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Assange misstina-AMERICAN @ptsd1471🔁 #UPDATE Assange claims victory after Sweden drops rape probe
Assange rinf_community @rinf_community🔁'Battle is over but the war has just begun': Julian Assange
Assange Roger Cooper @rogercoop68🔁 Julian Assange poses with staff as he prepares to leave Ecuadorean Embassy
Assange Karlo Kovač @KarloMdz🔁AFP: #UPDATE Assange claims victory after Sweden drops rape probe ://
Assange 23 Years Of Lies @dineshkennedy92🔁 The Difference Between Julian Assange & Mark Zuckerberg
Assange Talkin' Swap @VojEspo🔁 Wanna feel old? Here's what Julian Assange looks like today:
Assange Cheri Rust @Shyeri07🔁 LATEST: UK police say Julian Assange will be arrested if he leaves the Ecuadorean embassy in London
Assange Global Issues Web @globalissuesweb🔁Farage flips out in train wreck interview with Germany’s Die Zeit
Assange The Liberty Eagle @TheLibertyEagle🔁Sweden Drops Effort To Arrest Assange On Rape Allegation
Assange Trixy Wh @trixywh🔁 Joe Lieberman on @nytimes's publication of some Wikileaks cables.
WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁Flashback: FBI sent secret private jet to frame WikiLeaks' editor Julian Assange. Was caught and expelled
WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant


Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Julian Assange all but identifies the 27 year old DNC worker as a source and we are to ignore this?
Flaka @Flaka_Teodoro🔁 Sweden drops rape charges against Julian Assange — but not because they think he’s innocent
Starbright @darthhatter00🔁Human Rights Lawyer: Sweden Dropping Investigation of WikiLeaks' Assange is "Long Overdue Decision"
Mary Sutton Greeley @Lucky_finds🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Swedish Prosecutor Drops Rape Charges Against Julian Assange — But
Fred Elesbao @FredElesbao🔁At last the masks are off. Sweden dropped charges that it never dared lay upon Assange. Free Julian now! Or show your ugly face Big Brother
aspiesmom @aspiesmom🔁 Swedish Prosecutors End Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange
Maegan Bagley @MaeganBagley🔁REMINDER: Obama wanted to throw Julian Assange in prison for publishing the info Chelsea Manning gave him, while releasing Manning.
Reggie Danger 🌹 @mybodyGG🔁 Clock boy lost, Weiner pled guilty & Assange charges were dropped. A good day for reason.
MINT CHIP🇺🇸 @BasketOfSexy🔁About time Sweden drops the fake Assange rape case. They have enough real rapes to deal with because of all the migrants!
Peter Clay @eyebrowsofpower🔁 Someone shouted "What about the cheese makers?" at Julian Assange on @Channel4News. I'M DYING 😂😂😂
Bo @bo_novak🔁Ch4 News- Assange pontificating on the Embassy balcony, I note he didn't thank British taxpayers for the millions spent on his security.
Erwyn cubacub @EMC419🔁"I do not forgive or forget" - Julian Assange reacts to news Sweden is dropping rape investigation into him

Tom Arteaga Negrete @tom_trarteaga🔁 Julian Assange: 'The proper war is just commencing' – video
cajunsmiley #RESIST @cajunsmiley🔁FBI: Quickest way to get Julian Assange to leave the embassy so we can get him for ?

Sweden: We dropped the rape charges.

Erwyn cubacub @EMC419🔁UK police obliged to execute warrant for arrest of Julian Assange should he leave embassy - say

Brian King of Trolls @BrianCraycroft🔁BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant


Nick @M40tired🔁Assange Remains the Sleazebag He Always Was, And Must Be Put On Trial In This Country For Jumping Bail
Veo News @VeoNews_🔁Julian Assange Addresses Sweden Dropping Rape Charges Against Him | NBC News
John Baldwin @JohnBaldwin64🔁'No longer Swedish matter' - Assange's lawyer on dropping investigation ... via @YouTube
Ramalinga @tenali1327🔁‘Today is an important victory for me and for the UN human rights system’ – Assange
Jesse James Dick Jr @JJDJ1187🔁Julian Assange after rape charges dropped: Prepare for 'war' via the @FoxNews Android app
Pomona movie party. @Rinoe🔁I liked a @YouTube video Julian Assange: 'I cannot forgive terrible injustice'
Ben Kelly @TheScepticIsle🔁Julian Assange, you narcissistic, egomaniac, Russian stooge, you were not detained without charge. Shut up.
Tom Maxson @TMax48🔁@maddow Might want to see if Assange accuser has come into a windfall? Steps to freedom as payback for assisting russia. Just a thought.
Monica Hills @ggprez🔁 Bob Beckel fired🚫Dems abandon impeachment🚫 Joe Biden slams Hillary 🚫Sweden Julian Assange🚫Anthony Weiner FBI
Rita Love @rdlove56🔁@mamastronomy @JoyAnnReid Ecuador has a Extration Treaty with US since 1873-Assange can be extratided to US.
emmanuel kazadi @KazadiEmmanuel🔁Sweden has dropped its case against truth-teller Julian Assange.

