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Arsenal #Can'tWait Is Out! 💥 @1RealTray🔁 Friend: Arsenal are loosing again.


Arsenal TheycallmeDrizzle @drizzle_melanin🔁 Teacher: What's the meaning of AIDS
Pupil : Arsenal Is Dying Slowly


Arsenal GistReel.Com© @StraitTwistedMe🔁Which mid team can I use to play FIFA tournament that I won’t regret using?

Apart from Arsenal?

AA ron @AaGandu🔁 Wenger is really breaking these Arsenal fans bit by bit.
DatGoonerGuy @Goonermikie🔁 Going to work on a Monday morning after watching Arsenal.
Arsenal moe @bigmoetbh🔁 Rob from Arsenal fan TV on the Rolex website after that second Brighton goal went in
ArsenalArsenal LakeGraphics @askofmehere🔁 Away goals in the Premier League this season per 90:

Arsenal (1.1)
Harry Kane (1.1)


Arsenal Flows V @FlowsVitality🔁 When a Chelsea fan meets an Arsenal fan
I am Abdul @Dan_isah1🔁 Wenger is really breaking these Arsenal fans bit by bit.
Freezy @Calfreezy🔁Right, well that’s that then. Fml. Arsenal are so dead. Fav & RT this and I’ll pick a winner tonight and you can choose if it’s a PS4/Xbox
Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5🔁Confidence through the floor.
Worst arsenal TEAM I have seen in my time.
Talent alone has never been enough.
J HUS @Jhus🔁How are guys meant to quit smoking when guys support Arsenal.
إبراهيم @Makelelekan_04🔁OFFICIAL: Arsenal can mathematically no longer win the Premier League this season.

Just incase you still had some hope. 😉

Jayna Kliner @JaynaRDaviskz🔁FVCG Chelsea, Arsenal set to miss out in EPL's top-4 race
Dhemoo @adewusidemola🔁 Dangote should just come and buy Arsenal and turn it into cement factory please
NinaBeana @GinaThomasson🔁It’s been a difficult week as an fan.. Thursday doesn’t look encouraging -we can only hope that the players have the integrity to play as professionals for their supporters and have pride in the club.
David Sexton @Thewallet🔁Arsène Wenger insists he is ‘still the right man for the job’ at Arsenal | Football | The Guardian
Andrew Martin @Andrewm1396🔁 How are guys meant to quit smoking when guys support Arsenal.
Mike Scolz @skulzy87🔁Are Arsenal taking the piss? This is hilarious #WengerIN
R @R_BCAFC🔁 Holding a Wenger OUT banner whilst wearing a half and half scarf, Arsenal fans in a nutshell.
The Swedish Viking @Tillakata🔁You showed more in 10 mins than some players have showed all season, I really hope you get a chance on Thursday, well done today.
️ @stedgu🔁Premier League table since Spurs 4-1 Liverpool on October 22nd:

1. Man City - 50 points
2. Liverpool - 47 points
3. Man Utd- 39 points
4. Spurs - 38 points
5. Chelsea - 37 points
6. Arsenal - 29 points

Also scored the most (54) and conceded the 2nd fewest goals (16) since then.

Mia Coombs @coombs_mia🔁Thierry Henry on managing Arsenal: "If you love a place and they ask - I repeat, they ask - for help, you are always going to say yes."
Liam Mulryne @LiamMulryne🔁Oh man . Earlier he was talking and was saying can you see this on the screen and they were all saying no just tell u s 😂
Zul @idrisdq🔁Laurent Koscielny broke down in tears during a crisis meeting between the Arsenal players because his children had been asking him why the club were so bad. []
Caleb @coluwagbemiga🔁Alumnia

All left Arsenal and became better keepers.

Cech came to Arsenal and became a worse goalkeeper.

Has anyone in the club asked questions of our Goalkeeping coaching staff? Or do we just pretend there’s no problem in that department?

The Swedish Viking @Tillakata🔁Frustrating result this afternoon, but very proud to have made my debut.⚽️👊🏾
the klopp/mcgregor dawn❤💚 @adamgottalent🔁Waiting for Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher to analyse Arsenal and Chelsea on Monday Night Football.
jack ottewell @jackblue82🔁Dare I say it fellow blues, with every game we play we are turning into arsenal😠😠😠
femi. @ModernAfrican🔁people laugh at me when i say i'm an arsenal fan.
eitch™ @harfeizz🔁 Kanu Nwankwo saw the future and set up his heart foundation to help Arsenal fans survive heart break.
إبراهيم @Makelelekan_04🔁4 - Arsenal have lost four games in a row in all competitions for the first time since October 2002. Nightmare.
Greg Ferguson @GFerg7878🔁It has been 16 days since Mueller’s criminal indictments of Russians, and still no comment or action by Trump - even as Putin brags about his nuclear arsenal using a video hitting Florida!Media-you need to stay on this topic!
Republicans- shame on you for your silent complicity!
αιεχ @AlexWFCVernon🔁@Arsenal COJONES?!? This is 4 times in a row!!
Thommas @jlevi53🔁Arsenal 0-3 Man City | We Are Not A Big Club Anymore!! (Claude & Ty Rant) via @YouTube
Chad Hogan @SerArthurDayne9🔁Arsenal are linked with every player in Europe it doesn’t count. They’ve been linked with draxler since he was in hi s dads ball sack
Gemma 52% @52Anastasia🔁I don’t feel sorry for Arsenal fans at all but I do feel sorry for Wenger. He should’ve quit years ago an went out while he had the respect of the fans.
Prince Uzo Ikechukwu @princeuzor🔁@lasbreyE Arsenal is on bonus spree. 😂😂😂
Allan Moturi @moturiA🔁FACT: Henrikh Mkhitaryan has already lost 4 games with ....

