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Loof @Lutfisaleh_🔁 Cousins and Rondo gone...If I’m Anthony Davis I’m looking around that locker room like
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Anthony Davis' tenacious recruiting helped close the deal on Randle, league source tells ESPN.
MarkJonesESPN @MarkJonesESPN🔁Cousins and Rondo gone...If I’m Anthony Davis I’m looking around that locker room like
noah.🛳 @_whogivesafck_🔁 “Demarcus Cousins and Warriors agree to deal”

Anthony Davis:

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina🔁Adam Silver needs to put Anthony Davis on the Celtics. It's only fair.
Eduardo @eduVrdoh🔁So you’re telling me.. this man Anthony Davis wore your jersey in an all star game when you were injured hoping you would sign back... just to take a 5 million dollar deal with the warriors.. Demarcus cousins is the definition of a hoe
עומרי @OmriBenLulu🔁Anthony Davis really wore DeMarcus Cousins’ jersey in the All Star game just to get stabbed in the back by him joining the Warriors. 🐍
J. Houston @Junechi_🔁🔥 take:

Rajon Rondo was far more important to New Orleans than DeMarcus Cousins last season.
Down the stretch and in playoffs he was fantastic.
He pushed Anthony Davis and especially Jrue Holiday to new levels.
He will be hard, if not impossible, to replace.

Carla ives @Carlaives2🔁When you got traded, you were welcomed with open arms.

When you tore your Achillies, the entire city of New Orleans was behind your back.

During the All Star Game, Anthony Davis wore your jersey out of respect to someone he saw as a brother.

You're pathetic, DeMarcus Cousins.

Frank Castle @tondizoro🔁 Anthony Davis' tenacious recruiting helped close the deal on Randle, league source tells ESPN.
Anthony Nugent @NoChillNuge🔁My lasting impression of Rondo came in locker room scrum after Anthony Davis had 53 vs. Suns:

Me: You’ve played with & against a lot of great players in your career. Can you put into perspective what A.D. is doing right now?

Rondo: Whatcha want me to do? Suck him off?

Me: Uh.

M.J Bossdude @JBossdude🔁This man Anthony Davis really wore DeMarcus Cousins’ jersey at the All-Star Game and Boogie still left to go play for the Warriors...damn Boogie soft.
bruce_DABOSS @brucegamefreak🔁but IK Anthony Davis just got backstabbed by his former teammate and he was wearing his ASG jersey this year and goes behind his back to do this stunt? shame on you Boogie Cousins
High Grade @MrDINIi🔁Anthony Davis wore Demarcus Cousins Jersey in the all star game cause his man was hurt and boogie repays him by joining the warriors. What kinda hoe shit is that
🌹FR33💨PUFF5🌹 @Th3G00DPaCk🔁New Orleans Pelicans traded Buddy Hield and their 1st Rd Pick for DeMarcus Cousins hoping to re-sign him only to let him walk the following season for nothing in return.

Anthony Davis needs to immediately bolt from this joke of a franchise in New Orleans and come home to Chicago

lmao @CurvingSinceBc🔁 Anthony Davis has to come to LA 🤷🏾‍♂️
lmao @CurvingSinceBc🔁 Update: Anthony Davis continues his streak as one of the most underappreciated super stars in the NBA.
lmao @CurvingSinceBc🔁 Anthony Davis really came out in front of the world and played basketball with Demarcus cousins jersey on


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