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#AsAChildIDreamed Janni Rae @JanShar44080635🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed of having cats. Now I dream of having a full time litter box staff 😲
Helmet Man Cometh @brickinthewall3🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed
I wouldn't have nightmares like this
Mart00nz @Mart00nz🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed of being an adult
GeekyGayTexan @DuaneSimolke🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed of owning a pinball machine...I love pinball.👍🏻😀🎮
Jana Kramer @kramergirl🔁 that if you wish upon a Star it would come true and I believe it still does. What did u dream? ! twitter.com
Johnathon Schaech @JohnSchaech🔁#AsAChildIDreamed I dreamed I’d do That Thing You Do! And do it again and again......again.
Jillian @Pheramuse🔁Come join me & my super special guest with a fun hashtag game. that hugs would solve everything .
Part of & cr twitter.com ew
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of a prince
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of a princec
N Miller @yield2yetis🔁 one day I could be as smart as the President of the United States.

Looks like my dream came true.

SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed true love
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of love
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of games
Sarah Smith @IsSarahSassy🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of being an adult. Now, as an adult, I dream of being a child. #funnyhowthatworks
Zachary Gregoire @AllInOneComedy🔁 of being a superhero and seeing flying cars, I'm not a superhero and cars still don't fly. Now I dream of getting a twitter.com refund on my taxes.
Pamela Ackerson @pamackerson🔁I dreamed of becoming a psychoanalyst who wrote novels on the side--well 50% success rate's not bad... #AsAChildIDreamed
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of adult life
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of adult shit
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of fairytales
GeekyGayTexan @DuaneSimolke🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed that Batman would actually arrive and save me.
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of candy
SNAP🌟Countryqueenxo @ohh_tayy_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of you
Heather Suzanne @HeatherAyers2🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of becoming a meteorologist and doing Weather with Heather lol
Jasmine Waterman @accordingtojazz🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of having my own talk show one day. I hope to make it happen
805stranger @1AlexDeLaCruz🔁#AsAChildIDreamed about having all those gadgets from The Jetsons
Acrown Holder @cohlahs82🔁Like Mike if I could be like Mike #AsAChildIDreamed
Nancy @FhancyNancy🔁#AsAChildIDreamed having my own prodigy. 😊🤗
Dusky HuskE @ajdusky1🔁#AsAChildIDreamed
that I could be an adult, now that I'm a teen I wish I could go back to being ten :(
Climate Change @350Arkansas🔁 that everyone would be treated the same.

My 7 year old still has that dream, which means we still have work to do.

I don't want him fighting the same battles we are having today when he has a child of his own.

Kathleen Hansen @Katenh52🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of the same things I do now.
Incumbent Of Supreme @govivaloco🔁

"As A Child You Know
Tether Ball Championships,
Chuck Norris Karate Moves
& 867-530🎼niii twitter.com ne

William @nucloid93🔁I mostly had night terrors as a child. I would always dream about running away from something or falling from huge h twitter.com eights. Very little that I had enjoyable dreams even to this day. Nowadays I dream that im yelling at someone. Always angry in dreams.
John Ballance @Jbxpress🔁 #AsAChildIDreamed I’d be a millionaire...apparently, I’m still dreaming
Pamela C @pamica🔁#asachildidreamed I️ was one of the Boxcar Children.
Annefesto @Annefesto🔁#AsAChildIDreamed that I had to drive a car but didn't know how.
Mickey Mighty Head @McMyTHead🔁#AsAChildIDreamed of being a teenager. As a teenager I dreamed of being an adult. As an adult I dream of being Ozzy Osbourne.
Rickys Distinguished @Sergio_De_Leon_🔁#AsAChildIDreamed I would own my own IT business. #However I work at a call center. #CrushedDreams
Queen of Typos @mfore0142🔁 #asachildidreamed of having a cottage where I can escape.
RejectedSnappleFacts @RejectFacts🔁A recent survey of kindergartens found their most frequent dreams are to become doctors and to see at a Dave & Bust twitter.com ers



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