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Ann Coulter: 37.042k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Popular tweets tagged with Ann Coulter:
Ann Coulter Kim Giovannucci @KimGiovannucci🔁 Ann Coulter says she'd blame hurricane on lesbian mayor before climate change
Dave Weasel @DaveWeasel🔁And yet, Ann Coulter agrees with science when it comes to plastic surgery and Botox injections.
Kumail Nanjiani @kumailn🔁People should elect a lesbian mayor in Ann Coulter's house.
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁I don't think Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for us electing an idiot president. But that is more credible than Ann Coulter.
Not Albertoo Del Rio @Albmil254🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter is a racist scarecrow soaked in boxed wine and self-loathing. But that is more credible than "human being."
David Mitchell @DavidMi13387686🔁Ann Coulter is right. Why do libs blame "climate change" for every natural disaster? STOP using the hurricane to promote climate propaganda.
Lains B @ABeeJBee🔁I don't think Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for us electing an idiot president. But that is more credible than Ann Coulter.
Professor Pagan @ProfessorPagan🔁 Ann Coulter is predictable and boring
Jess @MuffyDoodle🔁Ann coulter is a professional troll lol
nemack @nemack007🔁 i believe Ann has gone full Coulter- & @lauferlaw just Coultered her 👊? ?
Baseball Shwing @baseballshwing🔁@winkyXfrown @zachbraff #gutterLizard to describe Ann Coulter is perfect for literally every reason
Lisa Scarce @Scarcethings🔁 Ann Coulter is trending?

What happened?

Did someone cut in front if her in the unemployment line?

Liv @OliviaTirrito🔁I don't believe this is evidence that Ann Coulter is lonely, miserable, & frigid but it's more credible than "provocative ideology."
SNO WHITE @DJsnowhite🔁Ann Coulter on Twitter
best of @luckygirlmedia🔁Dear Ann Coulter,

Climate change denial has nothing to do with science or economics, everything to do with profit for polluters

- Science

Michael @BigMike7750🔁it's not prostitution if its on camera its porn,
its not a gaping asshole protruding diarrhea - on camera that's ann coulter, provocateur.
Royal InterPack @royalinterpack🔁Ann Coulter on Twitter: "I don't believe Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment f… , see more
Megan OG @AirBudFan🔁 Why does every Ann Coulter tweet read like Dril and The Onion combined
j i m h a a g @jim_haag🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter is God's punishment for hate & ignorance. But that is more credible than... wait, yes I do believe that.
Peggy Coots @Pitchershandout🔁Wow, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Sean Spicer and Melania Trump are all trending right now. It's like a dream team of shitty people.
SpeakerRyanResister @SpeakerRyanDic🔁 All hurricanes are God's punishment for the existence of bigoted shitstains like Ann Coulter.
a.Dot @alex_ostler🔁 I can not explain the speed with which Ann Coulter turns my entire physical and spiritual being into pure hate fire.
ahmad @ahmadmerhebi🔁Remember when Ann Coulter kept bitching about an airline for a week? Now she's demeaning the suffering of hundreds o f people
Ellen @ElJodog2🔁You know it's a crappy day when Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Sean Spicer and Donald Trump Jr are all trending at the same time. WTH?
shannon nicole @shaaaaannon_🔁so am I the only one that thinks Ann Coulter looks like the Babadook?
VC & Startup Watcher @VC_watcher🔁Ann Coulter on Twitter: "I don't believe Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment f… , see more
C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁 My goal in life is to be the kind of person Ann Coulter blames for a hurricane.
• @heatherlauryn🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter sucks as a person. But that is actually a complete lie and I actually whole heartedly believe that she does.
Kate Bryant @BulmaQuinn🔁Ann Coulter is painfully awkward
Tries so hard 2 be clever but only gets canned laughs from morons who react 2 anyone spewing hate keywords.
C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁Yes, how dare mean old liberals fuss when schools offer to pay Ann Coulter $35K for an hour speech to spread this mindless, hateful, drivel.
Marge Griest @MargeGriest🔁I don't believe God punishes or Ann Coulter would suffer much worse than losing her $35 seat upgrade.
Rita Parker @circusqueen🔁Ann Coulter’s Theory On Why Harvey Hit Houston Is The Dumbest Thing On The Internet (TWEETS)
Torspin @tor_spin🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter really feeds babies to the basilisk that lives in her vagina, but that is more believable than "science".
C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter is a Homophobic Racist Apostate of theDevil with aFace like a Rectal Prolapse-But it's more credible than"Woman"
Michael Gabbe-Gross @mgganimal🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter is a stack of bloated rat corpses held together with twine. But that is more credible than "human being."
Paul West @movieguypaul🔁Ann Coulter is predictable and boring
C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁 People should elect a lesbian mayor in Ann Coulter's house.
femme vampire @flowerqueenkat🔁 In conclusion: fuck Ann Coulter

LGBTQ+ folks gonna thrive & thrive

We've been here. We'll be here. You won't.

debbie a muhammad @azsa9801🔁I think in mainstream America there's a general sense that Ann Coulter should be free to express herself but Colin Kaepernick should not.
Tanya Rupa @ScifiSpirit🔁I don't believe Ann Coulter is God's punishment for hate & ignorance. But that is more credible than... wait, yes I d o believe that.
C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁 Ann Coulter needs to decide whether she wants to be a comedian or a serious political commentator, and then do neither.
nickey elder @nickeyelder🔁4/5 doctors believe Ann Coulter is the AIDS virus in human form.

The fifth doctor said she is just foreskin.

C Slattery @Legs_for_days🔁 Ann Coulter has been engaged several times, but she has never married and has no children...and they say there's no God?
Bruno @SonofVadju🔁Ann Coulter Says She'd Blame Hurricane On Lesbian Mayor Before Climate Change | Ignore.Thi s. Loser.


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