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TaMaman @Dmunegu🔁 Atletico have done it! A delighted Diego Costa celebrates winning the Europa League.
atlético The Star @staronline🔁Torres ends long wait for silverware with beloved Atletico
D!dee @DideeDre🔁 Griezmann scores his second goal of the night. 2-0 Atletico
atlético Multi Press @MultiPress1🔁Antoine Griezmann transfer: Atletico Madrid star not interested in transfer talk -

And Marseille take the L... 🕺

atlético Dennis La Pulga Cruyff @DennisCruyff🔁 Congratulations Atletico!! Now give us Griezmann
atlético B/R Football @brfootball🔁Atletico know where to drop 💪
Gary Lineker @GaryLineker🔁Easy win for Atletico. Spanish teams have won 12 of the last 18 European finals. Hard to argue against La Liga being the strongest in Europe.
Squawka Football @Squawka🔁Atlético Madrid have now kept 200 clean sheets in 377 games across all competitions under Diego Simeone; 53.1% of the ir games.


Pijoe A’lim @PijoeTaro🔁Fernando Torres wins his first ever trophy for Atlético Madrid in his final game for them.

Perfect ending. 🙌🏆

Mark Illarramendi @MarkViper24🔁1 - Finally, in his second to last official game, Fernando Torres has won his first title for Atlético de Madrid. Symbol
Billy Iskandar @billyluphpb🔁Fernando Torres finally gets his hands on a major trophy with Atlético Madrid. 🏆

El Niño introduces today's top five articles.

DAYO @OmarBolaji🔁Atlético Madrid have now kept 200 clean sheets in 377 games across all competitions under Diego Simeone; 53.1% of their games.


Joan O. @Fabulosjojo🔁Fernando Torres wins his first ever trophy for Atletico Madrid in his final game for them. Perfect ending.
Ante🇭🇷🇺🇸 @AnthonyZoric🔁Congrats to @Vrsaljko on winning the Europa League with Atletico Madrid 💪
Billy Iskandar @billyluphpb🔁Fernando Torres for Atlético Madrid in all competitions:

11 seasons 📅
403 games 🚶‍♂️
127 goals ⚽️

El Niño lifts his first European trophy for the club. 🏆

Will Wallace @willwallace434🔁Dimitri Payet left heartbroken after being forced off injured in Marseille's Europa League final defeat to Atletico Madrid.
ZINEMY ZIDANE @emycank🔁 Atletico Madrid is nothing but the Man Utd of La Liga.
Shreyas Jadhav @shreyasvj94🔁Easy win for Atletico. Spanish teams have won 12 of the last 18 European finals. Hard to argue against La Liga being the strongest in Europe.
Dennis La Pulga Cruyff @DennisCruyff🔁Jan Oblak for Atlético Madrid across all competitions this season:

• 48 games
• 29 clean sheets
• 26 goals conceded

Part of the meanest defence in Europe. ⛔️

El Rey⚡️ @SketchMTP🔁"I know what this means to everybody. This is my last season at the club, so it's even more special."

Fernando Torres leaves Atletico Madrid a legend 😢

The perfect way to say farewell.

el Capitano #campeòn @LAroji14🔁3⃣7⃣7⃣ games
2⃣3⃣3⃣ wins
2⃣0⃣0⃣ clean sheets
6⃣ major trophies

Diego Simeone's record as Atletico Madrid manager is just absurd 😳

OMI @mcjouveir🔁He struggled with a thigh strain ahead of the ...

Having come off injured against Atletico Madrid, Dimitri Payet's hopes have been dealt a big blow.

Full story:

Dennis La Pulga Cruyff @DennisCruyff🔁Jan Oblak has kept 46% of Atlético Madrid's clean sheets under Diego Simeone.

161/377 games 👐
92/200 clean sheets ⛔️

Define: safe pair of hands.

Kevin Rea @KevyBhoy79🔁 Atletico Madrid can bite my banger
Joan O. @Fabulosjojo🔁BREAKING: Antoine Griezmann scored twice as Atletico Madrid beat Marseille 3-0 in the final of the Europa League in Lyon.
Herr Conde @phatboislym🔁 Let Atletico Madrid score first.
Sorunke Ganiyu @SorunkeO🔁Atletico Madrid have kept their 200th clean sheet in 377 games in all competitions under Diego Simeone.

Jan Oblak has kept 92 of those clean sheets (in 160 starts) since joining in 2014

Sam-D @fuckinggduncan🔁Simeone with his 6th trophy in 7years for Atletico Madrid. Small Budget is not an excuse for not winning, won the La Liga against the RM/FCB, UCL final. Simeone has won more Trophies with ATM than Klopp+Pochettino have won in their career!! Winner✔
Michael Boampong Jun @IamboampongJun🔁5. Five things learned from Atlético Madrid's Europa League triumph -

"Do. Not. Touch. The Tro phy." 😳

Moses Pounds🇺🇬🍓 @MosesPounds5🔁 A Super Cup final of Atletico Madrid v Liverpool would be beautiful.

Make it happen @LFC.

Illyas Lee @illyaslee🔁Fernando Torres gets his hands on the Europa League trophy again tonight following Atletico's victory, meaning he's now won three European trophies at club level.

Champions League 🏆
Europa League 🏆🏆

Joey @Aristocraates🔁Atletico captain Gabi in November 2017: "The Europa League is a load of shit, even though it has given me a lot."

Never forget....

Weird Identification @fearoffreedom🔁 BREAKING: Atletico Madrid wins Europa League final, beating Marseille 3-0.
budibola @budibola31🔁Marseille vs Atletico Madrid 0 3 Highlights & goals may 2018
Ross Achilleos @RossAchilleos🔁Fernando Torres wins his first trophy, with his boyhood club Atlético Madrid, in his last ever match for them

Fairy tale stuff.

Tompela_Sinolwetu @sinolwetu🔁49' - GOAL! Antoine Griezmann bags his brace in style, racing through on goal before lifting the ball over the onrushing keeper and into the back of the net!

Marseille 0-2 Atletico

flaunty❄ @Noflawsz🔁Not a surprise. Atletico is actually bigger than this tournament. These guys played two UEFA Champions League Finals in 3 years. Respect them please.
Wafi @sulthanwf🔁Atlético Madrid Under Diego Simeone:

6 Years
8 Finals
6 Trophies
377 Games.
233 wins.
200 clean sheets (53.1%)

1 Legend 👏

JED ⁶𓅓 @JrOgbole🔁After spending 11 trophyless seasons with boyhood club Atletico Madrid, Fernando Torres finally wins a Europa League trophy..... in his final game for the club. Script 😍


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