Pedophile Anthony Weiner pled guilty for child sexting.

What a great day.

Laurel @snadp🔁Julian Assange is a hero and should be free. Hillary and other corrupt politicians who Assange has exposed as criminals should be in prison.
K G Hohenstauffen @KGHohenstauffen🔁Cathy, I did my duty in LA, courtesy fo the US. I am sure you know what I mean. Assange had every reason to fear bein g taken to US.
allan crawshaw @allan_crawshaw🔁 Julian Assange speaks out for first time since Sweden rape case dropped
Andy Wood @andyatnanyuki🔁 Why did Farage meet Assange?
Eclectic Momma @EclecticMommaZ🔁Sweden withdraws arrest warrant for Julian Assange, but he still faces serious legal jeopardy by
Yvonne Larsson @yvoeri🔁 Reminder that Assange was accused of rape and jumped bail, not held on Robben Island
Stephen King @skingfam🔁UK states it will arrest Assange regardless & refuses to confirm or deny whether it has already received an extradition request from the US.
Erwyn cubacub @EMC419🔁Julian Assange tweets old picture of himself looking happy after news Sweden to drop rape allegation investigation

Jeff Works4aliving @JeffreyusaSmith🔁-Anthony Weiner will plead guilty
-Rape hoax against Assange has been dropped
-Hillary isn't POTUS


Erwyn cubacub @EMC419🔁Swedish prosecutors drop investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over rape allegation

Caron Stewart @texan7_caron🔁 The rape investigation against Julian Assange has been discontinued by Swedish prosecutors.

David Anthony @freewilluklive🔁"Stitched up by the Americans !" Assange defiant as rape probe dropped - BBC News
The Entire Pie @TheEntirePie🔁Assange:"7 years wo charge why my children grew up without me
That is not something that I can forgive
It's not something that I can forget"
LatinoUSAFirst @LatinoUSA1st🔁 - Pedophile Anthony Weiner will plead guilty
- Rape hoax against Assange has been dropped


GhandisKongGood @LutherKongGood1🔁 Julian Assange warns Britain: 'I do not forgive or forget'
Willowtree @ivygreenvine🔁Assange detention: UN found both UK and Sweden in violation of international law

MadbagChatterbox @Stony1963🔁Justice-dodger Julian Assange detained himself for 5 years in London's Ecuadorian assembly to escape rape Qs in Sweden. Repellent Narcissist
Shuan Rose @shmr50🔁Julian Assange and the Kremlin are pushing the same sleazy lie to undermine US institutions at the same time. Weird.
TRT World @trtworld🔁Julian Assange says the battle to clear his name will go on even after Sweden dropped rape charges against him
#TrumpIsBannonsBitch @UnitePink🔁@revmagdalen he's on my natsec list
but if he was writing about wl & assange i wouldn't ahve paid much attention
Graham Eva @GreyEva1🔁Re: Assange (and so much more) Sweden is turning into a Mickey Mouse country - Discuss
Jay Davis @RANK_WARRIOR🔁UK refuses to confirm or deny whether it has already received a US extradition warrant for Julian Assange. Focus now moves to UK.
Jude Green @judemgreen🔁Assange Walk Free on Child Rape ⚡️ “Anthony Weiner pleads guilty, faces jail time in teen sexting case”

Melanie Branton @sapiencedowne🔁Assange is relieved that in Sweden
The case is no longer proceden
But has a suspicion
US extradition
Still has a good chance of succeden.
LaLegale @LaLegale🔁 Julian Assange rape investigation dropped by Swedish prosecutors after seven years via @abcnews
Manuel Meza @manuelmezav🔁M.I.A. on Assange: "You should thank him and fast fix your system, not hide him or the cracks he exposed"
Philip Bradley @GlasgowGallus🔁 Plot thickens. NYTimes: Sweden Drops Investigation of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder
Michael O'C @m_oconnor0507🔁"The proper war is just commencing," Julian Assange says after police say they'd still be obliged to arrest him

Ron Thorp @ronthorp🔁Still not understood what genuine rape victims have known for 7 years? 's Chief Prosecutor cleared long, long ago


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