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My Hurricane Tracker @myhurricaneapp🔁Current weather radar for the United States #hurricane #radar #weather
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁I promised that my policies would allow companies like Apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the United Sta tes. Great to see Apple follow through as a result of TAX CUTS. Huge win for American workers and the USA!
Raw Honey 🍯 @BlackGypsi🔁 Friday Vibes w/ @lakeithlakeith 🐥🎶😝

Song: “Trick Me” - @CyhiThePryn ce

ONLY MAYWARD 🌟 앤니 annie ~ @Only_Mayward🔁Apple or Maymay???

From @Barber_Edward_ Ig story

Brit Hume @brithume🔁Remember: All Democrats voted against the tax bill. Every one of them.
Anthony Scaramucci @Scaramucci🔁Apple bringing ~$250 billion in overseas cash back to US, paying $38 billion in repatriation tax, investing $30 billi on in domestic CapEx and creating 20,000 new American jobs thanks to tax reform.
516 Music @516Music🔁Fizzom’s new masterpiece shouts energy right from the start. “Dance & Shout” contains a masterfully crafted &...
Samba Subra @samba_subra🔁You know a Republican is in the White House when Apple announces a commitment to the economy of $350B and 20,000 new jobs, North and South Korea are talking, the Dow closes above 26,000 for the first time... and the news media is focused like a laser on the President’s weight.
Chris Whelan @CMW_561🔁@nfldraftscout Is there any hope Eli Apple turns it around or are you ready to say bust?
Liz Williams @lizwillliams🔁forget Amazon and Apple... these are the kinds of jobs Boston needs - for people who live here already, with competit ive pay and benefits, and you don't need to be a tech bro to get one
Graham Cluley @gcluley🔁Something for the weekend? Check out the "Smashing Security" podcast - the antidote to infosec podcasts. It's waitin g for you at or via our website at
love seokjin ✨✨💓 @lvelyoongi🔁I-LOVELIES❤️

"Seoul Music Awards" is one of the most significant music award ceremonies in Korea. Now, we only have 3 days for voting, and we are little bit behind. WE CAN MAKE IT! LET'S VOTE!
Siyam Sami @siyam_sami🔁Virgin HS Boy's ultimate luck! And: iOS:" target="_blank">
Jaime Ingleby ⭕️ @jaime_ingleby79🔁 just catching up on the podcast - top quality as always. Just one point, I have to disagree with, Josh Warrington can fill Elland Rd - like us or hate us; us Leeds fans - we are 1 thing: Loyal😂
ED @EOCONOR🔁@_Black_Ken_ @Apple DON'T BUY THE BEATS CRAP. MINE LASTED 14 MONTHS the in line sheath fell apart, just out of warranty.
Brittany @rubydancemove🔁This Flu Map Shows How the Biggest Influenza Outbreak in Years Spread Across the U.S. - TIME
Carlexa :) @Ally_Carlexa31🔁this song is a big mood! somehow y’all managed to release yet another amazing song. ✨ 🌟

Editaaa🇧🇦 @EditaBegicc🔁 apple really needs to explain to me how I have my phone on do not disturb, but people are still disturbing me
Al @al_x_mq🔁 what is wrong with you? Why is everything getting sloppy around software and hardware quality lately?

i am not angry, i am just very very disappointed
kelso @BurrisConnor🔁Making big moves. Raising the economy, bringing jobs from companies such as apple and dodge back to the US and the stock markets booming. And all you idiots have to say about him is fake stories about him saying “shithole”. The mans a legend
Vancouver DealFinder @VAN_DealFinder🔁Find 14-pages of great deals on electronics, incl. home audio accessories, televisions and more inside the latest fly er from The Source!
Tricia Louis👩🏻‍💻 @talouis🔁Use and customize Control Center on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support - on @AppleSupport
STAN is no longer w/ the Shenanigans @DJOneNiteSTAN🔁“Started off with a OZ.” 🔥

