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Austin Watson Apple Watch 101 @AppleWatch101🔁Predators' Austin Watson Arrested For Domestic Assault - Apple Watch 101 -
Austin Watson NewsChannel 5 @NC5🔁#BREAKING: Predators player, Austin Watson, arrested for domestic assault in Franklin last weekend.
Austin Watson Urban News @UrbanNews5🔁Nashville Predators' Austin Watson Arrested at Gas Station, Domestic Violence
Austin Watson Nashville Predators @PredatorsNHLFan🔁Predators’ Austin Watson charged with domestic assault
Adam Vingan @AdamVingan🔁Predators forward Austin Watson has been charged with domestic assault. He was arrested Saturday evening.
SportsCentre @SportsCentre🔁Police in Tennessee have arrested Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson on a charge of domestic assault.
Matt Cosentino @CosAndTino🔁austin watson was just arrested for domestic violence. here’s a video of ryan reaves pounding on him
Judy g. armes @judy_armes🔁JUST IN— player Austin Watson, 26, was arrested Saturday & charged with Domestic Assault, said Wednesday. Watson is free on $4,500 bond & due in court on June 28th.
Em @emcantread🔁So Austin Watson was one of the few Predators (fitting!) in the video against DV the Predators released last year.
mark zaiman jr. @markzaimanjr🔁Nashville Predators' Austin Watson Arrested at Gas Station, Domestic Violence via @TMZ_Sports
Nili @sharknoises🔁I just want to point out that Watson was part of Unsilence the Violence. Which is further proof that players participating in PSA things (or, like Pride parade) doesn’t mean they’re an ally. It’s just optics.

NetworkOfNews Canada @NetworkofnewsCA🔁Predators' Austin Watson arrested on domestic assault charge
Police in Tennessee have arrested Nashv ille Predators forward Austin Watson on a charge of domestic assault.

DJGH aka R@$#0D @djgreenhornet🔁Predators player Austin Watson charged with domestic assault

(Via WSMV)

Giu 🐰🏒🍁🍁 @marnerlicious🔁Austin Watson was part of the Predators' anti-domestic violence campaign with the Nashville YWCA
elina 🐱 @forsbutt🔁@i24predsfan yeah i doubt austin watson reads my tweets ahahah
Libbi @EmStej🔁Not in any way supporting the allegations and charge against Austin Watson. I’m an avid victim rights advocate but I cannot stand ignorance.
elina 🐱 @forsbutt🔁i opened twitter to complain about forgetting to watch the awards but instead i see some random dude saying i should be in jail for cyberbullying austin watson. excuse me but i need a moment to process this
Crime of Sports @crimeofsports🔁Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson charged with domestic violence
Kevin Krasnow @kevinkrasnow🔁Friendly reminder: the were awesome. I had a great time. But we still need to talk about Austin Watson. Don't let that go quietly.


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