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#AskCoppy Jose David Chacon @JoseDChacon4🔁@Braves #AskCoppy please read
#AskCoppy Ryan Cothran @baldheaded1der🔁 Walk-Off Walk: #AskCoppy Recap The #Braves GM did a thing again.
#AskCoppy Tommy Poe @WalkOffWalk1🔁Walk-Off Walk: #AskCoppy Recap The #Braves GM did a thing again.
#AskCoppy Justin @astro_bawls🔁 This is for you. #AskCoppy
#AskCoppy Atlanta Braves @Braves🔁Coppy is here! Ask your questions with #AskCoppy now!
Atlanta Braves @Braves🔁 GM John Coppolella returns this afternoon at 3pm ET to take your questions!

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Kelsey Wingert @KelsWingert🔁Would you rather have to fight one giant Bartolo Colon or 40 duck-sized Bartolo Colons? #AskCoppy
Japan News & Events @nipponupdate🔁Bellator , #AmberAlert , Rene Lima-Marin , #IfAliensInvade , #BOSvPOR , #AskCoppy , SunRail , Joint Chiefs of Staff
#PleaseCutBoni @Cody_Harris92🔁 #AskCoppy lasted 2.5 hours. Sure he was working on other things as he chatted, but that's crazy.
Dayton from Nebraska @BravesAmerica🔁#AskCoppy lasted 2.5 hours. Sure he was working on other things as he chatted, but that's crazy.
Jesse⚾️ @jfordd6🔁 We gon get some pitchin or nah? #AskCoppy
Trevor Page @trevorjpage10🔁 2.5 hours flew by -- thanks for all the great questions and Go Braves! #AskCoppy
Trevor Page @trevorjpage10🔁 Today's #AskCoppy is closing in on 2 1/2 hours. Most interns wouldn't stick with a Twitter chat that long. Wow. @Braves
...WIN IPHONE 7 PLUS @giveawayvora🔁Hey, Padres. The Braves are having a nice little Q&A with their GM #AskCoppy. The guy's being very honest and open! You wanna try this?
Stephen @b_outliers🔁Just read the novel that was #AskCoppy. Biggest takeaway is what kind of monster double spaces after every period?
Ryan Silva @SilvaSupremacy🔁Hey, @Padres. The @Braves are having a nice little Q&A with their GM #AskCoppy. The guy's being very honest and open! You wanna try this?
sorrow @sorrow79🔁I have a grapefruit sized growth on my forehead. Should I see a doctor? #AskCoppy
RDPinRVA @UVApolitics87🔁@Braves You watching this? #AskCoppy 👀👀👀? ?👀👀
Stone Cold Rick @RiceCube70🔁#askcoppy will the Braves have @selenagomez sing National anthem ? I vote @selenagomez for top social artist #SelenaBBMAs #BBMAs
Cody Logan @mr_logan6🔁@Braves who's the future of 3rd base? #askcoppy
Mostly B.S. @BravesStats🔁If we co-opt the horse racing term "quarter pole" into baseball, should we use it correctly--in August, not May? @Braves #AskCoppy
Davis McCondichie @McMccondichie🔁TIL that Coppy lived in Newnan. Holy cow! #askcoppy
The Original Shadow @The_Shadow_68🔁 Can The team explore a Twitter giveaway on Bobblehead nights ! Lots of us live a long way away & Can't make these ga mes
Rob @spendmydollar🔁 @Braves do you feel stupid yet for giving Dickey and Bartolo all of that money? #askcoppy
Eric Kennington @BigE_D_K🔁@Braves When are the Braves going to give the young hitters a chance #askcoppy
jeff @fittedsweats🔁Why has it been so convenient to ignore Paul Assenmacher's contributions to your franchise. Not even a damn bobblehea d night.
Eric Kennington @BigE_D_K🔁@Braves @braves since we haven't been there. When can we act like we have #askcoppy
Casey Key @caseykey00🔁@Braves favorite 90's baseball movie? #AskCoppy
#PleaseCutBoni @Cody_Harris92🔁Coppy is amazingly honest in these #askcoppy things
David Croy @DeepCroy🔁Not sorry for me, sorry for @alexwATL he's the crybaby. #askcoppy
Jonathan Thompson @crimsonscholar🔁I'm just glad this version of hasn't been 30 minutes of questions followed by 30 minutes of "Can I have tickets/hats/stuff?"
Dallas Nichols @dallashnichols🔁#AskCoppy thank you for answering so many questions. as a new baseball/braves fan this was super interesting and helpful
Shane Foster @Tideordie76🔁 Cover is blown. #AskCoppy
Chad Wethern @chadwethern🔁@Braves still liking 8 RPs/4 bench? Seems too thin on bench. Espec now w FF out. #askcoppy
Sam Braves @DunknDutchMan🔁Check out today's #AskCoppy. Good stuff from a good GM. Give it a year and we'll be seeing the fruits of his labor.
Jonathan Thompson @crimsonscholar🔁@Braves Props all around on good organizational, stadium staff, good to see Mr. Walter come back and adding Ron Washington at 3rd! #AskCoppy
Chad Wethern @chadwethern🔁@braves is a hot dog a sandwich? #askcoppy
Atlanta Braves @Braves🔁2.5 hours flew by -- thanks for all the great questions and Go Braves! #AskCoppy
Andrew Claerbout @AC_Patents🔁What's your opinion on intentionally throwing at batters? Ridiculous to risk injury because someone hit a bomb and enjoyed it.
