blade of the immortal was orgasmic! Loved it !
Dale Lloyd @VivaVHS🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is a fun enough ride but incredibly overlong and tiresome. #FantasticFest
David Delgado @daviddelgadoh🔁I’ve seen like 1/5 of Miike’s movies. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, his 100th film (!), is the best yet. #FantasticFest
Emilia @emmipon🔁Blade of the Immortal was.. entertaining x) and a nice end to the film festival
Mattie Do @MangoSodium🔁@sleestakk I used to read the Blade of the Immortal books! Tell me how you liked it!
♕ㅤㅤㅤ @pxxzm🔁!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blade of the Immortal - Red Band Trailer

vera/ciously @veraciously🔁Miike's Blade of the Immortal adaptation finishes a pretty good weekend of films. Gory as hell, but decent fun
kon @meamkon🔁 brace yourself, BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is coming to the Nuart along with Miike himself!
ariel📎 @alohafromarisa🔁Blade of the Immortal | Magnolia Pictures
Mike Bracken @horrorgeek🔁@sleestakk So jealous about Blade of the Immortal.
Anyabelle:Creation @BookishPlinko🔁Now seated: BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL #FantasticFest
robin @robin7crows🔁BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is probably my favorite manga, so cautiously hopeful to see Takashi Miike take it on
Susi @sushithegreat🔁Very, VERY excited to be seated Blade of the Immortal. #FantasicFest
Evan Saathoff @evansaathoff🔁If BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL has anything less than 1000 decapitations, I will be displeased.
Rusty @rustym🔁Hyped for morning screening of Blade of the Immortal! #FantasicFest
Bill Harris @soundjam69🔁Fantastic Fest Day 4 - Five Fingers for Marseilles, Blade of the Immortal, AGFA Secret Screening, Bodied, The Endless and Mom and Dad.
DtothemuthafuggnISCO @TheDiscoDork🔁Fantastic Fest Day 4- Film #1(00): Blade of the Immortal. FINALLY!!! #FantasticFest
Brendan Foley @TheTrueBrendanF🔁Morning screenings are usually fairly empty affairs. The theater is absolutely PACKED for BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL.
Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk🔁My Day 4 #FantasticFest:

(Japan, Mexico, USA, Hungary, Egypt)

Kevin MacDonald @Kevin79🔁Seated for movie 1 of day 4, Blade of the Immortal! W/ @simonbarber and @VivaVHS #FantasticFest
Davis Odell @brock_bronson13🔁Day 4 at starts with Blade of the Immortal, then AGFA Secret Screening, Bodied, Gilbert and finally Mom and Dad
Dale Lloyd @VivaVHS🔁Seated for the first film of the day, BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL with @simonbarber and @Kevin79. #FantasicFest


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