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Ash Wednesday Jon @Young_Chanch🔁 When you combine Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day 😂
Ash Wednesday Ralph Arcellano @ralpharcellano3🔁 ash wednesday
Ash Wednesday Divine King Jesus @DivineKingJesus🔁 Thursday after Ash Wednesday:
Ash WednesdayAsh WednesdayAsh WednesdayAsh Wednesday Angela Keller @akellnet🔁 A lovely Ash Wednesday Whole School Service! #ashtag
Uschie @Uschie5🔁 Happy Ash Wednesday and Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ash Wednesday AFJN @AFJN_DC🔁Watch the coverage of the Ash Wednesday day of prayer and fasting nationwide by Nigerian
Ash Wednesday andra @andre01525🔁 It’s Valentine’s Day & Ash Wednesday you know what that means
Bubbles✨ @plzstoptweeting🔁I enjoy celebrating Ash Wednesday more than Valentines Day.
Ash Wednesday The Onion @TheOnion🔁Mike Pence Clearly Went To Ash Wednesday Services Dozens Of Times
J @JackJ🔁Just met a bunch of fans and Gilinsky didn’t know it was Ash Wednesday and he asked them if they work at the coal mines
erin ryan @morninggloria🔁Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday is like the Catholic sexual guilt supermoon
_.idgaf.lyssa._ @imalyssasegura🔁So since it’s Ash Wednesday which mean lent is here It said to give up something to focus more on God and tomorrow I’m going to say to my math teacher “I’m giveing up my math homework to focus on god”and my brother says “uhhh no you can’t your failing math”
Jonathan McLeod @McJonald15🔁@Jeremia09202384 @MattWalshBlog Good one, you know this happened on Ash Wednesday too right
Ann Simms @annsimmsart🔁Taize Ash Wednesday service on February 14, 2018. We are officially back in the main sanctuary!
Antoniette ♡ @Ant_Pontoni_🔁 Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday is like the Catholic sexual guilt supermoon
Alexandre Sgroi @AlexandreSgroi🔁Today is Ash Wednesday, or the first day of Lent. According to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert, where he endured temptation by Satan. Similarly, lent is observed by fasting for 40 days in preparation for Easter.
Djimon Jackson @jennywifiii🔁 Just met a bunch of fans and Gilinsky didn’t know it was Ash Wednesday and he asked them if they work at the coal mines
Jessica Caban BR 💚💛 @jcabanbr🔁 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ and Happy Ash Wednesday 🙏🏼
B B @burragebarbarar🔁Since Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day converge this year, may we spouses repent of expecting our earthly spouse to be Jesus. Nobody can fill the Jesus vacuum in our hearts but Jesus.
Ted Carroll @mediainvestors🔁Cable News Ratings Graph Ash Wednesday February 14

led ever hour while and went back and forth for a distant 2nd and 3rd place.

miss brittɑny mɑrie @MissBeeMartin🔁@INTERN_E_T It was ash wednesday ya dum fuk
Dawn Meats @dawnmeatsgroup🔁

⒋ Florida

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2018/2/15 14:05 GMT

Tara Paul @Tarapaul🔁Bishop Miehm celebrates a beautiful Ash Wednesday mass with students and staff of as we enter the liturgical season of lent
ResistinginAK @readinginak🔁The spent prayers of Ash Wednesday... risen to God and the action of the Divine response is in…
C A $ $ A N D R A @rmzcassandra10🔁I find it so dumb that people never go to church or believe in God but on Ash Wednesday everyone wants to say they believe in god and they go to church
Juliet 💙 @Mauvais_Fille🔁Big name ‘thoughts & prayers’ haters turn out in droves on Ash Wednesday minutes after school shooting
Maria @MariaRLarson🔁Giving ashes to small kids is hard. I gave them to Adorable 7yr old and 3yr old. Nearly broke halfway through. “Remember that you are dust and to...NOOOOOO!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT MAGIC AND UNICORN SPARKLES!!! YOU WILL LIVE FOREVERREEEE!!!!”. Ash Wednesday struggle is real
Father Andrew @CDOWKpadre🔁Here is last night's Ash Wednesday homily if you want to listen.
Ange Recchia @angesbiz🔁 35 years on from Ash Wednesday: In 1983, Victoria and South Australia were devastated by some of the biggest bushfires in their history. We remember Ash Wednesday 35 years on.
Daphne Clifton @daphnemotivates🔁Quite a few. A couple were pleased to receive their ashes. A small group of children & their guardians received an As h Wednesday talk from Sarah. We did some detached youth work too! Well worth it.
chleo @gothstepdaddy🔁 Ash Wednesday??? More like ass wednesday!!!!

ladies hit my DMs!! (Please I’m so lonely)

Dawn Meats @dawnmeatsgroup🔁

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⒐ Ash Wednesday
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2018/2/15 14:50 GMT

TracyB @TB261🔁Ash Wednesday

Our Lenten journey’s beginning and the start of spring sports call us to sacrifice by giving.

As you seek less for self, how will you be more for others?

ForestFireManagement @FFMVic🔁Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Ash Wednesday bushfires.

We will never forget the devastation of the day and the efforts of emergency services and the community to protect lives, homes, property and our environment.

Samantha Babiiha Kabahuma @BarbieHer_01🔁It's black panther day.
It's Valentine's day.
It's ash Wednesday.

