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I take pictures n shit @BamWittheCam107🔁 Please just go see #Annihilation this weekend. You’ll thank us later. @AnnihilationMov
darren aronofsky @DarrenAronofsky🔁yeah #Annihilation is an original, with great work from portman and isaacs.
AMC Theatres @AMCTheatresFOLLOW & 🔁 twitter.com
ThatSoundtrackGuy @Soundtracker92🔁Looking at reviewing the #Annihilation soundtrack for Tuesday's review...
Skydance @Skydance🔁We are giving away posters all day! and for a chance to win! Who want's one? twitter.com
Rodney @SwansonRodneyFOLLOW & 🔁
Niles @thekeating5ive🔁HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!
First Time Watchers (but mostly Tim) @1sttimewatchers🔁@waltervinci It's interesting #Annihilation is estimated to only make about $10-11m this weeks cuz my theatre was packed.
Megan Brandow @megan_brandow🔁Just saw #Annihilation and @HereIsGina totally stole it
XLRMikey @avmonkey🔁Wouldn’t eat edibles for this one probably won’t leave the theatre for days #Annihilation
Steve J Donahue @stevejdonahue🔁Get hyped, guys. After watching this movie twice and having to rewrite the entire review after my second viewing, it’ twitter.com s finally out.
PlasticCityComicCon @PlasticCityCon🔁Saw It’s a solid sci-fi pic with some truly beautiful moments, and horrifically… instagram.com
Patrick Carlson @ScriptedPatrick🔁Just got out of Annihilation! This Sci-fi Psychologically Horror film was great! One of the best shot films I have s twitter.com een with a great performance by Natalie Portman! I give this movie a 9/10.
Will Morin @gamecockwm🔁 gets 2 out of 5 . The last 30 minutes ruined it. Portman was just ok, all other actors were forgettable. The trailer twitter.com is better then the movie.
Pitty @pittworldwide🔁This breaks my heart. Great movies are now not being released because we are all too dumb. twitter.com
Cinetext @Cinetext🔁 Official Sony Featurette Trailer🎬 (HD-Pro) In theaters NOW.
🥤😎🍿 youtu.be Directed by : , . Stars .
Doc @Dr_Negative🔁 is one of the greatest sci-fi films in the last few years.
It's a beautiful yet horrifying experience.
Alex Garland twitter.com never disappoints with his films.
KUSH @kushOFafrica🔁I wasted 2hrs watching #Annihilation a movie with end in sight. No substance and no sense of direction. Am so upset
Parker Brennon @ParkerBrennon🔁 left me pensive — reflecting on death, existence, life’s mysteries ... If you enjoy thought-provoking art, don’t mis twitter.com s this film.
veronica sawyer @cheapjumpscare🔁Today I took myself out for pie and coffee and to see so I could watch the two great loves of my life in one movie. twitter.com It has been an excellent Saturday.
Stephen D. Brown @spiderking272🔁That movie was freaking awesome!!!! My mind feels like a refracted prism🌈💎scatter within the infinite Cosmos of kno twitter.com wledge & within the infinite confines of space & time. So many questions???

Chris Getchell @Mcdollarwhopper🔁If you decide to go and see this weekend you will be playing a major part in the deciding factor on weather major studios will continue to fund interesting films like this one.

Will Landman @WillTheLandMan🔁: whoa. LOVED it. Really sad the rest of the world will have to settle for watching this on Netflix because it deserves to be seen on as big a screen as possible. We need studios to start trusting audiences are smart enough for thought provoking sci-fi like this.
Luke Zielke @The_Boi_Wunda🔁Saw today! What a bonkers sci-fi movie!!! I loved it!! Super crazy and very tense...and a little creepy at times! twitter.com
Nick Bosworth @Nick_Boz🔁 is absolutely spectacular and I beg all those who can to see it on the big screen. One of if not the best sci-fi th twitter.com riller of the last decade.
kenz marie @KenzieKocinski🔁#Annihilation was a great movie and i give it an 11/10 @AnnihilationMov
Raymond Thang @RaymondThang1🔁At first I was super excited to see a new Alex Garland sci-fi movie. Then I felt disappointed while watching it. And twitter.com now I have some complicated feelings about it. My full review of here
Kil @Kil889🔁Peep the new ep of my with on our book club jawn chopping it up about the book that just came out in the movies twitter.com this weekend & our thought & how many mics we give

