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Arizona Breast Cancer FF @BreastCancerFF🔁Our hearts are so full! Kris Labutzke, our founder, came to visit...all the way from sunny Arizona! ☀️
Arizona Tyrone Hill @tyronehill430🔁 Welcome to Arizona.

AP gets over the 100-yard mark for the first time since 2015.

luh @fucksawyerr🔁 good morning i want miss callie torres and miss arizona robbins back together
maria @fooIsmaria🔁 arizona robbins
— alive
one of the strongest women i know
Arizona Jay @mrbigstuff32🔁 Arizona State University flamethrower.
Arizona Blue monday @deltarine🔁 "In situations like this, you have to laugh!" ~ Arizona #GreysAnatomy
Arizona Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Another top-10 team goes down!

Arizona State stuns No. 5 Washington with 13-7 victory #Pac12AfterDark

Arizona Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Welcome to Arizona.

AP gets over the 100-yard mark for the first time since 2015.

ESPN @espn🔁Another top-10 team falls!

Arizona State deals No. 5 Washington its first loss of the season with a 13-7 victory in Tempe.

CVSA @CVSA🔁Arizona DOT trains truck drivers entering the U.S. from Mexico to quickly pass safety inspections.
Johanna Denton @JohannaDenton🔁. Yep, thanks, Macklemore... like you are exactly why Donald Trump will be our POTUS for 8 years!
Bama Cash @CashBama🔁 WATCH: Macklemore leads crowd chanting ‘F–k Donald Trump’ at Arizona concert
carl s @mikezzz111🔁 #Macklemore the less talented gayer Eminem
Shrimp Cocktail on t @corvetteflex🔁 The same glitch occurred in Arizona.
TWBFF @TWBFilmFestival🔁Excited to announce Prisoner of Perdition is nominated for best short film in Wilcox Arizona.
Drone Report @ReportDrone🔁Police: Suspect posted photos from drone in Arizona wildfire - SFGate
Semper Fi @ajusmc85🔁 Then there’s this fool. #Macklemore leads crowd chanting 'F--k Donald Trump' at Arizona concert
L x @alexayala845🔁I'm just trying to be a cheetah girl this Halloween but one my cheetahs wanted to go to school in Arizona and ruin my spooky vision
Steward Observatory @azstewobs🔁Merging neutron stars discovered. Press conference now. Steward's Dave Sand will be speaking. See the article at
The Real D$$$$$$ @_Heavy_D🔁No story does better job of capturing comeback in Arizona, 11 years ago today, than this one by :
IKE DEVJI ON WEALTH @IKE_DEVJI🔁Arizona among top states for financial industry complaints from #seniors via @phxbizjournal #finlit #finanace #phx
sammy 🐝 @sammypzz🔁Bacon egg and cheese & an Arizona for breakfast
Awuav @AwuavWorld🔁Johns Hopkins Drone Flies Bloods Across 161 Miles of Arizona Desert Researchers at Johns Hopkins Universit #drones
fernando guzman @rock1er🔁Adrian Peterson's 27 yard TD run would have been the third best *game* for a Cards back this year. My piece from AZ:
Sicilia Housing🇮🇪 @siciliahousing🔁Great interview! CEO shares his dedication to fighting in the States.
Economics of Life @LifeEconomics🔁Mesa Police: Storage facility burglar takes bait, gets arrested - ABC15 Arizona
Connor Sirk @ConnorSirk🔁Week 7 Teams of the Week

Arizona State
Boston College
Boise State
Ohio State
West Virginia

aye @JustinIsSick🔁Arizona is where old dudes go to ball out
Dolly Bright @dollbright1918🔁 WATCH: Macklemore leads crowd chanting ‘F–k Donald Trump’ at Arizona concert --
meth head @jaredgleydura🔁okay i just wanna live in arizona i’m over florida this state is so ugly i hate everyone here
Sheryl Lynne❄Ω @shossy2🔁Please sign & RT, thank you. Remove University Of... #care2
FAN FANTASY FOOTBALL @fantasyfff🔁I'm telling you now Adrian Peterson will be a stud in Arizona they revived CJ2k till he got hurt
World Music Links @wwwmusicartists🔁Macklemore leads crowd in anti-Trump chant at Arizona concert
Ren Rojas @ren5r🔁From.... Tucson Arizona. And I was lucky enough to get his autograph last year.
azcentral @azcentral🔁The same glitch occurred in Arizona.
Kathy Wootten Watts @mrsfyrkat🔁ADOT Trivia: How many specialty license plates are available in Arizona for universities?

