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#AthletigenACP Patrick sWavy @KingBaumII🔁 “Progression is dictated by execution.” @StuartMcMillan1 #AthletigenACP
#AthletigenACP ALTIS @ALTIS🔁A big thank you to @multisportpsyc for coming and presenting to our #AthletigenACP guest coaches!
#AthletigenACP UW Olympic S&C @UW_OLYSTRENGTH🔁 The method behind the madness that is NFL combine training from Victor Hall and @TeamEXOS #AthletigenACP
#AthletigenACP ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Our #AthletigenACP presentation for this afternoon: Trauma Informed Coaching with @multisportpsyc
#AthletigenACP Kevin Reid @CoachKReid🔁 Acceleration starts with posture and utilization of leverage - Victor Hall @TeamEXOS #AthletigenACP
#AthletigenACP dpfaff @PfaffSC🔁 A big thank you to @multisportpsyc for coming and presenting to our #AthletigenACP guest coaches!
#AthletigenACP Nelson Morales @KFSFitOrlando🔁 Give credit where credit is due...
#AthletigenACP ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Today’s #AthletigenACP presentation will be delivered by our Strength and Power Coach @jhettler24
#AthletigenACP ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Thanks @jhettler24 for a packed presentation! #AthletigenACP
#AthletigenACP Matt Jordan, PhD @JordanStrength🔁 Today’s #AthletigenACP presentation will be delivered by our Strength and Power Coach @jhettler24
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“The best sprinters are nearly silent. Athletes who pound the ground when they sprint are overusing the quads rather twitter.com than the post. chain to apply force to the ground. Force plate data has shown that ‘loud’ athletes do not necessarily apply higher forces.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Locking the elbow at 90 degrees in sprinting shifts spinal rotation from the lower thoracic to the lumbar spine, whi twitter.com ch can cause lower back and posterior chain issues. The elbow should angulate in harmony with the knee.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“The professionalization of youth sport has placed huge amounts of parental pressure on the current generation of twitter.com young athletes. We need processes in place to take the pressure off of the kids. At every level, sport should be fun.”
Brandon Stone @BrandonLStone🔁Today begins the start of our very first 'Mini-ACP' - a three-day abbreviated version of the full week-long . We have another in January, for those who may be interested:

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We watch our athletes very intently during daily warm ups. This gives us a sense of their physical readiness. Every twitter.com item is a movement screen.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“If an athlete is outside of their normal bandwidth on the positive end, that’s just as bad as being outside their b twitter.com andwidth on the negative end, because the athlete is still getting into positions that they aren’t normally in or used to.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We don’t use formal movement screens. All a movement screen tells us is how an athlete is moving on that day. For s twitter.com creening to really be effective we’d have to do it everyday.”
Chris Miller @CMiller_7🔁“We don’t use design testing with incoming athletes. Much of our evaluation comes from induction questions and throwi twitter.com ng them in the deep end with the first cycle and seeing how they handle what we consider to be basic training elements.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Tapering is just a hypothesis. I see too many people getting to championship meets and just changing all the element twitter.com s to their training and using schemes they haven’t tested.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“There are no absolutes in sports training. We must understand why an element is in the program, what the athlete is twitter.com getting from that training element and how to organize that element appropriately.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We lift weights for multiple objectives. When we understand WHY we’re lifting, it guides our plan B strategies if w twitter.com e have to get creative when traveling for competitions.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Training bandwidth has a floor and a ceiling. Good coaches know where those levels are, and work within them.” twitter.com
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Training is an evolutionary process, it can’t just be a linear progression of load, that will break an athlete.” twitter.com
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Problematic trends we see with a lot of athletes coming out of college are system bias and ignorance to the detrimen twitter.com t of training gaps.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁I’ve found that North American athletes who grow up w/ ⚾️🏀&🏒, have better awareness of their upper body, where Euro twitter.com pean athletes who grow up w/ ⚽️, have better awareness of the lower body. That awareness affects how we cue certain athletes.
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“You have to load an injured area, that’s what a lot of PT’s and ATC’s are missing. You may not need to apply externa twitter.com l load, but putting appropriate load through compromised tissue will facilitate remodeling.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We don’t believe that injury is derived from weakness. We believe it’s linked to tissue quality and mechanics.” twitter.com
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Most of the best sprinters in the world are pullers. Pushers generally spend more time on the ground, they need that twitter.com extra time to develop peak force. They may get to 60m faster, but are at a disadvantage from 60m-90m.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Movement bias also influences how an athlete acquires skill. Pullers tends to have a better sense for their limbs i twitter.com n space. Pushers have a better feel for their feet on the ground. We will coach and cue based on an athlete’s bias.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“I don’t think there are big kinematic differences between pushers and pullers, it’s just a matter of how an athlete twitter.com executes movement.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁We use a 3 week mesocycle with the following organization

Week 1- introduction % volume
Week 2- exploration % vo twitter.com lume
Week 3- stabilization % volume

Coach feedback will also undulate in a similar manner.”

