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#AskTheMayor Alex Richardson @DatacenterIndunycgov: 🔁 What would you like to #AskTheMayor? Coming up at 10 AM!
#AskTheMayor Brian Lehrer Show @BrianLehrer🔁What would you like to #AskTheMayor? Coming up at 10 AM!
#AskTheMayor Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor why vendors are demonized when box stores are now even shuddering under this
#AskTheMayor NYC Engagement Unit @MayorsPEU🔁 What would you like to #AskTheMayor? Coming up at 10 AM!
Roscoe Arbuckle @RoRoscoe🔁 #AskTheMayor What do assholes eat for lunch?
Roscoe Arbuckle @RoRoscoe🔁#AskTheMayor What do assholes eat for lunch?
rogue newt @patrickz_42🔁Is this what @StephenAtHome's Salvor Hardin tweet was about? #AskTheMayor
Mark Nakata @mrnonel🔁#AskTheMayor Is New York Metropolis or Gotham City?
Andy ⚓️West🗽✈️ @AnndyWest🔁 to and Deluxe Tour 😍🔥👉 33082191654913" target="_blank">
G.D Thor @GDThor1🔁#AskTheMayor How are your coffers, is there any help from the Feds?
Betsy DeVops🦐 @frankthefink🔁 Have asked this before, the Hudson is severely polluted, esp by sewage. Do you care? Any plans to improve conditions?
G.D Thor @GDThor1🔁#AskTheMayor, how many of you are in the #Trump camp?
TheRighToExist @TheRighToExist🔁 - You marched in the same parade with Oscar Lopez-Rivera,an unrepentant terrorist,responsible for many deaths..Are y ou ashamed?
(((Louise Cherico))) @thereallcherico🔁#AskTheMayor anyway we can start eviction on the trumps?
J Fashion & Cosplay @jpcostume🔁#PCaSong , #Tupac , Jimmie Johnson , Witch Hunt , #Melodrama , Rosenstein , #CaptainPicardDay , #AskTheMayor , Vasquez
(((Louise Cherico))) @thereallcherico🔁#AskTheMayor Why dont U explain 2 #lirr riders that racist tactics2 limit public transportation to LI by Moses/Levit got them in this mess
Neil Freeman @fitnr🔁WNYC teed up this caller up after a call about Citi Bike rider's death. Mayor failed to talk about putting safety ove r cars
ActionPotluck🏳️‍🌈 @ActionPotluck🔁#ASKTheMayor NYC District 6 is owed $55mil and our public schools are desperate. IDC walked out on the vote. What r u going to do?
ActionPotluck🏳️‍🌈 @ActionPotluck🔁#ASKTheMayor What are you going to do about the $55 million owed to NYC District 6 alone??? My kid's school is owed over $600,000.
JLappano @TricepsLappano🔁#AskTheMayor What will you do to counteract the possible passing of the AHCA? Will you voice support for the New York Health Act?
ben gantcher @gantcher🔁#askthemayor I doubt that vendors are as consequential for brick-and-mortar rents as the big box stores and other national companies are. /1
Johnny Lanzillotto @johnnylanz🔁#AskTheMayor have you driven in manhattan all around try it???!!
JAK @Jkappel84🔁 Y are u putting illegals ahead of safety & ur hard working city employees to maintain sanctuary status & losing fed funding?
Sophia V-DeVirgilio @SophiaVDeVirgil🔁@BrianLehrer #askthemayor -- how does the mayor feel about @NY1 #builditbroke piece about continued waste & inefficiencies w/BIB program.
Jean Mar Offenbacher @jmpo3🔁@BrianLehrer #askthemayor Please reduce the numbers of street vendors, increase bike parking posts--ask consumerism, more exercise.
rachael cole @rachael_cole🔁 When will NYPrks dept. stop using RoundUp? Cancerous chemical banned in Europe. Kids are being exposed every time t hey play.
Turnstile Tours @TurnstileTours🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor The lack of permits also drives up grey-market prices, putting the cost of a 2-year permit over $25K
Brigid Bergin @brigidbergin🔁Good Q from Joe in St. Albans. Why does he mail his real estate taxes to a PO Box in Newark, NJ? @NYCMayor says he'll find out #askthemayor
Nils Kongshaug @NilsKongshaug🔁#AskTheMayor SoHo and entrance to Bklyn Bridge 2 places where vendors are choking pedestrian, bike and car traffic.
