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#AshWednesday bobfrost @bobfrost🔁 Well this is rather fabulous! #livelent #theapp #ashwednesday #lent #church
#AshWednesday Mary Armitage @MaryArmitage5🔁 Husband sent this. The queue for Mass today.
Christ is still in the City. #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday Randy Whitten @RandyWhitten2🔁 "You are dust and to dust you shall return.” Genesis 3:19

#AshWednesday #Lent2018

#AshWednesday Jimmy @JimmyBerryO🔁 It's that time of year again. Wishing all my fellow Christians a holy Lent. #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday Cute Size @ElmoNuts🔁Roses are beautiful so does you 🙈🙊


#AshWednesday Phil Strahm @PhilStrahm🔁 Don't forget your ashes today. #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday 👀Alt Jabrona👀 @alt_jabrona🔁 When #valentines day and #AshWednesday combine. There is really only one thing you need.
#AshWednesday S Wales Baptists @BaptistsinWales🔁 Sharing Bread and Wine with the Regional Team @BaptistsinWales #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday stale meme @AvatarKitten🔁 Happy #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday#AshWednesday#AshWednesday 💀Metal_Warrior87👹 @cuerpo_podrido🔁 Happy #AshWednesday
#AshWednesday DISC_Awards @DISCAwards🔁 Infographic: Why the ashes? archtoronto.org #lentTO #ashwednesday #ashtag
#AshWednesday Mario Lopez @MarioLopezExtra🔁Happy #AshWednesday to my Catholic peeps!
“All are from dust, and to dust all return.”
Ecclesiastes 3:20
Sr. Theresa Aletheia @pursuedbytruth🔁 Fasting Tips:

1. Drink LOTS of water (this *really* helps).
2. In your hunger, pray for those who go without.
3 twitter.com . Go to bed early the night before and/or the day of.
4. Don't complain or exaggerate the difficulty.
5. Offer up your suffering for someone you love

Jill Foster @Jillfoster🔁Hiya, ... & keep swirling in thought inspiring a favorite to memory.

She was a revolutionary taker of aka Ms P twitter.com atience Wright.

-a widow, mother of four, , & spy in the 18th Century.

Amanda Millwood @amandamillwood🔁My pastor referenced & recommended in the homily last night & I almost screamed with joy, which isn't exactly the ri twitter.com ght vibe for an service.
Humans = #Quantum @ShaktiLila🔁Faith leaders inside and outside Immigration Court 26 Federal Plaza offering ashes on for all those people connected with the system of deportation in our city

Timkain Shella @timkainshella🔁Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. -Psalm 51:10
Neva Fiumara @NevaFiumaraArt🔁Glad to see budget dir wearing cross . Hopefully in this season of repentance, he & others will repent of budget proposals that are contrary to values of Jesus & decide to follow not just w/ personal symbols, but in public policy. Remember Jesus' agenda: Lk 4:18
Neojamesbond008 @Neojamesbond007🔁 Fasting Tips:

1. Drink LOTS of water (this *really* helps).
2. In your hunger, pray for those who go without.
3. Go to bed early the night before and/or the day of.
4. Don't complain or exaggerate the difficulty.
5. Offer up your suffering for someone you love

Busted Halo @BustedHalo🔁Hey, who knew about the Catholic minions? @ St Bernadette… instagram.com
Cheree Emerson @ChereeEmerson7🔁 I think it's terrible that smokers get their own religious holiday.
MOM 2.0 SUMMIT @mom2summit🔁All good things come in threes, and today is one of those serendipitous vortices: It's , , AND the day that nominations are open! Join us, , and Premier Sponsor to recognize great work at !
manuelagarto💊 @strongwjesy🔁The love of my lifeeeee on this / (he went to church at night I went in the morning)
@lalauraru777 @lalauraru777🔁 is one of the few church festivals that focuses on a teaching instead of an event. Ash Wednesday begins the season of , a season of repentance. We remember that we are sinners as we meditate on Christ's death and resurrection in the coming weeks.
Allison Babka @AMBabka🔁In better news, couples spent their Valentine's Day at a rare romantic fish fry. My story for : twitter.com
Chelsea Riddle @redheadchels86🔁Many today will observe . This day quietly reminds us, in the days before Easter, that death comes for all born under the curse, and it lays the groundwork for the hope of Easter Sunday to ring all the louder & more powerful.
Susan Leighton @SusanontheLedge🔁Looks lik will rollout channels fron Feb 12 thru Feb 23. Gives a boost! Best gift EVER!


