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Sarah B @par_chance5🔁@trigidytroy What's a ARROWHEAD water? Who tf is trusting a water name "arrowhead"?
ArrowheadArrowhead Kellee Kraft @Arrowhead_Lib🔁@ArrowheadES parents anxiously waiting for our 2nd graders to begin their program! #TheSeussical @bengillikin1
Arrowhead マキャモン Consist 7770🐫 @TEC_Arrowhead🔁SAYOU #あしたのジョー #abematv
Arrowhead Affordable Haywood @AffordHaywood🔁29 ARROWHEAD LANE #WAYNESVILLE NC $150,000 2BD 2BA #realestate
Pittsburgh Steelers @steelers🔁Week 6.
Arrowhead Stadium.
Arrowhead Kansas City Chiefs @Chiefs🔁Sunday Funday at Arrowhead!

#PITvsKC #ChiefsKingdom

Kansas City Chiefs @Chiefs🔁When you wake up and remember it is gameday at Arrowhead!

#PITvsKC #ChiefsKingdom

D'Angelo @ExactQuotes🔁 ALL WATER DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME because:

1. arrowhead water taste like shit

Evanelly @_velvetavenue🔁 if you drink arrowhead water you can’t be trusted, period🤒
KarenErnest @kerenest37🔁Echo echo echo... 😊 Here's the official video of Melissa singing the National Anthem at Arrowhead Stadium!

ʏ|i⅃ ✨ @lilyyfloweer🔁 "all water tastes the same"

First of all, arrowhead water tastes like shit

Sam Graham @samgrahambo🔁Looking for an exciting new career? If you are interested in becoming an NFL Wide Receiver, send your resume to One Arrowhead Dr!
#TeamCandyCorn @caseystacopizza🔁@turtleheadjoe still at the airport and think I just saw your dad. Van Halen shirt, Superman hat, arrowhead necklace?
Zachariah's Acres @ZachariahsAcres🔁Our special guests from Arrowhead, OHS, and the YMCA were hard at work today cleaning up the gardens and planting...
Part Mart @CarPartMart🔁The Rock Cabin - Event Space in Lake Arrowhead
celeny @ohcelenahyx🔁 "All water tastes the same"
First of all, arrowhead tastes like shit
Will Ball @thatoneduude🔁@alienmilktea Na arrowhead is the best!
Andy Reid @Chief_Walrus🔁Looking for an exciting new career? If you are interested in becoming an NFL Wide Receiver, send your resume to One Arrowhead Dr! #CHIEFS
RAUL @RaulsBrainLeft🔁@WonderWendyy_ These are big fax bc arrowhead garbage but u gotta describe the flavor of water itself not the quality lmaooo
Tom Dapp @tdapp22🔁Haha I’m a Skins fan and was at the Arrowhead game 2 weeks ago. We lost but it was an awesome game! Doctson has to ho ld on to that ball.
Metaphor-a-Minute! @metaphorminute🔁an arrowhead is a mailer: incarnadine, loopable
€£¥#%•$ @dskjfdjnhsjfj🔁Eagles controlled that game for 3 and 1/2 quarters. Hunt had 15 carries for 20 yards up until McLeod got injured and right after he broke off for 50 yard td. Eagles win that game if it's on neural playing field and not in arrowhead. But it's w.e I like when eagles are underdogs
kimberly balderas @kiimberlyyyb🔁 "all water tastes the same"

first of all, arrowhead tastes like shit

John Sheehan @JohnWSheehan🔁@ChrisWesseling Arrowhead? #ChiefsKingdom
Yalin Ayakli @yalinayakli🔁Road trippin w/ in palm desert and lake arrowhead.
Arrowhead Brewing Co @ArrowheadBrew🔁 is this Saturday! Poutine competition and beer! How much better can it get?
Charlestown RI @Charlestown_RI🔁Another reason why Arrowhead is a Charlestown Local Hero
Mitchell Fink @themitchellfink🔁@ChrisWesseling This is a great topic. I will turn games off (or watch) based on this metric. Your fav? Arrowhead for me
Chiefs SportSpyder @ChiefsSpyder🔁[Fansided: Arrowhead Addict] Cairo Santos looks good in new practice video #Chiefs
Kellee Kraft @Arrowhead_Lib🔁Mrs. Kraft's library lunch bunch got started today with a Magic Tree House Book.
Danielle Bukal @OCONBukal🔁Congrats to our Volleyball Team! Cheer on the team in Secctionals, 10/21, 7pm, @ OHS! via
party gets me wetter @LexiiDadiee🔁@c__spice probably bc u drink arrowhead
party gets me wetter @LexiiDadiee🔁@c__spice u drink arrowhead??? 😬 #shunshunshun
AC @AndresCanales11🔁Exactly. I’d rather buy a $5 bottled water instead of going for arrowhead if it was 10 cents
mike st paul @mxsp3333🔁High-Fives as we countdown the days to seeing everyone out at The Legend at Arrowhead!! We are back open Saturday, October 21st.

Stankson Agholor @HisStankness🔁Chiefs didn’t need the refs to beat y’all at Arrowhead! Lol
Scott 🐢 @switttch🔁Bespoke Arrowhead presentation hats now available in the showroom only — tall and taller, $90/$130 respectively. Call to cop 213-626-2662💥
Nick Kaloudis @NickChiefs🔁Cairo Santos is looking good while practicing on his own, which means the face some questions. …
Aahan Venkatesh @Aahan_Venkatesh🔁 Fuck what anyone says arrowhead water is bomb



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