....he lost 5 in his 2-season spell at . 😳🤦‍♂️

Iestyn1421 @iestyn1421🔁"It's nearly impossible now, we are too far behind."

Arsene Wenger has accepted Arsenal's top-four hopes are slim.


Gav D @gavla2411🔁 The options for Aaron Ramsey as his Arsenal future looks in doubt
ᴬ ᴳᵁᴺᴺᴱɌ ᵑᵃᵐᵉᵈ Bafa @bafarvin🔁 4th of March and not a single Arsenal player has reached 10 goals for the season in all competitions.
7 @WA93__🔁 Arsenal getting bullied at the seaside looool do you know how funny that sentence is
KIPCHUMBA @iamkipchumba🔁Pep Guardiola just roared with unrestrained joy at City’s fans, then hugged every one of his players, subs & support team.
His passion, enthusiasm, desire & intensity rages from every pore. What a manager, what a side.
They’re everything Wenger’s Arsenal used to be.
Fourth_fale @_skillerTaiwo🔁Chelsea in 2018:

D 2-2 Arsenal
D 0-0 Norwich
D 0-0 Arsenal
D 0-0 Leicester
D 1-1 Norwich
W 4-0 Brighton
L 1-2 Arsenal
W 3-0 Newcastle
L 0-3 B'mouth
L 1-4 Watford
W 3-0 WBA
W 4-0 Hull
D 1-1 Barcelona
L 1-2 Man Utd
L 0-1 Man City

Lost for words.

Hesham Elkouha @Elkouha🔁#arsenal are 18 points ahead of relegation zone but 33 points adrift from #ManCity. OMG😨
Nana @OpokuOxlade🔁Wenger has given me the greatest and worse Arsenal days. I loved the man & will always respect him. I can never hate him. I just want him to go. With each game he is doing more damage to himself & the club. Resign Arsene. You did your best
Bashir @Bash_Sadiq🔁11 - Arsenal are now 11 Premier League games without a clean sheet, their longest run since February 2002 (also 11). Disastrous.
Nigel Moore @Mooro1974🔁@kaz334 Not the Arsenal highlights on again?
Bairn Identity @JamieLArchibald🔁Easy to see why Ederson has the gloves at City, he’s quality. That’s the kind of business Arsenal need to do, but don ’t have the ambition.
John Harrington™ @johnny_harr🔁 Mkhitaryan has already lost 4 games at Arsenal, despite only losing 5 during his 2 seasons at #mufc #mulive [@sporf]
alex elmes @tickle_me_elmez🔁Chelsea are completely different though, Arsenal are run as a club - balancing the books etc Chelsea have an blank ch equebook waiting every other season. Wenger should have walked 3/4 years ago imo but i suppose he has won cups in that time
Lindsay Jack @Linzjack🔁 You see what I love about shoving anal beads up my ass, is that it’s still better than being an Arsenal fan.
P€N€M @hafizmazlan_🔁As an admin of Troll Football, i want Arsene Wenger to remain the manager of Arsenal till the day he takes his last breathe and i hope he lives a veryyyy long life. Without him, we won't even exist.
Mr Smith @Smith64389516Mr🔁The director of the Pentagon’s DARPA warned that it is time for America to come to grips with the fact that a national push is needed if the U.S. is to keep pace with competitors in the hypersonic realm | via .
Am Thee @kj_jnr1🔁 If I was an arsenal fan, i wouldn't still be watching this game #ARSMCI
Antony @Oluamber🔁If Wenger truly loves , which he undoubtedly does, then he will do what is best for the Club and that is resign. He once lifted Arsenal up. Now he's dragging them down with his stubbornness, failure to recruit leaders & inability to organise them defensively. It's time to go.
Gunners Fans @arsenalnewsonly🔁#Gooners #Gunners #AFC #COYG Arsenal: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Chukwujekwu Goldberg @Doublekhings🔁@marcel_marizu Yeah.. even my village club can beat arsenal
Spirit Of Lasgidi @SpiritOfLasgidi🔁aRSENAL all you need now is
DANGOTE,at least if not for anything,the cement in order to hold your defence..

7 @Floyd_Stunner🔁 In last week’s Cup Final Arsenal had 44% of the game v City. Today Chelsea had 28% and not one shot in target. Thoughts?
Joss @TheycallmeanOG🔁 Fairplay to Arsenal. They did the whole Ferguson to Moyes thing without even sacking the manager.


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