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AppleApple Lex @veyveysison🔁 I think Apple tryna say something y'all
Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow🔁Apple had a big announcement, and so do I.
Hiralal @Hiralalhlg🔁 Say hello to the future. iPhone X.
Apple sleepy @Jesskiddinnn🔁 Waiting for September 29th like... #YoungerNow
FREDDY @FreddyAmazin🔁This is how quick i skip people snapchat stories 😂
steph @stephaniencves🔁on the verge of a fuckin mental breakdown bc of my ugly computer. i hate u & i hope steve jobs haunts every single one of ur asses @Apple
N. @Hmmm_er🔁What convinced you to avoid purchasing an Apple product? by Peter Ned
lau @lauglvs🔁 apple music should be free because i have a fucking apple phone
Ivan Palace @Ivan_Palace🔁 Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. Stay connected, even when you’re away from your phone. Order September 15.
うなすけ @yu_suke1994🔁ah…… Apple Pen.
Edwin J. Perez @EdwinJPerez🔁I liked a @YouTube video Reactions to the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3 (Apple Byte)
Kittie Baas @kittiebaas920🔁 Apple's iPhone X gets attention with its display-interrupting 'mono-brow'
Jessica Stewart @jessicaestewart🔁Such great interview about Oakland schools and the leadership of @mirella_rangel! Nice work, @theGRproj. #oaksbmtg
Antoine Libotte @a_libotte🔁4K HDR Content Rolling Out on iTunes Ahead of Apple TV 4K Launch | @MacRumors
🏳️‍🌈 Joey 🏳️‍🌈 @ShamelessJoey🔁@Apple Please @Apple can you just once give us something Samsung or android don't have?
buy legal music @buylegalmusic🔁stokeswood : Forget | #stokeswood
nani tf @lilyranking🔁apple doesn't pay its janitors a living wage but it'll let you spend $999 on a phone that will let you make a poop emoji talk with your face
wäni @nswbo_🔁 Hello iPhone Xpensive 🙋🏻‍♂
Brent Douglass @BrentJ_Douglass🔁Apple, 1984: We won't be like that book, 1984.
Apple 2017: We are a town, scan your face for entry.
i$abelle 🔥 #TMYLM @MonteiroBelle14🔁 iTunes US – Pre-Orders:
#6 (+1) Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato
ShineWorshipNowPlay @shineworshipnp🔁Playing Your Love Is Extravagant by The Almost
landsnark. @conjja🔁 @GossiTheDog As far as I can see it's not trusted on OSX, I think Apple dropped it around Yosemite
〽️ary❣ @BeautiesWonder🔁It's gonna get easier and easier to expose yaself like "my bad I was goofing around didn't mean to send that" lol lol
Rubz_Guite 📝 @Rubz4Guite🔁This is history in the makin' 🇨🇺❤️🔥 Download 's new single featuring at
Anni is seeing H❤️ @HannyxStyles95🔁 #TooMuchToAsk is out now!
Vevo: :// Lc
Lara Nikol @buffy66613🔁.'s is now out everywhere! Go get it!

Bite My Tongue - Single by Logan Henderson

Job Lib @job_lib🔁Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park.
@mosferie @TrendLib
karmasujata @karmasujata🔁Linguists compile list of 'lost words' that need to be brought back - Sky News. Check out 'betrump'! 😉
Jåćöb @JacobSamdal🔁New single “Let You Down” is out now!!!
Download: ref="" target="_blank">
marcoantonio. @_mmlgr🔁Omg!! Who is she? Is she single? Can I slide on over and buy her some fries? Is her name apple cause I'd like to turn her into sauce!


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