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gabrielle @tobinheart🔁 Like a kid in a candy store. #BAONPDX
Erin @ErinSexPdx77🔁 Who is @CaitlinFoord? Here's a little taste of what she can do... #BAONPDX
#BAONPDX Nick Mitchell @itsnickymitch🔁 Bella Geist heads just up the road from @beaverwsoccer to join @ThornsFC. 🌹 #BAONPDX


ris @jessiesfIeming🔁 We can’t take @mparsons_1 anywhere.😂 #NWSLdraft #BAONPDX
#BAONPDX Portland Thorns FC @ThornsFC🔁With the 9th pick in the #NWSLdraft, we've selected Gabby Seiler.

Welcome to the Rose City, Gabby! #BAONPDX

Portland Thorns FC @ThornsFC🔁With the 29th pick in the , we've selected Bella Geist from Oregon State University! Welcome to the Thorns, Bella.🌹 twitter.com
Portland Thorns FC @ThornsFC🔁With the 8th pick in the , we have selected Sandra Yu from Notre Dame.

Welcome to the Thorns, Sandra! twitter.com

Scott McVey @Scott_McVey04🔁With the 8th pick in the , we have selected Sandra Yu from Notre Dame.

Welcome to the Thorns, Sandra!

Monte @amontenegro49🔁's earned her first cap with the U-17s today vs. Venezuela. Proud of you! 🇺🇸
Kerry Patlan @stehaimom🔁@rpkingsmennews Awesome!! #BAONPDX
Vrinda @Vrindaaaa🔁With the 9th pick in the , we've selected Gabby Seiler.

Welcome to the Rose City, Gabby!

