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Anthony Weiner Patrick Lindsay @SPatrickLindsay🔁 If only someone had warned us about Anthony Weiner..

Oh, yeah...

Anthony Weiner Anil Choudhary @sethchoudhary🔁 Chuck Schumer eats pizza with registered sex offender Anthony Weiner.
Keep it Honest 2 @nashtnmom1🔁#ThreeWordTrump Hey Anthony Weiner!
Rick Elder @PastorRick2020🔁 Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty in sexting case involving minor.

Anthony Weiner Shari Scheib✝️🇺🇸 @Sharis530🔁 If only someone had warned us about Anthony Weiner.. Oh, wait..
Mark Dice @MarkDice🔁Bill Clinton officiated Anthony Weiner's wedding. That's not a joke. He really did! Birds of the feather.
Jason Ross @jasonjross🔁Anthony Weiner is living proof the Clintons don't murder people.
Fox News @FoxNews🔁BREAKING NEWS: Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty in sexting case involving minor.
Timothy Sullivan @Timothytrippin🔁Anthony Weiner Walks on Child Pornography Charges; Strikes Deal to Reduced ‘Sexting’ & Likely Little or No Jail Time
WilliamHenryHarrison @TheRealWHH🔁@GovHard Harding could have been the Anthony Weiner of his generation
Boston Local News @bostonnewslocal🔁Nope, Anthony weiner is a pedophile. Huma sent all of Hillary's emails to his laptop. Muh, let's stop talking about that? Hell No!
Anna Lindstrom @TuiDodge🔁Anthony Weiner, a convicted pedophile, received more media sympathy than Roger Ailes' widow, a grieving wife.

Let that sink in.

Billtopper @BillH1059🔁And just like that, Anthony Weiner coverage replaced by this "anonymous sources" 'Nut Job' story. Same tactic they used to bury .
Kristin shortt @kristin_shortt🔁Before Andrew Breitbart was murdered he outed John Podesta & Anthony Weiner trafficking children.
Machi @machimachi🔁 Media personalities are defending Anthony Weiner. Gross.
Glorious Dubs @RightwingEdge9🔁 Andrew Breitbart was the first to publicly call out the sleazy perv Anthony Weiner, he was ridiculed & mocked. Last laugh.
Machi @machimachi🔁 Hillary Clinton confidant Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to pedophile related conduct. Time to lock them all up!
Nasty Woman @kingkaikai_🔁 BREAKING: Law enforcement official says ex-congressman Anthony Weiner to plead guilty to transferring obscene material to minor.
Daniel Slaight @Dslaight112🔁Andrew Breitbart was the first to publicly call out the sleazy pervert Anthony Weiner.

Anne Mills @MillsAnne🔁Meanwhile not a peep out of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and 'women's champion' Hillary Clinton. Where are they outraged at Anthony Weiner?
Kathy Jenner @Spyder1832🔁CALLED IT!

NYT releases the "Nut Job" story to divert attention from the bad attention Anthony Weiner is getting.

Timothy Chilton @geddyrulz🔁 Anthony Weiner is living proof the Clintons don't murder people.
1831 @UdvTANBgkh9NQth🔁New You GOTTA be Kidding! Anthony Weiner more at
Not Justa Mom @nanr18🔁The MSM demanded to disavow countless ppl.. So why no calls for & to disavow pedophile Anthony Weiner?🤔
Harley Honey @harleyhoney1983🔁 Bill Clinton officiated Anthony Weiner's wedding. That's not a joke. He really did! Birds of the feather.
Melita @USA_WorldsBest🔁Don't forget that Hillary's classified emails were found on pedophile Anthony Weiner's laptop & Comey admitted it but did nothing about it.
timelivenews @timelivenews🔁Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge
LiterallyHipster 👌 @todvenn🔁I suspect that pleading guilty to a sex crime w/ a minor is merely Anthony Weiner's cynical attempt to curry favor with the Democratic base.
Harry Downing @HarryDowning113🔁Apparently Joe Biden isn't a big fan of Hillary Clinton or Anthony Weiner. I actually agree with you on this one!👍
Jeremy Spencer @jjws🔁Comey admitted Hillary was guilty & her classified emails were on pedophile Anthony Weiner's laptop yet he DIDN'T prosecute. He's a nut job!
GretchenInOK @GretchenInOK🔁We Should Feel No Pity for Anthony Weiner - Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast Today, Anthony Weiner pleaded gui...
Melita @USA_WorldsBest🔁So Anthony Weiner will "likely" become registered sex offended do no jail time makes me want to throw-up. He's a creep and menace to society
Ross Gerber @GerberKawasaki🔁Just in case you are wondering who helped get Trump elected. Huma Abedin has filed for divorce from Anthony Weiner”

American Samaritan @USA_Samaritan🔁If does not disavow Anthony Weiner, then this means she supports pedophilia. Will demand she disavow?!
Spence Brewster @Capt_America007🔁What about the half dozen people Louise Mensch accused of treason based on her theory Anthony Weiner didn't do this? What about them?
PSmith @pds0399🔁 Trump tried to warn us about Anthony Weiner but nobody listened. #PropheticTrump
Deplorable Laura @StlMagnolia1🔁It goes like this:
1 Anthony Weiner pleads guilty in sexting
2 Dems in panic mode
3 Fake News invent a "Nut Job" fake story to distract us.
Jeff B @JABNM82🔁 Anthony Weiner was a media darling! He is also a child pornographer. How long did media cover this up?
GW @glw7chitown🔁Cackled before a coughing fit is more likely, sick .

P.S. How many children did Anthony Weiner, your friend, molest?

Karen @klynn928🔁 BREAKING: She finally did it
Kathy Jenner @Spyder1832🔁 One again Weiner is in trouble because of his wiener
Emma Houston @EmmaHou09495548🔁Dems:"Pence only has dinner with his wife?! What a loser!"

Also Dems:"Anthony Weiner sexts with underage girls? Whatever. He's a good guy"

Gigi @GRiggleman1🔁The same leftist media that mocked Mike Pence's loyalty to his wife often sticks up for Anthony Weiner. That's how you know.
Misology Massacre @No_Misology🔁Why no stories about Anthony Weiner the pedophiles supported by the Clintons? Oh because CNN only does anti Trump storys. Storys not news.
Ruth Godwin @ConnectWithRuth🔁 Tragic
BrainDonorMedia @abogadospo🔁Democrat operative Anthony Weiner gets no jail time but our government is investigating with ZERO evidence of wrongdoing?


james sutphen @sric30🔁.: Anthony Weiner's turned himself in to FBI and will plead guilty to 1 count of transferring obscene material to a minor in court today
Judy @judytxjy🔁Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting with an underage girl! Now arrest Hillary & Huma Abedin for sharing classified info with a pedophile
Michael Kring @Kring_Michael🔁Anthony Weiner -- the husband of Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin -- must now register as a sex offender
Tom @tjefferson2350🔁Why are pedophiles Anthony Weiner & Jeffrey Epstein so close to the Clintons? Why did Bill Clinton fly to private pedo island with Epstein?🤔
High Horse Strong ⚓ @RWITGuy🔁James Comey found Hillary's emails on Anthony Weiner's computer
Since then Comey's been a Nut Job
Maybe from the naked Hillary pic he found
Nancy @lvsantabarbara🔁 Clinton's staffers knew that Weiner was messaging a girl, 17, in 2011 Did nothing about it.


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