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Amanda Tinney @amandatinney🔁Disney on Broadway Live at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts 🎭 #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot Mr. DAPs @mrdaps🔁 Expression section lets you paint by numbers in a collaborative mural #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot OrlandoTourismReport @OrlandoPodcast🔁A trip to Epcot wouldn’t complete without seeing British Revolution for me- Ed @WDWToday #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot Diane Banks @Diane_Banks🔁 This chalk art is pretty incredible! #ArtfulEpcot #WaltDisneyWorld
#ArtfulEpcot Mr. DAPs @mrdaps🔁 Well that came along nicely #Figment #ArtfulEpcot
DAPs Magic @DAPs_Magic🔁To end the show, they’re doing a medley from upcoming #Frozen musical #DisneyOnBroadway #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot 🌡ごめす☔@福岡よろレジェ @revomisa🔁 Pan-seared Scallop from The Artist’s Table. #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot Tiff Prendergast @wdwdisneyland7🔁 The debut of the #Skyliner poster at #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot raquel ! ⛅️ @raquelcalvobm🔁 Disney Skyliner Attraction Poster! #ArtfulEpcot #WaltDisneyWorld
#ArtfulEpcot Tiff Prendergast @wdwdisneyland7🔁 So many colorful photo ops at #artfulepcot Festival of the Arts! @WDWToday #waltdisneyworld
#ArtfulEpcot Tiberius Benetus @tylerskippy🔁 This is the Annual Passholder print available for the duration of #ArtfulEpcot.
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot Clara Bardot @ClaraWonders🔁 So many delicious things at Festival of the Arts!!! #Epcot #ArtfulEpcot #WDW
Theme Park Review @ThemeParkReview🔁Kevin Massey and Jenn Gambatese performing "Love is an Open Door" @WDWToday #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot Beth🦑 @plasticsquidart🔁 Coming Soon to the old margarita stand area in Mexico. #artfulepcot
#ArtfulEpcot Wen💟 @messydelight🔁Flash back Friday -Festival of the Arts 2017 #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot The Main Street Moms @mainstreetmoms🔁Love the hands-on mural wall at Epcot Festival of the Arts. Did you paint a few squares? #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot Toby Disney Chapman✨ @tobydisneychap🔁 Here’s the finished product and postcard you get when you paint. #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot Laura Metzing @lrraahh🔁 Annual Passholder exclusive items #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot hold on to your dookie, its about to get spooky🍍 @hecallsmePP🔁I’m art. #ArtfulEpcot @WDWToday
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot AdamAppleseed @AdamAppleseedE8🔁 Paint by the Numbers features many different colored Figments. #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot DAPs Magic @DAPs_Magic🔁Short rib from Cuisine Classique# #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot joe @dsnyjoex🔁 Figment welcomes guests to #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot Tink1110 @Tinkie1110🔁 Photo spot at The American Adventure #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot ゆき @0914yuki🔁 Takumi Table in Japan allows you to put your name in a custom sake wooden cup. #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot DAPs Magic @DAPs_Magic🔁Coconut rice cake #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot#ArtfulEpcot MouseInfo❄ @MouseInfo🔁So, like, not the worst seats 😎 #ArtfulEpcot
#ArtfulEpcot MickeyXtreme.net @MickeyXtreme🔁Back at #ArtfulEpcot for the Disney Broadway show at #WaltDisneyWorld #Epcot
#ArtfulEpcot Shannon 💜 @WickedDreamer🔁 Limited edition pins #artfulepcot
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is kicking off today! What are you most excited to experience this seaso twitter.com n?
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁Today we checked out the "Trailblazing Ladies of Disney Animation" seminar, led by the author of "Ink & Paint: The W twitter.com omen of Walt Disney's Animation." Learn more about exciting seminars that you can attend at here:
LaughingPlace.com @laughing_place🔁A display of Disney Attractions Posters in the Festival Showplace includes a look at the Skyliner next to and Tokyo twitter.com Disneyland Skyways.
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁@bobnofun Hooray!! We hope you had a magical time at #ArtfulEpcot, Bob!
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁@onthegoinmco Woo-hoo! We're so excited!!! #ArtfulEpcot
Ivette @BroadwayDreams8🔁Having fun getting our art on! … instagram.com
Attractions Magazine @Attractions🔁Great show & Epcot's Festival of the Arts They previewed Keep sharing your love.
Main Street North✨ @mainstreetnorth🔁We are headed to #ArtfulEpcot tomorrow morning! Follow along on Instagram (MainStreetNorth)
Jeff Reisdorf @Jeph216🔁Mix red and gold, from autumn flowers; purple and blue, from twilight hours. Green summer hills, and rainbows play a twitter.com part.  A painter’s brush, a work of
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁@MontriaAnderson It's so much fun! You'll have to let us know what your favorite part is! #ArtfulEpcot
Tink1110 @Tinkie1110🔁From The Painter’s Palate new this year is the Trio of Savory Croissant Doughnuts and Popcorn Pairing Flight.
Chip and Company @chipandcompany🔁We had a wonderful day at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts! Hope everyone enjoyed following along!
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Bonnie Cribbs @boatingBonnieC🔁So excited for Disney On Broadway Concert Series! #artfulepcot instagram.com
LaughingPlace.com @laughing_place🔁Broadway stars from Disney’s Tarzan, Kevin Massey and Jenn Gambatese give a intimate preview of the Epcot Internation twitter.com al Festival of the Arts Broadway Series performing Something to Believe In from Newsies.
Pooh @disneysealand🔁Loving the Disney Attraction Posters from at the Odyssey Festival Showplace
Wen💟 @messydelight🔁I’m so excited!! Only a few more weeks until Festival of the Arts ! 🎨 #ArtfulEpcot
Walt Disney World Today @WDWToday🔁@lcarreradesign We are so excited for #ArtfulEpcot!
Disney Pins Blog @DisneyPinsBlog🔁Here is a look at Figment's Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt Pins! Details: disneypinsblog.com twitter.com
Karen Fernandez @Fernandez4ever🔁Artist Greg McCullough designed the official art for this year’s . It has lots of hidden Mickeys, characters and other Epcot icons:
✨Laura Fernandez ✨ @Mystery_Girl14🔁Show your Artistic Side and become part of the masterpiece.
John T Goltz @jtgoltz🔁Great show & Epcot's Festival of the Arts They previewed Keep sharing your love. twitter.com
Pat Jeanetti @dailywaltdisney🔁The best part of the Disney on Broadway concert series at is hearing original songs from the Broadway series, not included in the films themselves!
D Gagnon @DGagnon5🔁The Democrats always want to take more money out of our pockets but in reality they leave office with millions of dol twitter.com lars in their pockets and Leaving trust funds for their grandchildren without paying taxes. what a bunch of liars and cheaters
strangeattractor @strangeattracto🔁 LIVE from the promenade Epcot International Festival of the Arts. #ArtfulEpcot: youtu.be via @YouTube
Lou Mongello @LouMongello🔁LIVE from the promenade Epcot International Festival of the Arts. #ArtfulEpcot: youtu.be via @YouTube
Amanda Tinney @amandatinney🔁Dear you’ve really outdone yourself International Festival of the Arts 🎭 twitter.com
Chip and Company @chipandcompany🔁Show your Artistic Side and become part of the masterpiece. twitter.com
Undercover Tourist @ThemeParkFrog🔁The best part of the Disney on Broadway concert series at is hearing original songs from the Broadway series, not i twitter.com ncluded in the films themselves!
Danielle Manley @mrsDmanley🔁Man, I wanna be at #ArtfulEpcot instead of #FrozenTundra twitter.com


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