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BARRY LYNDON Will McKinley @willmckinley🔁Stanley Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON (1975) coming to @Criterion in October. New 4K restoration.
Paolo 🍁 @Paolo_Vistan🔁@pocketwriter @Criterion Me, when I saw Barry Lyndon:
Dank Thomas @IonBarbuEremia🔁 BARRY LYNDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Rivera @cdrf6873🔁BARRY LYNDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
BARRY LYNDONBARRY LYNDONBARRY LYNDON The Sundance Kid @lucyshea🔁 Criterion is releasing PERSONAL SHOPPER, FIRE WALK WITH ME, *and* BARRY LYNDON in October. dammmn.
BARRY LYNDON Briggs Hatton @BriggsHatton🔁 Criterion have announced Barry Lyndon. 4K resto, tons of new extras.
BARRY LYNDON The Luddite @jamestheluddite🔁 Criterion BARRY LYNDON & more coming in October!
BARRY LYNDONBARRY LYNDONBARRY LYNDON david ehrlich @davidehrlich🔁Criterion is releasing PERSONAL SHOPPER, FIRE WALK WITH ME, *and* BARRY LYNDON in October. dammmn.
Criterion Collection @Criterion🔁BARRY LYNDON (1975): Kubrick bent the conventions of the historical drama for this dazzling vision of aristocracy
(((Covfefe))) 🌹 @Supermallet🔁@al0137 No idea. This feels like a cash in release to be honest. However I’m all over Barry Lyndon.
Bay of Auteurs @afuckingmohawk🔁My favorite films are coming with the best treatment from @Criterion. So glad, it's about time for Barry Lyndon and Personal Shopper!
K.M. McFarland @km_mcfarland🔁Yeah so I'm gonna need that restored BARRY LYNDON blu-ray, STAT.
West Anthony @DrWestAnthony🔁@TheRealMattC This is fuckin’ AWESOME. Barry Lyndon is one of my very favorite Kubrick films and I will buy the hell out of it.
Jamie Graham @jamie_graham9🔁Also: Barry Lyndon has the greatest epilogue card that I think about often when I want to put all human endeavour into proper perspective.
George Roussos @baphometx🔁BARRY LYNDON (1975): Kubrick bent the conventions of the historical drama for this dazzling vision of aristocracy
Jason Cryer @JASON_CRYER🔁I hope they have more unconfirmed features in the works for FWWM, since the cover isn't doing anything for me. But Ba rry Lyndon AND Vampyr!
Joe @jjduellman🔁Hell yeah Barry Lyndon
Geoff Skinner @thegeoffskinner🔁@Criterion I just love how Barry Lyndon is a 3 hour set up for a 2 second punchline.
Christian Ramirez @DirectorRamirez🔁THE MOST FIRE TITLES! Barry Lyndon! Stalker! REBECCA!!!
Douglas Noble @douglasnoble🔁@serial_miller Yup, and Barry Lyndon.
John F. Lombardi Jr. @JohnFLombardiJr🔁"Barry Lyndon" is one of the most passive characters in all of fiction. I could talk about this endlessly like, but Lyndon is US.
GretchenFelkerMartin @scumbelievable🔁No bigger point here. I just love Barry Lyndon and I'm glad it's coming out through Criterion.
Tom Reagan's Hat @andymannion777🔁Also: Barry Lyndon has the greatest epilogue card that I think about often when I want to put all human endeavour int o proper perspective.
okwhatsnext @okwhatsnextblog🔁‘Barry Lyndon,’ ‘Personal Shopper,’ ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,’ and more are joining this October:
Dalveer Mann @DLVRCRLN🔁I am glad they stuck with the original art for Barry Lyndon and Twin Peaks. Some Criterion covers undeservedly repla ce classic original art.
Kyle Warner @KyleWarner3000🔁Was kinda hoping the Criterion release of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me would be more packed with extras. But Barry Lyndon makes up for it.
Mary Conti @CineMissus🔁Kubrick might be the most overrated filmmaker to ever live but bury me with Barry Lyndon tbh
TheRealMattC 🍩 @TheRealMattC🔁Those bonus features on the Barry Lyndon disc tho. Never thought I'd see this masterpiece get a stacked release. Beyo nd excited!
Juvie, # 1 Isamu fan @juvie_cinephile🔁Just me pondering why Warner Bros. let Barry Lyndon slip and that MGM's troubles have had Criterion take advantage of home video rights.
Andres G. @pocketwriter🔁@Paolo_Vistan @Criterion Honestly tho. I love Barry Lyndon. I haven't looked at the extras yet but still excited
Movie-Mad-Matt @moviemadmatt🔁@CinemaVsDave That Barry Lyndon disc.
All-flicker @allflicker🔁Outside of box sets, how many copies of Barry Lyndon do you think they manage to sell?
Mike D @Yojimbodaring🔁BARRY LYNDON on Criterion> that Nolan film playing this weekend
Christopher Smets @CWSmets🔁@normwilner Barry Lyndon in is Leon Vitali going to explain this one?
Alec Price @AlecFPrice🔁Does this bode well for future additions? Barry Lyndon is my favourite but all the WB blus desperately need new tran sfers.
Yohane Liker @MetroidPrimeRib🔁fire walk with me is exciting but Barry Lyndon tho
Ryley Mann @mann_ryley🔁@mikeymike0120 Barry Lyndon alone makes it lit. The others just add to that litness.
Ludovic Gottigny @Arion80🔁Barry Lyndon et Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me chez @Criterion. #Need
Kyle Turner @TyleKurner🔁The Criterion release of Barry Lyndon is pretty rad; love that Vampyr is getting a Blu-grade; and neat about FWWM (but also why?)
Dan Nicholls @dannicholls🔁Ahhhhh Barry Lyndon is finally coming to @Criterion and I just might cry tears of unfathomable happiness!
Chris Evangelista @cevangelista413🔁Have the nonsense "BARRY LYNDON is minor Kubrick" takes kicked-up yet?
Aaron Walker @sturgidson🔁PERSONAL SHOPPER is a likely @Criterion buy for me. But that BARRY LYNDON...


