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AppleAppleApple ✏ @NothingEverEasy🔁 i hate myself for doing this but-
why merida highkey wants snow white to eat the apple
Apple Music @AppleMusic🔁Get ready for !
Find out more about ' new album soon.
Watch the film June 11, only on Apple Music.
Apple reylo @bansheeelydia🔁 apple: group facetime up to 32 people!


Apple Diogogo @diogoandejesus🔁 Apple now supporting windows.
Shazam @Shazam🔁! by is our Song of the Day!!! Listen on ---> 🔥🌀🎉
HQ Trivia @hqtrivia🔁Tonight at 9p ET the ultimate heist begins. 8 questions, $88,888 prize presented by .


Mike @Mike_Lauriee🔁 Imagine being in a meeting and your apple watch goes off like "yerrrrrrrrr" 😂
Masiki @masiki3030🔁Thank you and for letting us deliver the latest version of to millions of users, despite the recent setbacks.
Frivolous. @nyliram114🔁Shoot an apple off my head .
Bishop @Bishop27671896🔁If you’ll believe what you hear in your spirit, then it will override what you see in the natural. Be inspired with this message from Joel, “Hearing In Your Spirit”. Get it here:  
Ian Wanyeki🇰🇪 @IanWanyeki🔁 pure melodies. Shingo Nakamura is a genius I tell you.
CÆK🌻 @KekePayson🔁 Apple really think I have 32 friends.. the nerve, the audacity..
tom maloney @mals6🔁President Trump promised to negotiate better trade deals for American workers, but so far the impact of his misguided actions will likely only hurt WA growers & raise costs for consumers:
David Klion 🔥 @DavidKlion🔁its amazing how completely apple ruined iTunes, a piece of software that worked entirely well for like the first 12 years of its existence
butt-stuff enthusiast | 張心缘 @BigZaddyDee🔁 Checking your account for lunch and Apple Music already ate
dftba @2juuleeann3🔁apple better give me a refund for these stupid airpods
Emily @emilyyyy_irvine🔁MCDONALDS GOT 7 FOR 5❗️I REPEAT MCDONALDS GOT 7 FOR 5, for 5$ you can get a small fries, 2 sandwiches, a drink, apple pie, a sundae & a few licks on this Mcdick because i lied to yo Mcstarvin ass. i bet you read the whole thing too witcho Mchungry ass....McBitch
Alex Schleber @AlexSchleber🔁 What You Didn't Hear From Apple #WWDC18 About #Siri, Voice or #AI - @Voicebotai
ittybitty🖤 @Jayde_Renee🔁 Apple needs a night mode for messages 😭😭🤷🏼‍♀️
YungTrill&Dangerous @YungWorld86🔁Back at work
JSmithmuzik1 @jsmithmuzik13🔁Listen to today on and YOU ROCK! ❤️



Preshit Deorukhkar @preshit🔁@JoshHrach It’s part of the new App Store Connect features. There’s a session coming up -
Wigan at heart. @wiganatheart🔁All the organised crime gangs in London are run by foreigners. Many from countries not even in the EU. We should be able to remove their right to be here based on reasonable suspicion and deport them. Our Establishment have thrown us to the wolves.
dora wiilliams @rodeodance🔁 School Safety Commission Won’t Look at Guns, STUPID Says -
Bela @bela89881🔁[Billboard 📊]

Did you buy 's "FAKE LOVE" yet?

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amayah🦋 @moneyymayah🔁 cran-mango, cran-cherry, cran-Apple, cran-pineapple. Yup, all of them.
L🐎L🐴Garrett @paronlulu🔁. is a complete idiot - Exclusive: Trump invokes War of 1812 in testy call with Trudeau over tariffs - CNN Politics
Sol miss N&H @BewithmesoH🔁Get ready for !
Find out more about ' new album soon.
Watch the film June 11, only on Apple Music.

dawer coro @dawercoro🔁K-ARMY need our help with Show Champion voting!


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Freya Thaddeus @FreyaThaddeus🔁Freya spun the knife in her hand and threw it right into the table. Millimetres away from his hand that was resting a gainst the kitchen counter top.

“Don’t worry. You are never alone there and aren’t the only one.”

Looks at him and takes one more bite out of her apple.

Blogger Kind @BloggerKind🔁Looking for an excuse to have for brunch, or breakfast? This blueberry cobbler with apple butter drizzle might do the trick ---> |
Erica @MinorErica🔁 Chief Otto.
#Ottopsy now streaming on @AppleMusic

slayer @chahaharlz🔁where can i get a $10 apple gift card online
Diego Vidrio @CountDVB🔁If is so important, why no mention of it in Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote or accompanying headlines? I mean, on June 11th, the Intenret is toast, right? Their small guy developers are gonna' be SOL.


kenz @mackenzie_apple🔁Hello if ur going to TCC in the fall n tryna be friends hit a girl up🤠
Apple Chinbolt🍏 @Apple_Chinbolt🔁BACON
Sagoni Cauz @sagonicauz🔁Can’t wait to use the ARKit on iOS 12 to measure my dick. Finally the feature I’ve been waiting for, thanks @Apple. 🙄
it’s ya girl’s bday aaah @fiftysmore🔁Driven is coming to Passionflix! Are you subscribed?
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JEW✨ @Jewel__C🔁Just told my mom I’m buying me a Apple Watch and she hits me with the “ Is it a need or a want “ 😩
Dave Wood 🇨🇦 @DaveWoodX🔁Remember that slide from the keynote? I fixed that for you. Users pay us, not Apple. And we pay 30% for their service.
Bruno @SWEETNERbrunooo🔁🇺🇸 | iTunes US:

06. Selena Gomez - Back To You (+2)

princess 🦄 @1ameriken🔁Michael didn’t have Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, tidal, ect to get his music to stream, he didn’t have YouTube, and 20 of social media apps to get his brand promoted to get spins. Drake doesn’t have the world wide influence Michael had, and never will. no one will.
Danny @readytobounce🔁 your map app is fucking worthless. Why do I even have an iPhone haha you’re just a worthless dumbass. I’m having to retype this a lot because my keyboard is still in Spanish when I disabled that MONTHS ago haha you dumbass fuck

Hold the phone ima be right back


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