Use the link to answer:

stuart warner @thestuartwarner🔁Warning to Weinstein: In Hollywood, men shoot blanks; in Arizona, the bullets are real via @phoenixnewtimes
🇺🇸🍀Reene🌹🇺🇸 @ReallyReene🔁Arizona restaurant closes indefinitely after pro-Trump Facebook post infuriates customers | Raw Story
Receptionist Jobs @GetReceptioJobs🔁Call Center Agent - #HuachucaCity , AZ ( Get Receptionist Jobs
Kirk Tutor @tutorkirk🔁@CBSNews This rhino deserves nothing he’s turned his back on the Arizona people as well as America coward
Spiral Squad @SpiralSquad🔁PICTURE Football Player Loses Finger: Arizona Cardinals' Rashad Johnson Posts Gross Photo On Twitter
❇️️SarahZona❇️ @SarahK_Arizona🔁Great eye on : In honor of the Tennessee-Alabama game, we remember "Man, I Hate Tennessee" guy. 🐐
Makayla Curtis @MakaylaCurtis9🔁@Harry_Styles come to Tucson Arizona, love you.
alfred g. villeneuve @AlfredGKV🔁 Macklemore leads crowd chanting 'F--k Donald Trump' at Arizona concert
Megan Janisse @MeganRose_15🔁Quick stop at The Hoover Dam. @ Hoover Dam, Nevada / Arizona State Line
Latimer Dental Arts @LatimerDental🔁Happy Bosses' Day to Dr. Latimer! Just another day in the office for our intrepid leader - climbing mountains and enjoying CE in Arizona!
Gary Baum Wilkes @GaryDaBaum🔁You're riffing the state of Arizona? Well, I guess when you've done every bad movie under the sun........
Amy👠 @AmyLu41🔁LIBERAL VIOLENCE: US restaurant forced to close amid pro-Trump backlash ... REALLY VIOLENCE IS OK IF YOU LIBERAL

(((Xavier O’Mack))) @avatarsucks🔁 Justices: You can’t jail homeless sex offenders for not registering new address
Mr.Ikey @IkeMagnifico🔁Been trying to figure that out since they signed him. Glad he's in Arizona now. Better if he was here in DC.
Rhonda Amaro @rhonda_amaro🔁'Rejuvenated' Adrian Peterson Shows Flashes of His Old Self in First Game with Cardinals.

business executive🦇 @8123emily🔁Me now that it’s cold out: I miss Arizona
TWBFF @TWBFilmFestival🔁We are being told Willcox Hotels are hard to get. Benson is a short drive to Willcox. Also
Dennis Maffei @MaffeiDennis🔁@AGuyNamedNam I'll take it Nam... beating a suddenly good Arizona team will sure help
Awntel @BUYANDRENTAZ🔁See what an Arizona utility is buying for $330M via @phxbizjournal
Niki Livingston @NikiLiv_author🔁I’m sending sunshine from southern Arizona 🌞🌞🌞 We’re in the 90s & still using A/C🌵🌴 Stay warm friends ❄️☃️☀️🌤
dataloco @dataloco🔁Arizona switch to deaths database creates backup of bodies - ABC News #general_news #health
stuart warner @thestuartwarner🔁Warning to Weinstein: In Hollywood, men shoot blanks; in Arizona, the bullets are real via @phoenixnewtimes
tim jackson @timthecabby🔁@DAonCBS APeterson won't put up those numbers EVERY week! U said it. Also he's 32 not 25!!! He's STILL done! Arizona won't win with him
Heggie @DropDeadHaylie🔁If you like melodic hardcore, you might like the new Lifelink EP, out now on Innerstrength Records. FFO:...
Third Way @ThirdWayTweet🔁“We could’ve been Austin, but we screwed it up.” Many felt econ gains weren't reaching them in Tucson:
RIT Photo HF @RITPhotoHF🔁A short story on how imaging is helping our firefighters on the front lines of west coast wild fires:
DRUBY® @drubydoobydo🔁Arizona QB Khalil Tate followed up his breakout game last week with another big night (230 rushing yards, two TD)
gooby @hentaispoon🔁nevada arizona and california r overusing water and using river managements too much so we’ll run out of food + water soon HAHA
carl s @mikezzz111🔁Macklemore leads crowd chanting 'F--k Donald Trump' at Arizona concert WHITE TRASH Untal ented AHOLE
wubba lubba dub dub @MVOxWAH🔁@KevinHart4real I gotta see you again. Please tell me you comming to arizona!
AeroFANatic @AeroFANatic🔁Keep this up, lefties! You're guaranteeing Trump a win in 2020 with 400+ electoral votes.


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