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Assange Neil Taylor @neil_taylor_🔁 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted Ecuadorian citizenship
Assange Elkriversnowmountain @Elkriversnowmo2🔁 Hillary Clinton on Assange "Can't we just drone this guy" -- report
AliJulian @CaapiCubensis🔁 ...
Julian Assange - Countdown to Freedom
Assange Samuel E. Taylor @samuelEtaylor🔁assange is all the middle aged creative agency types in ur 5-aside league
WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁Statement by Mr Assange's legal team responding to yesterday's news: "The UN ruling, issued almost two years ago, is crystal clear in its language, Mr Assange is unlawfully and arbitrarily detained by the UK authorities and must be released."
Breaking911 @Breaking911🔁BREAKING: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted an Ecuadorian passport - @RT_com
Project Veritas @Project_Veritas🔁Why won't Twitter verify Julian Assange? Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh tells us on hidden camera!


Bella Magnani @BellaMagnani🔁More than 100 legal and human rights organizations called for UK to respect UN ruling and free
Bella Magnani @BellaMagnani🔁220 Spanish MPs+MEPs called for UK to respect UN decision to free
YEG Lounger @lanky1972🔁Why won't Twitter verify Julian Assange? Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh tells us on hidden camera!


Ginger @ginger3855Ecuador issued a PASSPO🔁//" target="_blank"> lf on Twitter looks like "needed disinformation" as "future proves past" MY INTEL SOURCES SAY ASSANGE IS ALREADY IN SWITZERLAND, coordinating w TRUMP WHITE HOUSE
Jacki Stigall @MarvinStigall🔁Ecuador Issues Julian Assange A Passport As He Plans To Leave London Safely via @YouTube
Rose H. @roseh59🔁further exasperating their unjust and arbitrary detention of Julian Assange in the interests of the US DOJ while they figure out what kinda crime to invent to charge him with for extradition.
Eric Cassel @goslin13🔁 Project Veritas Exposes Why Twitter Refuses to 'Blue Check' Verify Julian Assange
Health News @quantumbiology_🔁Britain rejects request to grant Julian Assange diplomatic status amid reports of…
UBtheCURE @UlyssesBurley🔁Ecuador confirms that Julian Assange has become a citizen
insunlight @insunlite🔁 - The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a statement in Quito on the latest developments of the case of Julian Assange (ENGLISH):
m self @Spellitout007🔁Assange should come to America and he should get a hero's welcome.
Think where we might be right now w/o Assange and Wikileaks.

Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁Ecuador grants citizenship to Julian Assange: Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, w ho has been sheltering at its London embassy for five years to avoid arrest, Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa… More news
Eliza Lynn @ElizaLynnArroy1🔁:

Three people have claimed they know who hacked DNC emails: Assange, Craig Murray, & Kim Dotcom.

Mueller hasn't talked to any. This is either dereliction of duty of worst the kind, or conscious avoidance of the truth.

insunlight @insunlite🔁"On Dec. 20, the Foreign Ministry - through its embassy in London - requested the British MFA to consider the accreditation of Mr. Assange as diplomatic agent in the mission of Ecuador in the UK. That request was denied on December 21."
Hamish Price @hamishpricenz🔁Newshub seems to think refusal to grant diplomatic accreditation to a non-diplomat who is subject to a UK arrest warr ant is the same as a refusal to let Assange leave the Embassy.
insunlight @insunlite🔁 BREAKING: Ecuador grants naturalization to WikiLeaks founder Assange – Ecuador MFA
Cassidy Phoenyx @cassidyphoenyx🔁Press Secretary Sanders tells me she has not spoken with President Trump regarding Ecuador's decision in granting nationality to Julian Assange
G Johnson @lobofan3006🔁Of course there's no collusion. Nothing to see here except LIES abt setting backchannel communications with the Kremlin, secret meetings with Russian spies, paying Cambridge Analytica 6 million to approach Julian Assange last year to exploit Hillary's stolen emails.
marian @blanken01🔁Who’s plotting 2assassinate Julian & WHY

“The actions of the US State Dept, DOJ & CIA against WikiLeaks have substantially increased in recent weeks,” the source told GatewayPundit.

British Police Officer: Sniper Should Have Assassinated Julian Assange

Mountain Hare @TheMountainHareEcuador Grants Assange a DIPLOMATIC PASSPO🔁//" target="_blank"> ssange was granted citizenship in December, fueling speculation Assange has left London
Ann Stewart @AnnStew80895938🔁 Ecuador Grants Citizenship To Julian Assange, Who Lives In London Embassy
A. David @akaSassinak🔁"fears that the US will seek his extradition if he leaves the embassy, believing there is a sealed US indictment seeking his arrest."

The Empire always meddles in the affairs of every single nation

Daniel McAdams @DanielLMcAdams🔁Here's another BS piece of Aussie propaganda in the piece. Assange did NOT "leak" anything! He's an f'ing PUBLISHER! Just like the NYT and WaPo! Such liars!
💖MeigaLiz💌 @Idun2raptus🔁 The British government has rejected a request from Ecuador to grant diplomatic status to Julian Assange
Katarzyna Natkaniec @KNatkaniec🔁 ‼️Freedom at last‼️

Julian Assange has been granted
Citizenship to Ecuador‼️

TJ Johns @tj85johns🔁 CONFIRMS that is in Ecuador's citizenship database under JULIAN PAUL ASSANGE/ I.D. #1729926483 after reports he received an Ecuadorian passport on 12/21/17 & a citizenship card that corresponds to the province of Pichincha.
Dark Matter Zine @DarkMatterzine🔁During my research I’ve discovered that people comment on the colour of Assange’s hair and perhaps call him an ‘albin o’ only when they rant. It’s derogatory to all people with albinism. It’s the equivalent of calling an African-American a ‘nigger’ when on a rant.
WhistleBlowers @1Whistleblowers🔁 reveal that stores all deleted messages and tweets for possible government use.
Bee_Sunflower @SunEconomy🔁BREAKING: Julian Assange May Have Been Granted ‘Ecuadorian ID’ via @21WIRE
HyHeLi @HyHeLi123🔁 Ecuador Issues Julian Assange A Passport As He Plans To Leave London Safely
Nya Dnar @dnar_nya🔁 BREAKING: Julian Assange Granted Ecuadorian Passport – Reports

Skeptic4Reason @Skeptic4Reason🔁Still think should announce at his fake news awards that he is pardoning Assange. That would really stick it to them...


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