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#atlanticcyber selenakyle @selenakyle🔁guys, i made it to the frontier! #cyber
#atlanticcyber @AtlanticLIVE
#atlanticcyber AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁 #atlanticcyber is now trending in #DC

#atlanticcyber weems - OSCP Student @weems🔁 guys, i made it to the frontier! #cyber
#atlanticcyber @AtlanticLIVE
#atlanticcyber Trendsmap DC @TrendsDC🔁#atlanticcyber is now trending in #DC

#atlanticcyber Crochet Supplies @icrochetworld🔁Knitting
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#atlanticcyber Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁Thanks @Accenture for underwriting #AtlanticCyber conference today. Have Tang, ready to work!
Rep. Will Hurd @HurdOnTheHill🔁Who is the equivalent of the Navy Seals when it comes to cyber protection? -- that's what I want to know.
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁One focus for 's Scott Aaronson: keeping our grids operational both when digitized and in a degraded state
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Michael Hicks: The challenge professors face is teaching skills + how to think, especially when software is on front lines #AtlanticCyber
Val Bercovici 🇻 @valb00🔁Who is the equivalent of the Navy Seals when it comes to cyber protection? -- that's what I want to know.
Mark Batenchuk @MarkJBat🔁 : Deterrence at multiple levels essential for gov response. Pervasive threats growing even if critical threats contained
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁Truly inspired by on today's . Always looking for women to model after, thank you for the !
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁 Allison from @google says that the cloud will help smaller businesses transcend the “security poverty line”. #atlanticcyber.
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁Cyber security student Roncs Etame-Ese sees the field as a way to protect and serve the US, he explains at
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁 Our data is held by companies where we’re no longer the customer, we’re the product. –@Susan_Hennessey #atlanticcyber
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁 👏👏👏 @HurdOnTheHill bringing the heat this morning at #AtlanticCyb er
Melanie McDonald @meljmcd🔁 Talking #cybersecurity at #AtlanticCyber. You can tune in here:
Steve Clemons @SCClemons🔁Great to kick off with , who labels Congress’ cyber guy (or “cyber diva”)
Siri Nelson @SiriNYC🔁Q from @MarkJBat: what to expect a year from now?

A: Machine learning & cloud vulnerabilities.