But honestly single people must be restricted this Valentines.😂😂😂

Dawn Meats @dawnmeatsgroup🔁

⒊ Colm Fox

⒌ Wexford

⒎ Florida

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⒑ Ash Wednesday

2018/2/15 16:15 GMT

Rika @thedealmatch🔁Today is Ash Wednesday - are you prepared with your Lenten meal plan? Add this Easy Fish Parmesan Casserole to your menu! Kid approved and super easy! via
Alex @Alexpitmann🔁 Fuck Valentine’s Day. Happy Ash Wednesday to my good catholic friends you know who u are
Salt House @salt_house425🔁ASH WEDNESDAY. We lit candles and prayed, coming to terms with our own mortality and…
Angela Bocage @AngelaBocage🔁Good interview with Sara Miles by Jonathan Merritt re: radical Ash Wednesday practice via
Lindsey @lindseyhargitt🔁Like anyone with a heart I am appalled by the shootings in : May the victims rest in peace. Ash Wednesday is about repentance, and we must repent over the ways we've failed to take meaningful steps to prevent these kinds of killings from happening. These are life issues.
Dominican College @DomCollPStewart🔁Trócaire's visited Dominican College Portstewart this morning where she spoke about this year's Lent campaign at Ash Wednesday Mass.
Robert Walden @RobertWalden4🔁@TheLastWord Mulvaney leaks a few drops of truth on Ash Wednesday. Purgatory calling?
Ariana Gruver @arianaisgrowing🔁On Ash Wednesday, 2018, the sin of omission cost 17 children and adults their lives. Elected officials, are responsib le for the safety of their constituents. Standing by and doing nothing accomplishes just that, nothing.
Devin Cardwell @lil_boat_11🔁Today's combination of Ash Wednesday & Valentine's Day gives us the unique opportunity to focus our hearts on who we love most & Who loves us most. The fact that God gave me my amazing wife blows my mind. The fact that God sent His Son to die for dust like me blows my mind too.
Deo Volente @UsusAntiquiorMd🔁Evening Roundup - Thursday after Ash Wednesday - Missa 'Dum Clamárem' - Commemora.: SS. Faustinus & Jovita, MM. - Feb ruary 15th, 2018

leo @aislingisok🔁DM a boy yesterday saying happy ash Wednesday and he didn't text back wtf
Andrew Klasnic @KlazzAct🔁Today is Officially Lent! started yesterday on Ash Wednesday. BUT - it was also…
Sheryll Bonness @SaritaBdeG🔁 @votevets Today, Ash Wednesday, we were asked to help others. I’d like to pray that #congress take action about guns
Logan Nosko @LoganNosko🔁@nadiaprenatt Not when you go for wings and they have fish because it’s Ash Wednesday

PRIEST: Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Also, these are the ashes of your love life.

J. P. Rikas @WitchDrBooks🔁 Forget your Super Blue Blood Moon... What about the Olympic Valentine’s Ash Wednesday trifecta?
Angela Keller @akellnet🔁Father Tim helped us begin the season of Lent by leading our Ash Wednesday liturgy this morning. He burned the palms and made the sign of the cross on our foreheads.
'Hear the Gospel; turn away from sin.'
Helen Pockett @helenpockett🔁I have never seen anyone with ash on their forehead on Ash Wednesday before and this year I saw six people. Is Christ ianity making a comeback?
Yabsss💫 @laineebrj🔁 Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day, which only means that love also requires sacrifice ❤️
Mark Walker @MarkovWalker🔁Fun fact- today is, in fact, the Feast of St Valentine. It can’t fall on Ash Wednesday, so it got pushed back. So rea lly you’re just celebrating his Feast in the best way possible.
Angela Resendi-Latif @DameBelleRose🔁On this day of days, this Valentine's Ash Wednesday, allow me for no good reason to literally count all of the speculative poems I've written so far that are also love poems, because I am the same sap I was in high school:
Jeannie McCann @mccann_jeannie🔁 from joined FR Raymond from & for today’s Lenten Ash Wednesday service.
Brenda Magno @BrendaMagno11🔁Happy Valentine's day to you and your wife, happy ash Wednesday thank you for reminding me. No Pepsi til Easter, its my biggest weakness but I can do it.
Karen Nahous @Karennahous🔁 if you walking normal ash wednesday , you ain’t do carnival right boo
a.w.m.e 🇭🇳 @ant_meh🔁 Its Ash wednesday and all you ladies eating meat tonight, yall going to hell.
brown leo dicaprio @meensmems🔁i didn’t even know yesterday was ash Wednesday bc no one in Seattle is religious
OakvilleNDP @NDPOakville🔁I just gave a real talk presentation on sexual violence at a uniformed Catholic high school on Ash Wednesday.

Don’t say it can’t be done!

Ginger Physics/shane @slf138🔁@MuddPuttle ash wednesday?....I remeber that
Matthew Roth @MatthewJRoth🔁Church is always crowded on Ash Wednesday, despite there being no obligation to attend. The call to reflection and repentance, to return home, sounds deeply in the human heart.
pepe silvia 🧖‍♀️ @Sithgaylord🔁had no idea it was ash wednesday... it didn't even occur to me when i saw people with the ash on their forehead... just thought it was a weird day...
Dominican College @DomCollPStewart🔁 from joined FR Raymond from & for today’s Lenten Ash Wednesday service.
GMF acre @gergaflood2🔁 "Opening Lent, pope urges people to slow down, rediscover power of silence" -
Ribs @g8erlaw68🔁@champsuperstar Me too...yesterday...and they failed to include my Mardi Gras Mustard...on Ash Wednesday.
johnny dollar @johnnydollar01🔁Cable News Ratings Ash Wednesday February 14

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adebowale james @sweetlovememore🔁Ash Wednesday significance and saint Valentine’s Day


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