Cam Riemensnider @camriemensnider🔁Take 2: tonight I’m going to #EveryDayMovie. We’ll see if I like it better than #Annihilation. My inner #romantic will be #living.
Amanda @irisofamanda🔁The most unrealistic thing about #Annihilation is that someone would cheat on Oscar Isaac.
Alabama Liberal @Alabama_Liberal🔁My review of "Annihilation" alabamaliberal.com Sample line: "even if you don't fully like the climax--which is like 'Black Swan' meets twitter.com 'Contact'--you won't be able to take your eyes off it."
Ryan St. Hilaire @rsthilaire15🔁Seated for #Annihilation! Pumped for some mind-fucked, cerebral sci-fi!
Brent Hartinger @brenthartinger🔁 seems like it’s on the same trajectory as Mother! Insane buzz among early critics, then an increasing backlash as mo twitter.com re people actually *see* it. I confess I’m curious (but won’t be if I see too many more articles like this).
Alec Bernal @smrtalec🔁 is a great modern sci-fi that is up there with Under the Skin and Ex Machina. I haven't been terrified like that in twitter.com a good while.
Mark Collins @MCollinsWrkShp🔁Still processing . Was definitely an excellent film. Haunting and beautiful in equal measures. However, it's certainl twitter.com y not for everyone. If you love good sci fi, then it;s for you. If you like movies like , then it's definitely not for you.
Christopher Davis @ChrisDavisCLT🔁 just watched with . He was telling me how trippy it was and I wanted to show him that freaky movie that takes place twitter.com in that 80’s lab. What was it called again?
Lorna Goldsmith @bathloner🔁 this morning. Chasing it with tonight. Who are we, ?? Two movies in one day. AND I just found out they doubled the twitter.com length of tweets while I was gone.
jake4u48 @girolamo5151🔁How great is this photo of Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez? -
Jordan B 🐙 @nowhere897🔁Seeing #Annihilation with @Tiny_Skeletons!! So excited to watch all these badass ladies!!
Ben Goshorn @TheSoccerGoose🔁Pretty sure I just got a contact high from that @AnnihilationMov ending. #Annihilation
♛(☆◕‿◕☆)♛ @JustMickeyy🔁I really appreciate seeing different science/philosophies being represented and trying to approach the big question. twitter.com
Clint David Samuel @oParasiteSingle🔁І​‌‌t​⁠‍'​‍⁠s​‌‌ ​‍⁢m​‌⁢u​‌‌t​‍‌a​‌­t​‌‌ⅰ‍⁡n​‌⁢g​‍⁤ ‍⁡e​‌‍ⅴ​‍‍e​‍⁢r‍⁡y​⁠⁠t​‍‍h​⁠­i​‍⁢n​‍⁣g​‌‌.​‍­  ​‌‍is here. See іt іn theatres.
Lauren @feistymexarican🔁 was a visually & emotionally captivating film with incredibly moving performances by & 👏 this is one you need twitter.com to see in theaters to get the full experience!
Alex Throndson @AlexanderThrond🔁 is a tense, stressful, and imaginative piece of sci-fi-horror brought down by trite human drama and a failure to int twitter.com errogate its most interesting ideas.

Deborah (#SaveDirkGently #FireMaxLandis) @DxDerailed🔁So is a very cool movie in lots of ways, not least of which is that the lead characters are all women and ALSO its sci-fi setting is BEAUTIFUL like oh no we’re all going to die inside a Lisa Frank flower rainbow wonderland


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