Jean Mullette-Bauer @JMulletteBauer🔁This is lovely. #baonpdx #AllieLong twitter.com
thashiznit @joeoetker🔁@thegoalkeeper @phillysport I’m going to be honest with you, there’s no way it can be as bad as Seattle!! #BAONPDX
ris @jessiesfIeming🔁 this is kinda late but congrats & welcome to the thorns! can't wait to watch you this season & i know you'll do amaz twitter.com ing things :)
/r/Thorns @ThornsReddit🔁Portland Thorns select Sandra Yu, Gabby Seiler and Bella Geist in 2018 NWSL College Draft dlvr.it twitter.com
Thorns VAVEL @Thorns_VAVEL🔁Thorns strengthen their roster in 2018 NWSL College Draft. #NWSL #BAONPDX vavel.com
Jmcnairc @johnmclarke3🔁Fun fact: This happened 3 weeks AFTER the Thorns won their first NWSL championship. #baonpdx twitter.com
Mikey 🌻🌲🌹⚜️ @TournesolPDX🔁 🎉 🎈 🎂 thread⬇️ #BAONP twitter.com DX
Theresa Braunstein @bistblue🔁Coach and his staff are very pleased with the players they were able to select in the 2018 . ⚽
Andrew @AndrewInPDX🔁@PDXRivetersSG Many happy returns to us all and the team who makes it possible. #BAONPDX
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁PS: Here's Mo holding up her two stick banner at the first match in history, later in 2013. That's our collective or twitter.com igin story.
Rose City Riveters @PDXRivetersSG🔁🎉 🎈 🎂 thread⬇️ #BAONP twitter.com DX
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is: Happy Birthday, . You are some of the most wonderful, passionate twitter.com , kind, and hard-working people I know. I am so grateful to know you all. Here’s to the next 5 years.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁We then went on our way, with some concrete next steps (like a meeting to make chants) and a poll to send out about t twitter.com he name. posted this the day after with the choices.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁Next, we came back together as a whole group and talked. We went over potential names (all of them, looking back, pal twitter.com e in comparison to Rose City Riveters (which wasn’t even an option at first). My pitch was for "Rose City Rebellion."
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁I joined the Communications sub-group, mostly because I like Twitter, but also because I wanted to meet Kristen in p twitter.com erson (she’s obviously super nice). I don’t recall much of what the group talked about, other than that was leader.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁The first sub-groups were: Group Identity, Tifo, Merch, Capos and Chants (What to carry from TA, new, who’s leading), twitter.com Communications (internal and external, FB, Twitter), and Game Day Support (sections, flags, banners, two sticks, etc.). Not a bad initial list!
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁I remember being super inspired by the “this is why we are here” part of the gathering that started the proceedings. twitter.com It solidified my desire to do absolutely anything I could to make sure the group, team, and league were successful.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁At the meeting (which was live streamed online – imagine the joy of the hundred or so people watching and commenting twitter.com as we tried to figure stuff out for the first time), we first talked together about why we were there, then split up into different sub-groups.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁Well, that’s kind of a lie. I had met on Twitter after she posted something about my mom that I should have let go, twitter.com but didn’t. It turns out that arguing with Kristen online (or anywhere) is a no win proposition. ;-)
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁Thus, we get to January 18th, 2013, at 7:00 PM. Five years ago from right now. Before that time, as a personal aside, twitter.com I had spent zero time around anyone in the Timbers Army supporters structure. So, I knew absolutely nobody at the meeting.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁The next step was to try and get people together to talk about creating a supporters group. The initial plan to hold twitter.com the meeting in the Fanladen (the owned space near the stadium) had to be changed to Mo’s parent’s house, due to big interest.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁There’s all sorts of debate internally about using the word “Thorns” on supporter created merchandise (there is a lon twitter.com g and contentious history with the Timbers Army and the Front Office regarding the Timbers trademark). But the scarves are all purchased.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁Mo’s parents are part of the Timbers Army. They post in a scarf forum on Facebook about Mo’s idea, and order a run o twitter.com f 300 scarves with Thorns Alliance on one side and “By Any Other Name” on the other (a Shakespearean reference from Mo).
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁Mo names her group the “Thorns Alliance” so that both it and “Timbers Army” are abbreviated as TA. Here’s a photo of twitter.com Mo’s actual original drawing on the back of her math quiz.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁During this first month or so, a young woman in a Portland high school math class by the name of Mo Atkinson finishes twitter.com her quiz and begins to doodle on the back. She daydreams of a huge supporters section in the North End of what was then Jeld-Wen Field.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁To begin, we must start with the origin story. Once the Thorns were announced as part of the NWSL in November of 2012 twitter.com , it sparked all sorts of creative conversations. Of course there should be a supporters group. But who? How? It had to be different than the TA.
Luke Fritz @LukeFritz64🔁At this exact moment, five years ago, at 7:00 PM on January 18, 2013, the meeting to create began. As a history teac twitter.com her and an enormous fan, I thought I would take one of my occasional trips down memory lane. (Thread)
Rose City Riveters @PDXRivetersSG🔁Super fun and easy volunteer opportunities at the Winter Classic! come root for your friends and lend a hand at the s twitter.com ame time! Get details and sign up here:
Portland Thorns FC @ThornsFC🔁's earned her first cap with the U-17s today vs. Venezuela. Proud of you! 🇺🇸 twitter.com
Jmcnairc @johnmclarke3🔁OK, I like the new kid. #baonpdx twitter.com
Jamie Goldberg @Jamiebgoldberg🔁Another random fun fact (that might be common knowledge): Giovanni Savarese and former Thorns coach Paul Riley were t twitter.com eammates on the Long Island Rough Riders in the '90s
Jamie Goldberg @Jamiebgoldberg🔁Once upon a time, before Bella Geist was a draftee, she hit a 40-yard field goal for her high school varsity footbal twitter.com l team to lead them to a 28-26 overtime win
Katelyn Best @BestKabest🔁Little bit of context from Parsons—on Henry, the new picks—in this version #BAONPDX twitter.com
Stumptown Footy @StumptownFooty🔁Updated with quotes from Parsons #BAONPDX twitter.com
Alexander @pdxalexander🔁Secretly hoping that the @ThornsFC can pull off another trade and get @RachelDaly3. That would be amazing. #BAONPDX
E @WinTheDay848🔁I'm so excited @bellageist is joining @ThornsFC!!! #BAONPDX
NatalieR @Natzrob🔁Get Christen to the thorns please. I'm ready for a 3rd #BAONPDX championship #NWSLdraft


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