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#Arrowverse Kenrick Bautista @KenrickBautist2🔁 #Arrowverse Crossover 2017 Crisis on Earth-X
#Arrowverse Mr. Dystopian @MDystopian🔁@DCComics @Philjimeneznyc It's time you guys brought Azrael into the #Arrowverse
#Arrowverse Christian Guifarro @ChrisGuifarro4🔁#Arrowverse #earthx @MzKatieCassidy @JulianaHarkavy @caitylotz let see who the evil canary on crossover episode
ReplayReplayReplay @ReplayReplayRe🔁When CW announces another Arrow and Flash crossover as if it hasnt happen already... lol #Arrowverse
#Arrowverse Al Mega @TheRealAlMega🔁 #Arrowverse Crossover To Be Called ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ @TheCW
Comicbook.com @ComicBook🔁BREAKING: First look at the #ARROWVERSE Crossover - CRISIS ON EARTH X! Full Article: comicbook.com
Andy Behbakht @AndyBehbakht🔁Why hello there.....


Jarett Wieselman @JarettSays🔁Russell Tovey cast as gay superhero The Ray in The CW's event! He'll also voice char's CW Seed cartoon twitter.com
Team Olicity🎯💚 @flarrow_city🔁 THE HYPE IS REAL!!! CAPS ON!! #ARROWVERSE #CRISISONEARTHX twitter.com



Chanda Brandt @ChandaBrandt🔁.@russelltovey is coming to the #Arrowverse! 🤗 twitter.com
Mari @mari_westallen🔁Send some MAJOR LOVE to artist for his epic work on the crossover artwork!
Marc David Gaudry @MarcDavidGaudry🔁Why hello there.....

Harry ⚓️ @Charmed_Liar🔁@russelltovey playing The Ray in this year #Arrowverse Crossover episode make me incredibly happy!! The fact he is gay as well is ace!!
glo ♡ @westallllens🔁 officially confirmed! Heroes fighting Earth-X villains! The 4-way crossover is lit! What are you excited for?
Candicanes United @CandicanesU🔁 #Arrowverse crossover news + Q&A! #theflash #arrow #supergirl #legendsoftomorrow #dctv pscp.tv
Spiro Skentzos @spirographo🔁So excited about this comic book crossover come to life! Check it out Nov 27 & 28th! #ArrowSeason6 #arrowverse twitter.com
Harry ⚓️ @Charmed_Liar🔁Russell Tovey to play gay hero The Ray in this year's crossover! via bleedingcool.com
CarterMatt TV @CarterMattTV🔁 #Quantico actor Russell Tovey to play The Ray in CW seed series, #Arrowverse crossover cartermatt.com
We Are Lotzers @caitylotzarmy🔁Russell Tovey to play gay hero The Ray in this year's crossover! via bleedingcool.com ref="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/911329436959682561" target="_blank">twitter.com
Pyrus Masquerade @PyrusMasquerade🔁Russell Tovey Joins The Arrowverse As The Ray...

Karamel 🌟 @karamelfreak🔁Which character of has to be on the crossover?
gabbOO @rtroubledtimes🔁its fall season for DCTV #Arrowverse
Ryan Belk @rbelk_94🔁BREAKING: First look at the Crossover - CRISIS ON EARTH X! Full Article: comicbook.com
Arrowverse∙tv @arrowverse🔁 : "Crisis on Earth X": goo.gl ://twitter.com/i/web/status/911328302425563136" target="_blank">twitter.com
Ben 'Ben' Weldon @Thebenweldon🔁The #Arrowverse crossover involves nazi punching and it feels like @GBerlanti is openly flirting with me.
ReplayReplayReplay @ReplayReplayRe🔁A few of the times we've had an Arrowverse & Flash crossover since Barry was introduced to the expanding DC tv univer twitter.com se.
Marc David Gaudry @MarcDavidGaudry🔁The 4-Part Crossover has a title & new cover art! Expect to see battle an evil counterpart?
gabbOO @rtroubledtimes🔁this is literally the best crossover episode i can tell #Arrowverse
gabbOO @rtroubledtimes🔁I"M SO READY FOR THE WESTALLEN WEDDING #Arrowverse
Luckykid96 @cfabio4🔁YES! I love this storyline! Can't wait to see how CW adapts it! #arrowverse fb.me
Zoe @ZoeMeier2🔁Am I the only one who hates crossovers when they involve shows I don’t watch? #Arrowverse
Taylor Marcello @taylormar7777🔁#Arrowverse this is going to be awesome !!!!! twitter.com
Rob Wolkenbrod @RealRobWolkey🔁The episode title of the crossover , , , and is here!
The Flash Podcast @TheFlashPodcast🔁#Arrowverse crossover news + Q&A! #theflash #arrow #supergirl #legendsoftomorrow #dctv pscp.tv
Josh Kingsley @josh_va2🔁THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! #Arrowverse twitter.com
Christian Guifarro @ChrisGuifarro4🔁@officialrickg #Arrowverse who wild dog earth x villain be
Priscilla Yecora @priscillayecora🔁The 2017 crossover key art is full of teasers: Let’s break them down! hiddenremote.com
ReplayReplayReplay @ReplayReplayRe🔁Title it "Arrowverse". Then everyone will lose their minds to it & act as if a Arrow & Flash crossover has happened a twitter.com 100 times😂
SuperheroMod @superhero_mod🔁 .@russelltovey as #TheRay in that CW #Arrowverse crossover!!
Jonah Auck/The Jawa @JonahAuck🔁#Arrowverse WHO ELSE IS EXCITED!?!?!?


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