S Cich @bingoshari🔁 & on the same day?!?!

This has me feeling EXTRA today! 🙌🏽

Start living YOUR best life today! You’ll thank me later! ❤️

Andy Tylicki @atylicki🔁"The ashes mean I'm a sinner. The shape of the cross means I have a savior."
Ben Myers @bennymyers🔁 kdefilippe
Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

@ St… instagram.com

Gourav azad @AzadGourav🔁

Watch this : twitter.com

Desi @LadyDezCarter🔁
📝Download your copy of the 2018 Lenten Meditation’s Booklet from our webpage at

Suzette Hare @baseline05🔁@ABSCBNNews Good job Yassi, you show humility best way to celebrate Valentines Day! #AshWednesday🙏🏻
Catholic Digest @CatholicDigest🔁As we get used to our Lenten observances, our Eastern rite brothers and sisters have gotten some practice in, if you twitter.com will, a few weeks before .
Don’t do Lent cold turkey
Dutch Hollywood @DutchHollywood1🔁 Couldn't think of a better way to end a busy day. Grateful for so much on this First Day of Lent. And here's wishing all of you a wonderful too! 🙂
Cristina @cribeiro_99🔁Be blessed and thankful for what you have. Never take people who want to be in your life for granted. Materials can b twitter.com e replaced people can’t.
Muriel MORENO @MurielM54141341🔁": You can't spell "VaLENTine's" without "LENT". Ready for
SMILEY TWEETS @smileytweeting🔁With begins the season of Lent! This period is for fasting before celebrating the resurrection on Easter.

Mark 1:15 reads: “'The time promised by God has come at last!' he announced. 'The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!'”

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion @UM_OHEI🔁Are you curious about Lent? Click through 's Headlines for an informational story about the season that started with twitter.com yesterday:
Silver Bullet @SilverBulletPR🔁What a week its been!


And it's not even the weekend yet! twitter.com

🥀CHICAMALA @beastcoastbty🔁AYO, I know ain’t just interrupt my Novela for this announcement. is a murderer. LOCK HIM UP & give him the DEATH P twitter.com ENALTY. BYE!
Cecilia Savage @CeciliaRuloph55🔁 is at hand

Masood Afzal @masoodgohar🔁🌿🍸🍞✝️Messiah Foundation Wishes You A Blessed Lent! 🌿🍸🍞✝️

Pedro Escudero ن @PiterMaikel89🔁Changing of the altarpiece in Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk, Antwerp. Spectacular start to Lent.
Bob Redling @RedlingBob🔁Another faithful witness 36 years on... saying NO to nuclear weapons. Black ribbon: non-supporters/white ribbon supporters of
Plough Publishing @PloughBooks🔁We try to avoid suffering, but Ash Wednesday teaches us that the ashes of repentance must precede the triumph of Palm twitter.com Sunday and the joy of the Resurrection.
Lex huckaby @lexhuckaby🔁Take each day like it’s our last because we all become dust. But God gives salvation to those who believe & have stro twitter.com ng faith.

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”

Joan Blagg @JEBJOAN🔁STAC Championship game vs
Priest Pulse @PriestPulse🔁Check out our latest episode over at the Episcopal Cafe and all of their other great content! twitter.com
Lisa Worthey Smith @lisawsmith57🔁Lent: A Time for via

Please retweet carolaround.com
Marian High School @MarianHigh🔁Marian High students and faculty celebrated Ash Wednesday yesterday with a Prayer Service twitter.com
ESTER @larios_ester🔁HAPPENING NOW: Faith leaders offer love and ashes for in service outside McConnell's office.

CALL CONGRESS to pass a : 478-488-8059

Chakriya Sok @ChakriyaGrace🔁On join us in prayer: Dear Lord, as we enter into this Holy Season we are reminded of your love for us and the extent of that love-We now have hope of eternal life in heaven through the love of God and death of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Dunwoody Police @DunwoodyPolice🔁Enjoyed a wonderful meal & fellowship at fish fry. Thanks goes to the
Fidel Espinoza @LtFEspinoza🔁Enjoyed a wonderful meal & fellowship at fish fry. Thanks goes to the twitter.com
Mass Gravette @MassGravette🔁
discusses social media pitfalls, personal milestones & the joys of writing.....

TBC Schools @tbc_schools🔁Our Lenten Journey begins today.


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