Joseph Cutrufo @joseapie🔁.@NYCMayor knows @CitiBikeNYC is a huge success. He ought to stand more firmly behind it. #AskTheMayor @BrianLehrer
Turnstile Tours @TurnstileTours🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor Vendors also pay rents, in city-licensed commissaries, which are too expensive and too few
Chad Marlow @ChadAaronMarlow🔁@BrianLehrer Re #POSTAct: spy techs largely target persons of color&immigrants. Act's tiny info empowers debate not terrorists. #AskTheMayor
Turnstile Tours @TurnstileTours🔁 We support overhaul of vending enforcement, but all stakeholders need to understand the rules and respect one anothe r
justliz @lizzywent2camp🔁@WNYC #askthemayor even if they are only an employee! Long process - Makes it hard to staff and get jobs. This seems archaic & needs to go..
Nick Malinowski @nwmalinowski🔁#AskTheMayor @BrianLehrer

What does the mayor think of 46% increase in overdose deaths in 2016?

How will be end this crisis?

Turnstile Tours @TurnstileTours🔁 There are real consequences now, with vendors frequently facing jail, thousands in fines & having all their propert y seized
Peter Kaufman @inklake🔁.@BrianLehrer #AsktheMayor
Placard crackdown, to extent is happening, seems to omit NYPD placards. How do u tolerate this insubordination?
justliz @lizzywent2camp🔁@WNYC #askthemayor (mobile food vendor license)every individual has to first have a NYS Cert of Authority? & file quarterly w/state - $0 ...
sbaer @sbaer🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor #HowToStopDooring #TheDutchReach Open your car door with the opposite hand. That's it! It forces u to look behind.
Felipe De La Hoz @FelipeDLH🔁Took 17 minutes for the "I want everyone to understand, the governor and the state run the MTA" from @NYCMayor on @BrianLehrer #askthemayor
Turnstile Tours @TurnstileTours🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor Isue of street vending enforcement is not lack of it, as mayor suggests, but arbitrary & inconsistent enforcement
Mike Thomas-Faria @MikeThomasFaria🔁@BrianLehrer #askthemayor Overages in GWB station renovation. by years and by millions of $. Will city investigate, sue for $$, etc. ?
Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor why universities are allowed to act this way with their massive land holdings tax free?
CableTech @CableTechTWC🔁#AskTheMayor local 3 has been on strike 80+ days. Is the mayor gonna step in now? 🤔1800 workers need the help
Roy Amsinassa @RoyAmsinassa🔁I would like to why he's such a scumbag who encourages violence and rioting, and who doesn't support the
Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor if nyc working and poor will be better treated after what just happens in London tower fire, nyc poor treated same
Peter Senzamici @senzamici🔁Cycling should have more protections from neglectful drivers and anti bike nypd #askthemayor
justliz @lizzywent2camp🔁@WNYC #askthemayor Continuing topic of vendor licensing - when will the city lift the RIDICULOUS requirement that to obtain a MFVL (1 of 2)
Paul Sorrentino @PaulSorrentino3🔁#AskTheMayor are social services provided in the men's shelter that you opened in crown heights ?
Kate Walter @KateWalter12🔁How does plan to go about making NYPD a more useful partner in the effort to eliminate traffic deaths?
Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor how much property is managed by shadow property management agencies that represent multinational interests 1st?
Peter Kaufman @inklake🔁NYPD 'default' is to always blame cyclists/peds for their own deaths, and absolve drivers - despite evidence. Why?
#askthemayor @BrianLehrer
Kate Walter @KateWalter12🔁NYPD needs to do better. How does plan to help end this habit of victim-blaming?
ಠ_ರೃ @bootsybootsyboo🔁#askthemayor 1. Love @NYCFirstLady ! 2. When will get an affordable housing plan with some OWNERSHIP? No more rentals!
William jimenez @Willyemelec🔁 What's the point of having collective bargaining laws when Spectrum hasn't been abiding by them?
