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Kerri Sullivan @cashmoneykerri🔁 The women in the house trying not to be the replacement nominee after veto like... #BB20
#BB20 IG: @globaltv @GlobalTV🔁She should have seen this coming. #BB20
#BB20 Patrice Harvey @BlackCaliGirl🔁 aunt sam nominated oftyler & offaysal for eviction #BB20
Kiara @Kiara_monet97🔁 Me trying to avoid being nominated by Sam
Arisa Cox @arisacox🔁Get you someone who looks at you like this when you enter the room
#Barcedes #TakeMeBack😟 @MiddleOfDaMap🔁This tweet is even more hilarious after yesterday than 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 twitter.com


Big Brother Network @bigbrothernet🔁Veto Plans in Week 4 of #BB20 as Kaitlyn lines up her support team ahead of today's PoV comp: bigbrothernetwork.com
☕️⏰ @TicToc2018🔁Sam “I already have in my mind what Im gonna do for every person after the show.”

She can start by apologizing to Haleigh and Kaitlyn

LittleLakeHouse @LittleLakeHous1🔁There is a difference between empathy and rubbing someone's shoulder and manipulation and sexual advances, and groomi twitter.com ng which is a form of abuse. Don't be fooled by the smooth actions, there is more behind the mindset.
samantha @bigggbrotherr20🔁Y’all been dragging kaitlyn since day 1 about being obsessed with dick but now that Sam called her out on it and nominated her it’s all of a sudden a problem.

This is like the 238th time in just 3 weeks BB Twitter has exposed themselves as completely hypocritical

Jmac @jmacattack5585🔁 Sam excuses Tyler for laying around with the women because "he's a man & he can't help himself". #BB20
Joshua' h Martinez @JoshuahMarze🔁@TiffanyAlexis04 She Wanted Fessy to Herself #BB20
Chi🇳🇬🇺🇸 @btsarmychidera🔁Sam is fucking cancelled. Don’t nominate two girls & then say it’s because they have no self respect because they flirt w guys. Like that’s not game related for one, that shit is personal. Slut shaming ain’t cool, and the fact of the matter is, Sam ain’t no sweetheart.
John 🌴 #BB20 @J_PopCultureFan🔁BB Twitter: "I can't believe Sam! How dare she imply that Kaitlyn and Haleigh are whores?!! HER NOMINATIONS ARE P twitter.com ERSONAL NOT GAME!"

Me: "This is awesome! LOL!!"

Gabby @TheLadyGabby🔁Sam: “Walking around with your clothes half on, half off...yeah, everybody here has got a beautiful body. At least you wear clothes that fit you. They are wearing clothes that intentionally hang half off of them.”

The double standards JUMPED out.

Isis Stovall @sexy_icee🔁Does Sam even know she’s in Big Brother??? You’re supposed to nominate people who are THREATHS to your game not people who you think are ‘sluts’ wtf
Morty's TV @mortystv🔁 Fessie says if you draw HG choice tomorrow and you don’t call his name it will kill him. She says, she would pick h twitter.com im but it scares her, he does not know any one of those games. Fessie tells her that he...
BB Addicted Jamie (#BB20) @BBaddictedJamie🔁Sam didn’t use her nominations to make a game move, because it doesn’t matter this week. She instead used the opportunity to teach Haleigh and Kaitlyn a life lesson - using your brains, instead of your bodies is much more empowering.
LittleLakeHouse @LittleLakeHous1🔁Those were Fexxy's words, Sam was just repeating what Fexxy said. Fexxy is grooming Kaitlyn and Hayleigh because they twitter.com are the most susceptible. Be aware ladies, grooming happens, under manipulation and deception.


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