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KaiMoore @kai_moore1🔁 DeAndre Ayton staying AGGRESSIVE 👀 @DeandreAyton (via @espn)
Ayton NCAA March Madness @marchmadness🔁🐻⬇️

Deandre Ayton posts 25 and 16 to lead No. 17 Arizona to 77-70 win at rival No. 25 Arizona State.

paris kashmeir @pariskashmeir🔁 DeAndre Ayton staying AGGRESSIVE 👀 @DeandreAyton (via @espn)
Tapiwanashe Rushwaya @trushwaya14🔁 DeAndre Ayton staying AGGRESSIVE 👀 @DeandreAyton (via @espn)
Jeff Goodman @GoodmanESPN🔁Arizona playing like the best team in the country early against Arizona State. Deandre Ayton looking like the No. 1 p twitter.com ick, Trier attacking and other guys all making shots -- and defending. If you haven't seen Ayton yet, turn to ESPN.
Barstool Arizona @UofABarstool🔁Deandre Ayton: Official owner of Tempe twitter.com
Sean Deveney @SeanDeveney🔁The great @tsnmike implores Adam Silver to leave the 1-and-done rule alone ...
big sheesh guy @thisguyparties🔁 Ayton with 46 points and 35 rebounds against ASU this season.
Alex #ElfridPaytonSZN @Patsnation87🔁 Throw Ayton a Suns jersey the last 20 or so games and he immediately becomes their second best player.
Nick Neppach @NickNeppach🔁DeAndre Ayton with another great game last night against Arizona State. 25 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks, and a steal. 8-12 FG, 9-12 FT.

This moment really stood out to me. Steps out on the perimeter, moves laterally both ways, contests, and forces the miss.

Trevor Booth @TrevorMBooth🔁ICYMI: My story on how Deandre Ayton proved, once again, to be too much for a smaller Arizona State team last night. twitter.com

Casey Matzke @caseymatzke🔁I just voted for Deandre Ayton for the @Wendys #WoodenAward. Cast your vote here! wendys.com
Dexter Rogers @drex782🔁 Anyone is who a “DONCIC OR BUST” loyalist needs to watch DeAndre Ayton’s game tonight. Absolute beast.
SCALBY FC @ScalbyFC🔁Tomorrow the 1st team are away at West pier in the league cup quarter final KO 1:30 Sherburn. Reserves are at home a twitter.com gainst Ayton reserves in the league 2pm KO Carr lane.
Mark Motley @motleysfool🔁@jacka1960 Just outside Boro in Great Ayton
Robert Baum @Thebaumerphx🔁Deandre Ayton in two games against Arizona State:

48 pts
35 rebs
17 of 26 FGs
7 assists
6 blocks

Maybe one more game in Vegas?

Double Devil Podcast @asufootballpod🔁In his two games against ASU Deandre Ayton nabbed 48 points and 35 rebounds. There's no question he was the difference maker for UA last night.

But he isn't the only Pac-12 big man who has succeeded against the Sun Devils.

PlayersProgramU.com @playersprogramu🔁If you need evidence that Deandre Ayton is the strong favorite to be Draft No. 1 overall pick, last night’s game at ASU is likely all you’ll need. (And I’m a Doncic fan.)
Anthony Totri @Anthony_Totri🔁In his two games against ASU Deandre Ayton nabbed 48 points and 35 rebounds. There's no question he was the differen twitter.com ce maker for UA last night.

But he isn't the only Pac-12 big man who has succeeded against the Sun Devils.

RISK IT ALL @RiskyBusiness31🔁@Benjamin6Button Plus Is Love A Rim Protector ? Nah Jaren and Ayton Is
PlayersProgramU.com @playersprogramu🔁Latest Mock 2018 NBA Draft
1 Kings - DeAndre Ayton
2 Hawks - Luka Doncic
3 Suns - Marvin Bagley III
4 Mavs - Mohamed Bamba
5 Grizz - Trae Young
6 Magic - Michael Porter Jr
7 Cavs - Wendell Carter Jr
8 Bulls - Jeran Jackson Jr
9 Knicks - Mikal Bridges
10 Hornets - Kevin Knox
PlayersProgramU.com @playersprogramu🔁To sit courtside and watch ’s Deandre Ayton was breathtaking. Haven’t been so impressed since KD played at .
Nino Amengual @NinoAmengual🔁 @AZSports If you can draft both Ayton & Sexton it would give us a ton of reasons & hopes to stick with #TheTimeline.
Alex #ElfridPaytonSZN @Patsnation87🔁 Removing Ayton for a second, which of these three big men would you want?
Wong Papi @alyxwonger🔁@phxpaul602 @BrightSideSun In this situation, Ayton is at the 5 and Bender is at the 4


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