Remington Scott @remingtonjscott🔁@Braves what time does the wild card game start? #askcoppy
Luis Carlos Zerpa P @LuisCarlosZerpa🔁#askcoppy @Braves Friend will have posibility of up to Sean newcomb and Lucas Sims later
Austin's Doo @Braves_OGBrian🔁@CountOnRyan @Braves #AskCoppy to the tweet above 😥
Conner Knapp @ConnerKAllDay🔁#AskCoppy is fantastic. Rare to see a GM willing to answer fan questions for two and a half hours and be so candid.
Tabach @BrFalcons🔁@braves #askcoppy hi Coppy, rooting for you from Brazil! how soon could we see guys like Sims, Weigel and Newcomb getting chances in the ML?
Hunter Kinsaul @kinsahd🔁Adam LaRoche for 1st? #AskCoppy
Alex Burbidge @alex36burbidge🔁@Braves Do you feel honored to be in the presence of Big Sexy? #AskCoppy
Industrial Tape @IndustrialTape1🔁Seems like the Electronic Ticket only at STP roll out has been a bit rocky, any chance of improving the apps to make it easier? #AskCoppy
ShagStripCo. @ShagStrip🔁#askcoppy why is #25 not retired? Last @Braves to break a regular season record. 51 HR's. Time for Flo to switch up..
Jason Foughty @JFoughty3🔁@Braves #AskCoppy the must see must do at the new complex? Driving out from Arkansas next month to take in June 16th game. Great job btw.
Captain Taymerica @taylorenokson🔁@Braves @Braves Well if you come for the series in Los Angeles, I'd love to be able to meet the guy who's running the show now. #askcoppy
Jim Nichols @Tigerpeddoc🔁#AskCoppy so who were you pulling for in last cfb championship, Clemson or Alabama?
Pewterslimsme @Pewterslimsme🔁#AskCoppy Got any extra Sid Bream bobbleheads lying around you could mail me?
Brett Blakemore @b_blakemore10🔁#AskCoppy any chance of making some moves for pitching at the deadline? @Braves
Baseball Talk @LEFTYvsRIGHTY🔁@Braves Can you tell us what type of ceiling Austin Riley has? Slow starter at every level but always seems to figure it out. #AskCoppy
Elon Brave @sethsosebee🔁@Braves do you have any pull with getting Firefrogs games on MiLBTV? #AskCoppy
Scott White @CBSScottWhite🔁Today's #AskCoppy is closing in on 2 1/2 hours. Most interns wouldn't stick with a Twitter chat that long. Wow. @Braves
jeff @fittedsweats🔁.@braves why did you invite Colin Kaepernick to come to your stadium & kneel during National Anthem? My son was at that game. #askcoppy
Zach @BarroldBonds🔁@Braves Y'all ever gonna think about dumping the Tomahawk Chop for...relatively obvious reasons? #AskCoppy
Cargo Jorts @Ghost_Chad🔁 I got a cast too. #solidarity #askcoppy
Jake from State Farm @JCCDemon4🔁@Braves how do you become a scout? #askcoppy
Andrew Duncan @andrewbduncan🔁@Braves is @DatDudeBP excited about being back in Cincy soon? He's a jewel here. What's your eval on him as a Brave so far? #AskCoppy
Ross Bennett @bennett94_ross🔁#AskCoppy will you ever come to the UK to play?
Jeremy Titter @Jeremy_Titter46🔁@Braves is it realistic to say we'll see James Loney in the bigs sometime soon with Freddie out? #AskCoppy
Kaysen Carter™ @TheLegendOfKC2🔁@Braves draft me!? 17 and willing to take a significant pay cut😂 thinking about 40 M😂 #AskCoppy
Casey Key @caseykey00🔁@Braves how about this Demeritte guy in Mississippi? #AskCoppy
Jaypers @Jaypers413🔁@Braves Do you plan to start Maitan in the GCL or the APPY league? #AskCoppy
Brando @_bg37🔁@Braves Demeritte is a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, y/y? #AskCoppy
Kellen Farmer @ThatGuyKellen🔁Hey Coppy, of all the minor league affiliates, do you have a favorite city or ballpark? #AskCoppy
Trent @DTD1013🔁@Braves I graduate in December with a degree in Business Management? Got any jobs/internships for me? #AskCoppy
Sam Braves @DunknDutchMan🔁Are y'all looking to start cross training superstars like the Cubs to teach them multiple positions? #AskCoppy
Freddie's Cat @Freddiesgato🔁I got a cast too. #solidarity #askcoppy
Sergio Acedo @PastorAcedo🔁@Braves haven't lost hope! 1995 seems like a long time ago but one game at a time. Can we still get a wild card in 17? #Miracle #askcoppy
Conrad Close @conradclose🔁I always keep push notifications on for @Braves, so on days like today it blows up nonstop. No complaints tho - loving the #AskCoppy!
Aaron Burkart @aaronburkart🔁@Braves Angels fan here; thanks for David Hernandez! Have you thought about who you want in return as a PTBNL? #askcoppy
Tyler Davenport @T_Davenport49🔁@braves #askcoppy going to the game tomorrow! First time in the park, what should my wife and I do first? Thanks
🔵Matt Davenport⚪️ @BlueMattD15🔁@Braves Since Chipper hung em' up, prod. from 3B has been mediocre at best since. What's your long-term plans for 3B? Ruiz? Riley? #AskCoppy


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