#Bitcoin4Life @Pipetwittea🔁Crypto Tracker Bot de LW Brands, LLC.
Excelent APP!!
JERRI @jfpbear🔁buy/stream ’s new single “Haunted By Design” now! If you’ve pre-ordered digitally, it’s unlocked!🐯


chris @badgaltsnmi🔁 skin + bones ( feat. tek ) is out on #itunes and #spotify

Derby County FC @DCFC_FanApp🔁@MnM798 Thanks for following us, join the discussion in the app! iOS or Android !
J.Delane @JDelane_🔁 Get my new album right now! “This Will Hurt” is out everywhere!
Carlexa :) @Ally_Carlexa31🔁SUCH A GREAT SONG👏🔥💜
Deathtrap Art Car @DeathTrapArtCar🔁Please retweet this torrid shithole shit. Top Trump lawyer reportedly went extraordinary lengths to quietly pay porn star 'Stormy Daniels' $130,000 - Business Insider
Meda Lawrence @medalawrence221🔁I’m excited to tell you that my ebook is now available as well as paperback!

Faking the “O” is now available on paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ,
as well as ebook on Kindle, Nook, Apple I-book and Google play.

Marvin Music @marvinmusic🔁Former Employee Claims Ulta 'Cleans' And Resells Used Makeup #download #music #mp3
belle @thotglow🔁i just ate an apple call me a health guru
Ray @TacoSunKing🔁The hatred in my body for this commercial and the character in it is almost unhealthy but WE ALL KNOW WHAT A COMPUTER IS BITCH WYD
Skip Potter @pottertech🔁Def Leppard puts discography on Apple Music, other streaming services
Nancy D Zerbato @NZerbato🔁 Remember: All Democrats voted against the tax bill. Every one of them.
ᶜʸ @CYUTESEOK🔁can someone hmu with a korean apple id bc it doesnt let me change my country since i have 44p on my account ://
Davina Walter @DavinaWalter11🔁 recycling program for parts a complete lie just been told iPad 3 in perfect working condition is worth £0 having quo ted £70.
VellySue ⚾ @VellySue🔁 Robert Mueller Eyes NRA as Pipeline Between Russian Banker and Trump Campaign
Rich J @rjrj2🔁I want to #win an Apple #iPad w/ @blackcircles @KumhoTyreUK ENTER ends 31/1/18 /#giveaway
Nathan Allen Pirtle @workwthecoach🔁Whole album 🔥 make sure y’all grab it!! congrats! out now!!
밥 먹자 침침아 @CharmingPJM🔁Superstar BTS released on the 18th
Top sales no. 6 on Apple store as of the 19th

WebCanada @WebCanada🔁No tracking, no revenue: Apple's privacy feature costs ad companies millions. Via href="" target="_blank">
Dan Morrison @Danovate🔁Facebook wants more people watching videos together at the same time
†avistock Reeves @TavistockReeves🔁#music 87. One Thing Remains / How He Loves - Caleb and Kelsey via
Meme Burk @MemeBurk🔁Inside the Oval Office Immigration Meeting That Left a Senator Stunned - The New York Times. Trump Has Fallen Apart In Incoherence.
Nathan Morton @nmorton🔁Behold Hubble's Best Image of a Distant Galaxy Yet - Smithsonian
perry @idrisoily🔁Apple asked to respond to China consumer group about slowing older iPhones
squirrellex @Sandyboox3🔁happy friday y’all 🤤🤪
WorldwideKINGs 👑 @RMonieWorld🔁Meet your new favorite playlist featuring:


Drag Qwen ♡ @fallen__apple🔁@deity_of_sin @Stolen_Will Lmao whyyy
Song Suffragettes @songsuffragette🔁@1966cah It's on Apple Music!!
Compton Unified @ComptonUnified🔁! Breakfast in the Classroom makes each day great. On todays’ menu: turkey chorizo breakfast sandwich, apple, milk a nd apple juice.
CHELLE☯BRILLIANT @_gemgoddess🔁I love cookies and brownies. Lemon cookies, GOOD chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, apple cinnamon type joints 😩guilty pleasures lmaoo
nico • loving 이유빈 💝 #FULLMOON @dami_minaj🔁 Forever! I got Apple Music just to support and I love this single so much!!!
Dreamcatcher Fighting!!!

Nioshii @Nartist🔁@Apple Why is Siri capitalizing “white” when I haven’t typed it that way?


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