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Jackson Marshall @jaxMarshall1990🔁-FRIENDS EP DROPS TONIGHT @ -FRIENDS EP DROPS SoundCloud.com ON Midnight!!! Go get that!!! soundcloud.com
Jan VanDoren @jan_vandoren🔁A hike into this week? Uphill travelers have the right-of-way here. Why? -mq go.nps.gov
Ronald David @RonaldD54193803🔁VIDEO: "Why do I have to pay taxes for these jerks to be out here," said an armed counter-protestor who mocked the and student 'die-in.' She says this is why teachers don't deserve a raise.
William Magdalene @WilliamAJM🔁More than three-quarters of the 57,000 Arizona educators who cast ballots voted for strike action, which is scheduled to begin next Thursday.
Smoknbeaver @smoknbeaver🔁

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Smoknbeaver @smoknbeaver🔁

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Populo Iratus @cmahar3🔁Vote For . Recognized for her outstanding work: Two Legislator of the Year & Senator of the Year awards in 2016.
R.E.A.L Human Rights @realhumanrights🔁 Disease - Notice - Do Not Buy or Eat unless you can confirm it is not from the , , growing region - Investigati twitter.com on Notice: Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce
Backpacking @back78pack🔁 Day and Night views from our room at the at The View at ->

#… twitter.com

Actually Films @actuallyfilms🔁Wishing everyone the very best at The 2018 Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival where my documentary film "1 B twitter.com illion" is being screened today.

georgieporgie @xobxgirl🔁
Final stretch! 🚨🚨

Replace Trent Franks with Dr. Hiral Tipirneni for healthcare, Medicare & Social Security.

Vote against Debbie Lesko, who copies & pastes lobbyists' bills & takes Koch $.

Last day to vote early: 4/20
Election day: 4/24

Xarbi حرب @AbXarbi🔁In my childhood I never enough books or other education material . I can feel how bad these children feel now, those twitter.com books without the cover took me back to 20 years ago. I am sad again😣. My heart goes out to you children and teachers.
Linda @lrudmilliken🔁 Today, 4/20/18, is your last day to early.
Election Day is 4/24/18

Cricket 🇺🇸 @AbsurdWeb🔁Vote For . Recognized for her outstanding work: Two Legislator of the Year & Senator of the Year awards in 2016. twitter.com
Lucie Picková @lucipickovablog🔁Another pic from our trip in Nevada and Arizona :) we stopped at Hoover Dam on way to Grand Canyon :) twitter.com
BradJill Travels @BradJillTravels🔁Day and Night views from our room at the at The View at ->

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zilchy @makingyippie🔁🚨We know that wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid. This is an order, to which he was paid by the
Now he is speaking for Debbie Lasko in

We cannot let this happen.

you need to get out and support Hiral Tipirneni

🇺🇸❤️💜💙RockmomAZ💙💜❤️🇺🇸 @openhearts_mind🔁Don’t do it Vote for NOT Lesko!!! Betsy DeVos will continue to gut public education to line her own pockets. Enough twitter.com of DeVos and Koch Bros. Save Our kids deserve better!!!
Paul Strauss @pkstrauss🔁In celebration of National Park Week, America's splendor, power & grace on display twitter.com


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