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Melanie 🦁 @MelanieRoyce7🔁 CHILE 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 @PrinceRoyce #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce Shayna @Shayna_Royce🔁 RT If you want to see @PrinceRoyce go on tour this year.
Melanie 🦁 @MelanieRoyce7🔁 I’m not playing anymore, WE WANT ROYCE !!!! 😂 @PrinceRoyce #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Melanie 🦁 @MelanieRoyce7🔁 me encanta verlo feliz,my heart is happy 😍 @PrinceRoyce #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce fans_de_prince_royce🦁 @_RoyceTeAmo_🔁 So proud #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce FOLLOW ME ROYCE🙏❤ @WendolynRoyce🔁@PrinceRoyce #1AñoDeFIVE l am so proud of you😊💕 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce @PrinceRoyce
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce Ari✌✌ @ariadnamaestre🔁 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce LIVE NOW —> chilevision.cl #Viña2018
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce Prince Royce @PrinceRoyce🔁All love 💙 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce Emeraude Toubia @EmeraudeToubia🔁#ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce LIVE NOW —> chilevision.cl #Viña2018
Yasani🌙Royce's Troll @thegirlyasi🔁@PrinceRoyce Proud of you baby! #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
TeamRoyce😈😻💙 @TeamRoyceR🔁 Even though I work early tomorrow I’m still staying up to watch @PrinceRoyce 💙 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Toubia’s Fans.✨ @toubiaaddicted🔁Happy Birthday @Shanellix 💓


fans_de_prince_royce🦁 @_RoyceTeAmo_🔁 @PrinceRoyce You did amazing like always #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
fans_de_prince_royce🦁 @_RoyceTeAmo_🔁 goals would it be to go on stage and dance bachata with royce. #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
fans_de_prince_royce🦁 @_RoyceTeAmo_🔁 @oopsroyce #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce tres
fans_de_prince_royce🦁 @_RoyceTeAmo_🔁 Royce has earned the love and respect of so many people, I'm so proud. #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
FOLLOW ME ROYCE🙏❤ @WendolynRoyce🔁@PrinceRoyce One year of five baby l am so proud of you😊💕 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce @PrinceRoyce
Toubia’s Fans.✨ @toubiaaddicted🔁holaaa I’m back #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce

Lesly 🦁 @leslyvigil_02🔁 rt if you think Royce should do a FIVE tour part 2 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Lesly 🦁 @leslyvigil_02🔁 @PrinceRoyce your trending at #2 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Deja Vu @proudofroyce🔁@PrinceRoyce I’m so proud of you #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Deja Vu @proudofroyce🔁@PrinceRoyce You did amazing like always #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Jessica Figueroa @JessiRoyceRojas🔁You were amazing last night, I really really enjoyed your performance, congrats on the two awards. twitter.com
Ruby 💙 @barajasruby13🔁@PrinceRoyce You did amazing ❤️❤️So proud of you 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️ #Viña2018 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Gretchen🦁 @gretchen_rm🔁@PrinceRoyce THE BEST!!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Rσуcє fαиѕ Nιcαrαgυα @TeamRoyceNic🔁goals would it be to go on stage and dance bachata with royce. #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Rσуcє fαиѕ Nιcαrαgυα @TeamRoyceNic🔁Royce has earned the love and respect of so many people, I'm so proud. #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce
Ganas Locas @DeliciousRoyce🔁@oopsroyce #ArtistaDelFestivalPrinceRoyce tres


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