Stuart McMillan @StuartMcMillan1🔁Coach presenting strength programming to the group.

Since starting as an intern with us 4 yeas ago, Jason has pr twitter.com ogressed into an excellent coach ... great to see him sharing his thoughts!

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We train thematically. We seek to target the same qualities in the weight room that we targeted on the track that d twitter.com ay.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁We use a zonal system to organize training objectives and parameters.
Z1- Dynamic effort
Z2- Repeated effort
Z3- Max twitter.com effort

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Classifying athletes by movement bias is part of our philosophy. We classify based on anterior(pusher) or posterior( twitter.com puller) dominance, and single or double leg dominance. An athlete’s classification informs how we coach and program for that athlete.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We structure our philosophy around what we KNOW works, what we THINK works, and what we GUESS will work. Sound, esta twitter.com blished principles inform the majority of what we do, but we still experiment in order to find what really works best.”

1. Philosophy
2. Planning
3. Periodization
4. Programming

“These zoom levels form the basis of how our p twitter.com erformance team operates.”

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Today begins the start of our very first 'Mini-ACP' - a three-day abbreviated version of the full week-long . twitter.com We have another in January, for those who may be interested:

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Set your calendars for a special edition of the

Join us January 8-10th

Sign up today!

Simon Calvert @simon_calvert1🔁Acceleration concepts include...

“Attack the ground”
“Stay big”
“Piston action”

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“A well written plan is a great thing, but nothing should be more important than practical considerations.” twitter.com
Andreas Behm @CoachSanAndreas🔁Thanks Loren! And shout-out to & for taking the guests through a hurdle mobility tutorial!
Art Gow @ArtGow🔁Sport is often about doing the right thing from the wrong positions
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Your teaching and interpretation of a technical model must fit your population. Physical and developmental factors w twitter.com ill affect movement expression.”
Lee Mellor @lee_mellor🔁“Any training concept or tool has merit, the question of value really comes down to application.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Assisted speed work has many practical challenges, most importantly, injury risk skyrockets with faulty mechanics.” twitter.com
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Assisted speed training is Ph.D work, and I’ve seldom had a Ph.D athlete. An athlete gets overspeed work when they r twitter.com un faster in a race.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Coaches spend more time with their athletes than a therapist will, & have behavioral insights that may be useful to twitter.com the therapy process. The relationship between coach & therapist is as important as the relationship between therapist & athlete.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Mental and emotional health issues are still generally stigmatized. As coaches we have to support a culture of open d twitter.com iscussion. This will allow us to more effectively recognize trauma in athletes and support them in seeking help.
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁3 🔑 leadership traits of successful coaches and athletes.

1. Emotional intelligence
2. Resiliency
3. Aptitude twitter.com

Jeramey Jones @Jermane_Eagle🔁Coach Victor Hall discussing importance of the three Ps:

1. Position
2. Pattern
3. Power

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“It’s Important to remember that an athlete’s emotional development may be stuck where their trauma occurred. This p twitter.com rovides insight to the level of coping mechanism an athlete may employ.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Your job as a coach, when dealing with a traumatized athlete, is to recognize, support, and help them get help when twitter.com they are ready.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“We must look beyond programming to understand why an athlete may be struggling. How is the psychology affecting the twitter.com physiology?”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Traumatic experiences vary in nature. As coaches we must be aware of the kind of events and actions may be re-trauma twitter.com tizing to athletes.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“If I can help fix a traumatic response, then I can help reduce the stress of competition.” twitter.com
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Stress hormones take much longer to decrease in traumatized individuals. This impacts memory, attention, irritabilit twitter.com y and sleep.”
ALTIS @ALTIS🔁Trauma is defined as a specific event in time, and while we may think of trauma as a large singular experience, repe twitter.com ated exposure to small traumas can have a cumulative effect over time.
Loren Landow @LorenLandow🔁Great to have Victor Hall from presenting at the today. Victor’s a great coach, and even better guy.
Rich Schimenek @CoachSchimenek🔁Change of direction is a game of “Where is my base of support relative to my center of mass?”

Speed Freq @SpeedFreq1🔁“Rhythm, by definition, is a holistic ability, it can’t really be broken down into drills.”
Matthew Harmeyer @CoachHarmeyer🔁“All athletes need to be taught acceleration as a skill, even those who are ‘naturally fast.’”
Bernado Henry @Wayne07050🔁Informative slide from Victor Hall on error detection-correction for linear acceleration 👇👇👇

ALTIS @ALTIS🔁“Coaches generally underestimate how much of a training tool the actual competition can be for developing work capaci twitter.com ty and enduring factors.” -
Paul Thornton @Paul_Thornton🔁“Lack of kinesthetic awareness is one of the broadest incompetencies that I observe with athletes.”


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