Great final question! #AtlanticCyber

AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁That’s a wrap on #AtlanticCyber. Big thanks to our underwriter @AccentureFed. Full event video will be up shortly
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Machine learning + the cloud are important for defense but our adversaries will apply them too -@CFR_org's Gordon Goldstein #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁The question of trans-border data flows is an important one in the context of NAFTA or otherwise, says @JonesDay's Samir Jain #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Gordon Goldstein: We haven't seen evidence that China infiltrated our political system like Russia; states have diff. goals #AtlanticCyber
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Another @andreaglorioso personal op: states are selfish actors and will do what is in their national interest. Truth. #AtlanticCyber
Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁#AtlanticCyber : IoT adding 1Bn devices per quarter, many of which can be weaponized to attack other infrastructure.
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁.@andreaglorioso: Outside the US, the US is many times considered the worst offender. States are selfish actors #AtlanticCyber
Siri Nelson @SiriNYC🔁Is the IoT a Cyber Security disaster waiting to happen? Without proper precautions, many say - yes. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Andrea Glorioso says that the US can read as a bit naive on cyber, but the lack of basic cyber hygienic is internatio nal
Brenda Leong @BrendaKLeong🔁 There are a billion additional connected devices (to internet) every quarter. #AtlanticCyber
Didine @Didine_DC🔁IoT has and will exacerbate cyber security threats. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Will the IoT be a #cybersecurity disaster? We have not had this important security discussion says @CFR_org Gordon Goldstein #AtlanticCyber
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Until we have clarity on liability companies will underinvest in cybersecurity. @andreaglorioso @AtlanticLIVE #AtlanticCyber
Crystal S. Zhao @CSZhao🔁There are a billion additional connected devices (to internet) every quarter. #AtlanticCyber
Didine @Didine_DC🔁What are the right incentives to get companies to invest in cyber security? #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁I would argue as a European that the US has a bigger problem because IT is integrated into society, says @andreaglorioso #AtlanticCyber
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁The US is a bit naive-Europe has experienced hybrid warfare for years. Personal opinion of @andreaglorioso #AtlanticCyber @AtlanticLIVE
Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁#AtlanticCyber : Deterrence at multiple levels essential for gov response. Pervasive threats growing even if critical threats contained
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁There's this great irony. We've avoided the big threats but the most pervasive ones we haven't mitigated -Gordon Goldstein #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Recent attacks with cyber weapons stolen from US are an inflection point that should make us "afraid" -'s Goldstein
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁We haven't seen the worst cyber attacks—ones that have physical consequences or alter data integrity -@JonesDay's Samir Jain #AtlanticCyber
Christina Ayiotis @christinayiotis🔁 (The Atlantic) Cyberdefense around the World Gordon Goldstein (CFR), Samir Jain (Jones Day) (EU)
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁If the preeminent cyber power (US?) cannot safeguard its own tools, what progress are we making? Gordon Goldstein @CFR_org #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁.@CFR_org Gordon Goldstein: We're at an inflection point that should give us pause. Cyber weapons were stolen from the U.S. #AtlanticCyber
InfoS3c Bot @InfoS3cBot🔁 Thank goodness we will not be obsolete. #CyberSecurity #AtlanticCyber
Rob Hendin @robhendin🔁 .@UofMaryland’s Michael Hicks just referenced this article at #AtlanticCyber:
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁We're making progress on creating international cyber security norms—enforcement mechanisms need work -'s Samir Jain
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁@JonesDay @AtlanticLIVE Enforcement is hard on norms. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Within the current US administration, #cybersecurity is where we find the most continuity, says @EUintheUS's Andrea Glorioso #AtlanticCyber
Brenda Leong @BrendaKLeong🔁 Private industries need to invest in younger employees’ security clearances. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Live at , Andrea Glorioso, Samir Jain + Gordon Goldstein take the stage with to discuss global cyber defense
John Borst @Ojoksft🔁@TheAtlantic - will this be recorded and available for viewing later on? #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁. Scott White's biggest cyber security concern? Public + private failure to invest in clearances for young people
Crystal S. Zhao @CSZhao🔁Private industries need to invest in younger employees’ security clearances. #AtlanticCyber
Crystal S. Zhao @CSZhao🔁Companies more willing to spend money on older generations than younger generations. Need to break that. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁The biggest concern I see in #cybersecurity is getting young people the clearance they need says @GWtweets prof. Scott White #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁. cyber security student Cameron Peters is excited to apply up-and-coming tech like quantum + AI to the field
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁.@UofMaryland’s Michael Hicks just referenced this article at #AtlanticCyber:
Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁#AtlanticCyber : Powerful aspect of cybersecurity programs is how many disciplines combine and work together, as in @VTBeyond
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Key research is exploring threats + opportunities quantum computing poses for cyber security -’s Michael Hicks
Scope Group @ScopeGroupDC🔁Hearing at has gotten me even MORE excited about 's event during ✌💥💨🙌
K. Law @KLaw_7🔁At least one class... #AtlanticCyber
Scope Group @ScopeGroupDC🔁@SiriNYC @selenakyle We look forward to seeing you then! Say hello to our CEO @MarkJBat if you see him at #AtlanticCyber!
K. Law @KLaw_7🔁More hands on classes would be great, though... doesn't matter which aspect of cybersecurity one studies. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁I love that the field is so interdisciplinary. My students look at the field's adaptive nature says @GWtweets’s Scott White #AtlanticCyber
K. Law @KLaw_7🔁Educating students about cyber has to start early.... grade school. #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Cyber security student Roncs Etame-Ese sees the field as a way to protect and serve the US, he explains at
Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁Session on educating and inspiring Cyber experts of tomorrow during #AtlanticCyber @HumeVT is leading the way @vtncr
EEI @Edison_Electric🔁On #cybersecurity: "Gov't + industry have a role to play together. We live & work in the communities we serve." @aaronson #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Cameron Peters: I see all these attacks on things that you expect to have security in place. I want to help protect that data #AtlanticCyber
Brenda Leong @BrendaKLeong🔁Really? You opted to bring 2 CompSci/Cyber students and couldn't make sure one was female? you can do better.
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Students want to be part of the vanguard of how tech will reshape society says @UofMaryland’s Michael Hicks #AtlanticCyber
Laurie L. Ward @LaurieL3w🔁Thank goodness we will not be obsolete. #CyberSecurity #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁.@GWtweets’s Scott White: security is the ultimate element when training next gen of #cybersecurity experts, not dress code #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Up next: student Cameron Peters, @UofMaryland’s Michael Hicks + @GWtweets’s Scott White with @KathleenKoch1 #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Companies must fulfill public obligations + take basic steps to stop data breaches through contractors -'s Aske
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Hospitals need to focus less on compliance and more on integrity and availability of medical records. @JenningsAske #AtlanticCyber Well said
EEI @Edison_Electric🔁We have to be right 100% of the time & adversary only once. Great defense =we can operate grid digitally & manually-
Siri Nelson @SiriNYC🔁Hearing at has gotten me even MORE excited about 's event during ✌💥💨🙌
Brenda Leong @BrendaKLeong🔁Hmmm. Sounds lovely. But "people coming together" (at scale) means systems, leaders, processes, resulting in govt, an d...regulation. Def not a silver bullet, but has to be acknowledged as part of the answer.
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁In the electric sector, we all operate one big machine. Cyber is also a threat financially -@Edison_Electric's Scott Aaronson #AtlanticCyber
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Scott Aaronson @Edison_Electric We are lucky-it is easier to work together because we all operate one big machine (the grid). #AtlanticCyber
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁Govt + industry have roles to play together. We live + work in the communities we serve -@Edison_Electric's Scott Aaronson
Laura Cox Kaplan @LauraCoxKaplan🔁Got up early this am to see 2 of my favorite people talk cyber security and
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Regulation isn't the answer. Bringing people together is. @JenningsAske @nyphospital @AtlanticLIVE #AtlanticCyber
ARIVA DC @ariva_dc🔁Listening to and discuss . has 👍 events, and impresses
Scope Group @ScopeGroupDC🔁Hospitals need to invest in more cybersecurity professionals and technology - Hospital CISO, JenningsAske
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁.@nyphospital's Jennings Aske: many hospitals are lacking basic security measures like two-factor identification #AtlanticCyber
Kenneth Wong @dequantify🔁Systems are often over dependent on a lot of un-dependable things. #AtlanticCyber @vtncr @VTGradCommunity
AtlanticLIVE @AtlanticLIVE🔁The biggest change that health care needs to make is invest in #cybersecurity professionals -@nyphospital's Jennings Aske #AtlanticCyber
Philip Reitinger @CarpeDiemCyber🔁Scott Aaronson-We have to be right 100%, hackers only once. That is an overstatement, but attacker do have the advantage. #AtlanticCyber
Brenda Leong @BrendaKLeong🔁"If you build a 10' fence, the enemy will bring a 12' ladder" (but I at least want to make them find and bring that l adder)" S Aaronson, Edison Electric


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