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#AskACurator Fossil Locator @FossilLocator🔁@swheads what's this? Spotted in Colorado, makes lots of noise #askacurator
The British Library @britishlibrary🔁The basilisk! Did you know in ancient times you could kill a basilisk by dropping a weasel down its burrow?!
NHMLA @NHMLA🔁Show us a math trick. "These two snails live in different oceans, but their shell coils are identically inverted. So. .. 🐚
#AskACurator CA AcademyOfSciences @calacademy🔁Important Public Service Announcement: Paleontology/geology curator @peterroopnarine just won #AskACurator. 🙌
J. Paul Getty Museum @GettyMuseum🔁Thank you to our amazing curators and conservators & our digital team for making Day an incredibly fun and engaging event!
Chapel A Today @ChapelAToday🔁 One for @LeedsMuseums fans ... #askacurator & they might reply with #sausagepants
Ernesto j. Guevara @ejguevaras🔁 Epic battle erupts between museums during Twitter #AskACurator day
Nicholas Christakis @NAChristakis🔁Two of my favorite science museums talk trash on twitter. #AskACurator
KBA👸🏽🍍 @captkristaway🔁 is full of old fossils, but we have robots, a Spitfire and ancient poisons. Boom!
JAHM Blues Brothers @JAHM_Blues_Bros🔁When museums give their Twitter feeds to , great things happen!
Until next year !

Seema Rao @artlust🔁tweet is surprisingly judgmental of your visitorship. Given visitor positive work, suspect its poorly worded.
Eazy @Eazy_BKNY🔁Listen to an podcast where we from about a past exhibit of 's "Water"
UglyFossils @UglyFossils🔁Epic battle erupts between #museums during Twitter #AskACurator day
Mike Wallace @nipper81🔁This is pretty fun: battle erupts between Science Museum & Natural History Museum during Twitter’s day
Katrina @QuestionsAndTea🔁Much better than 'Jane, keeper of Asia': 'Epic battle erupts between museums during Twitter #AskACurator day'
Alex Bond @TheLabAndField🔁Epic battle erupts between Science Museum and Natural History Museum during Twitter's day
Public Hermit @ProfessorBerman🔁I now wish every day was #AskACurator day... something I didn't know about myself before yesterday's experience.
Guggenheim Museum @Guggenheim🔁Thank you very much for this insightful information on #RachelWhiteread's sculptures! #AskaCurator
Sidney Domholdt @domholdt🔁Catch up with curatorial assistants Emily Liebert & Jenny Harris ⚡️ “: Team ”

PaladinX @psmadrid99🔁Important Public Service Announcement: Paleontology/geology curator just won . 🙌
Llobet & Pons @LLOBETS🔁Epic battle erupts between museums during Twitter #AskACurator day
E² @lonimartice🔁I need a full day to catch up on #AskACurator...
David Evans @DavidEvans_ROM🔁This is pretty fun: battle erupts between Science Museum & Natural History Museum during Twitter’s #AskACurator day
Jessica Wilson-Saia @funky_prismatic🔁ICYMI: #askacurator day was yesterday, and this happened:
President John Adams @2ndPOTUS🔁The latest The Historic Places Daily! Thanks to @ToddHouse #askacurator #politicalhistory
Tate @Tate🔁My personal favourite is JMW Turner's 'Fisherman at Sea'. I spotted it on a school trip to the Tate in the ‘80s. - Ha ttie
Caroline Guthrie @GuthrieCaroline🔁 This is brilliantly funny. #AskACurator
Tate @Tate🔁@audrey_dunphy Usually around 61” from floor to centre of a painting but totally depends on the exhibition. - Hattie #AskACurator
Tate @Tate🔁@AnjaSweets It can be a quietly powerful means to question what is going on in society. - Hattie #AskACurator
Fahrenheit @laurie_gm🔁#askacurator Which exhibition would you have done differently if you would do it today? Why?
Marina Filipovic @marinshe🔁Today is Day. Head over to to ask your questions and find out more about The Royal Collection →
CraveCute Vintage @CraveCute🔁The CraveCute Collector is out! #vintage #collectible #decor #food #gardening #news #askacurator #johntrumbull
Shannon H. @ShannHawke🔁ICYMI: We had a great time answering your questions yesterday! See them all here ⚡️ “ 2017 at OMAH”

Museodata @Museodata🔁The latest The Museodata Daily! Thanks to @colombia_hist @MuseoAlmeria @MIZAUCV #askacurator
Laura Schroeder @LDSartmusicfilm🔁Missed yesterday's fun? Here's our recap: ⚡️ “: Paola Antonelli talks and more.”

stephmwilkes @stephmwilkes🔁 Epic battle erupts between museums during Twitter #AskACurator day
Sonja Seear @Sonja_Seear🔁 Join us for a #Periscope tour of our newly rehung North Galleries #AskACurator
Emalee Beddoes-Davis @EmaleeBeddoes🔁 and What is your favorite curator garment - Christmas jumper or wide-leg trou?
ASU Meteorites @ASUMeteorites🔁You picked Deal, an L6 ordinary that fell in , in 1829! More info: …
Cai Parry-Jones @DrCaiParryJones🔁 What is the biggest challenge for curators in the digital age? (And what is the greatest opportunity?) #AskaCurator
Stratford Projects @interpretSH🔁@amhistorymuseum @AskACurator Yay! Love that a visit to @StratfordHall and Great House inspired you Bethanee. #AskACurator
Apex Supplies @apexsuppliesltd🔁Want to know about the competition The future of floor scrubbers is Oscillation, and we have the Edge !
Lunadeapril @TiffiePop85🔁Collection favorites? "Polymita land snails from Cuba. Look at these shells! They are otherworldly gorgeous." ✨
ArtCulturePeace @ArtCulturePeace🔁The latest ArtCulturePeace Daily Report! #askacurator #impinv
Adam Davies @vadies80🔁The latest The Adam Davies Daily! #travel #askacurator
MARCH Director @MARCHRuCamden🔁 Epic battle erupts between museums during Twitter #AskACurator day
Kim Salter @mad4salt🔁Jennifer Gray answered your questions about America's most famous architect. ⚡️ “ with Team ”

Lewis Pollard☔ @Circa1350BC🔁If you've not seen them check out the tweets I did yesterday for #AskACurator day on behalf of @msimanchester
Kristina @kxcx1🔁 You've been quoted in our story " Day 2017" . TY for joining us!
Ashmolean Museum @AshmoleanMuseum🔁@GuyFoxLondon This is the museum catalogue no. that was written on the object when it was acquired in 1912. #AskACurator
kathleen mcilvenna @kathleenmcil🔁Love this! Twitter at its best. Thanks #AskACurator day for this joy.
Andréa @voiceofandrea🔁The latest DFW Food, Arts & Music Tidbits ! #askacurator #dmatruth
Faun Guarino @FaunGuarino🔁 Let's make things a little sexier- anybody got any good curatorial/museum pickup lines? #askacurator
Arts Access Fund @artsaccessfund🔁Toronto museum curators talk insects, dinosaurs, on #AskACurator Day via @TorontoStar #TorontoArt #CanadianArt
TwilightBeasts @TwilightBeasts🔁My favourite ever question: 'What's this tooth?' It turned out to be something awesome!
Linda Bell @flcardiacnurse🔁I like stories that you know but which I can give a new twist and not from the viewpoint of dead white males
Naya the Writer @NayaPhilosophy🔁What type of preferred education or experience is required of an ideal curator that isn't always apparent or mentione d?


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