Artist Studio AP @ArtistStudioAP🔁.@BrianLehrer Why won't deblasio mention #SBJSA, which gives lease protection 2 NYC sm biz? Rent 2 high: there IS a solution! #askthemayor
Josmar Trujillo @Josmar_Trujillo🔁@BrianLehrer why did Mayor not cap Uber but he's doubling down on enforcement against street vendors? #AskTheMayor
Chris Gold @thechrisgold🔁 why doesn't broken windows policy apply to traffic violence. NYPD's consistent victim blaming of people killed by c ars.
Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor how landlords get tax breaks for empty store fronts
Huge Grand @thehewho🔁@BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor about store fronts VACANT FOR 10 years not just a year or two. They are everywhere
Why Accountability @WA_Tweets🔁We would like to #AskTheMayor when will he release the full map of these #buildtheblock mtg that have no rules of order??
Bay Ridge Drivers @BayRidgeDrivers🔁 why does NYPD blame cyclists and pedestrians for their own deaths before conducting an investigation
Brian Lehrer Show @BrianLehrer🔁 "I'll meet with Lynne Patton and look for common ground," @NYCMayor tells @BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor
Joseph Cutrufo @joseapie🔁NYPD needs to do better. How does plan to help end this habit of victim-blaming?
Factivists @FactivistsNY🔁#AskTheMayor Have asked this before, the Hudson is severely polluted, esp by sewage. Do you care? Any plans to improve conditions?
Jeremy Nadel @jeremynadel🔁@BrianLehrer #askthemayor cyclists & delivery ppl going wrong on streets out of control especially motorized bikes. Fines or Enforcement?
Nicole Spano @nicoleyyrosiee🔁#askthemayor how does it feel to be a terrorist
Brigid Bergin @brigidbergin🔁"I'll meet with Lynne Patton and look for common ground," @NYCMayor tells @BrianLehrer #AskTheMayor
Young Ideas @DickYoungsGhost🔁@TweetBenMax @BrianLehrer @SenWarren Pandering @billdeblasio and Pocahontas. Fits the @WNYC image. #AskTheMayor
Susan Crawford @SusanCNYC🔁@BrianLehrer #askthemayor Can we speed up the timetable for converting shrieking sirens to broadband that only nearby cars can hear?!
Tom @bicycult🔁 found a law that grants NYC power to enact congestion pricing. Do you support the plan?
Alexander Silva @alexsilvastudy🔁#askthemayor traffic problems on the 495?
Joseph Cutrufo @joseapie🔁How does @NYCMayor plan to go about making NYPD a more useful partner in the effort to eliminate traffic deaths? #askthemayor @BrianLehrer
Shlomie Katash @shlomiekatash🔁@BrianLehrer How would someone get started in making a name for themselves in the political realm? #AskTheMayor
RJS @RJShaughnessyBk🔁 What's the point of having collective bargaining laws when Spectrum hasn't been abiding by them?
Brian Lehrer Show @BrianLehrer🔁Tune in now for our weekly #AskTheMayor and call in with your questions: 212-433-9692.
ned. @thisisned_2🔁@BrianLehrer What's the holdup on expanding CitiBike to Northern Manhattan and the Bronx? #AskTheMayor
Brigid Bergin @brigidbergin🔁It's #AskTheMayor time, people! @WNYC @BrianLehrer @NYCMayor Tune in!
Reg Saving the World @reginalddeville🔁@BrianLehrer What will it actually take politically to tip the push for election reform in New York State into success #AskTheMayor
Nick Tesla @electrocoilz🔁 why would NYC spend billions protecting illegal residents when the legal residents suffer with failing infrastructur e?
Chris Widelo @C2R5W🔁 to take a bow for his commitment to older New Yorkers by increasing funding for aging services. !
James Szypula @YokohamaRides🔁@BrianLehrer A Citibike rider was hit and killed on 26th St. this week. When will we see more crosstown protected bike lanes? #askthemayor
Michael @_Open_Mike_🔁@BrianLehrer @NYCMayor Why isn't @LinkNYC available north of GWB in Inwood & Hudson Heights areas? When is expansion expected? #AskTheMayor


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