PhotoRapper @VeritePhoto🔁Fabulous news that "Barry Lyndon" is being released by ! I hope and pray you have Kubrick's intended aspect ratio
Covfefe Annan @LetItBurnUSA🔁Barry Lyndon will feature its correct 1.66:1 AR and uncompressed mono. Hopefully it also includes the original studio logo at the beginning.
Stefano De La Cuesta @THE_Stefano_DLC🔁I don't care of BARRY LYNDON. Then again I'm very picky about the Stanley Kubrick movies I like/don't like. I don't even like DR STRANGELOVE
Dani @Danielito1991🔁Excited to own Barry Lyndon and Personal Shopper!
Adam Lemnah @AdamLemnah🔁@Criterion made my day today with news of the imminent release of Barry Lyndon, hands down my favorite Kubrick film.
Steve[n] Carley @ScubaSteve1219🔁i need that Barry Lyndon
Chris Evangelista @cevangelista413🔁In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, but I would've liked a different cover for BARRY LYNDON. But that's me!
Nathan Cone @TPRCinema🔁I've been hoping for BARRY LYNDON for ages. And looking forward to FWWM as well. It'll be a great month!!
Alex Sherman @shermitthefrog🔁@brofromanother Part 1: By What Means Barry Lyndon Acquired the Style and Title of a Criterion Release
All-flicker @allflicker🔁@Criterion Well looks like I'm getting Barry Lyndon on blu again.
spy seal @richtommaso🔁 Barry Lyndon I'm all over, and maybe Fire Walk With Me - does it have anything new I wonder?
Ryan MacLean @TheRyanMacLean🔁@collinharn inject Barry Lyndon directly into my blood stream!
Charles de Lauzirika @Lauzirika🔁I have no idea what to make of the new FWWM release, but I'm super-excited about a -produced BARRY LYNDON disc.
Coffee Matador @mrbowers🔁BARRY LYNDON and FIRE WALK WITH ME coming to Criterion, niiiiiiiiice
GretchenFelkerMartin @scumbelievable🔁Barry Lyndon is a magnificent movie about getting caught in the gears of society and crushed into bloody slop.
Caden LaPlante @AuburnWanderer🔁Wow, the Criterion release for "Barry Lyndon" has so many Supplements that the Blu-ray is two discs...
Tyler HA8 Vaughan @ThailirVohn🔁I haven't been excited for a Criterion release in a while, but BARRY FUCKING LYNDON
Brian Doan @BrianCDoan🔁Rumor that BARRY LYNDON is coming to Criterion right after I shelled out for the July sale got me like
Julian Singleton @gambit1138🔁Me, upon learning that Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Barry Lyndon are hitting in the same month:
Ryley Mann @mann_ryley🔁BARRY LYNDON!!!
Jessica Kiang @jessicakiang🔁Checks Criterion lineup.

Immediately mutes phrase 'Barry Lyndon is Kubrick's best'.

Pours glass of wine to celebrate narrow escape.

Greg Hatfield @greghatfield🔁News here on #orsonwelles plus Barry Lyndon, too! #criterion
Ναυσικάα @Koolasuchus🔁 Reminder: If you shit your pants over The Revenant's photography you're not allowed to see the rerelease of Barry Lyndon.


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