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Ann Coulter Nick Poehl, Attorney @lawhorn06🔁 Delta responds to Ann Coulter's Twitter rant: Your insults are unnecessary
Matt @msully_94🔁Ann Coulter is gonna be on Fox & Friends next talking about Delta...
Ann Coulter Charles @514charlesYUL🔁 Chris Evans has no time for Ann Coulter
Matthew's Ghost @MrCrawleysGhost🔁 Now boarding: Ann Coulter.
Richard Moody @RichardTMoody🔁 Delta giving Ann Coulter back her $30
Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski🔁Ann Coulter was supposed to have a seat, got taken away, got an apology, and was told to get over it

Now she knows how Merrick Garland felt

Mediaite @Mediaite🔁When David Dao Was Dragged Off a United Flight, Ann Coulter Called For His Deportation (Column by )
Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII🔁"Who is Ann Coulter?"

–Ancient African-American Proverb

Daniel Smith @artsynerd71🔁Ann Coulter, don't mind us: go have a seat in the MASSIVE shade your miserable ass is being given. We're just here for the schadenfreude.
Chip @chipwoods🔁Delta’s ticked — but Ann Coulter’s right - - @washtimes
Carol B. @westsiderepert🔁 @dumptrump33 ANN COULTER, GET A GRIP & PLEASE STOP TELLING US HOW UPSET U ARE RICH GIRL😗😲😱😎😵
Hanzo Main™️ @Granddad_Sr🔁Hello @Delta. Can you block Ann Coulter on Twitter just for her reaction? Free #brand advice.
LostAndFoundInCanada @CdnImm🔁'People hate airlines. But what we learned this weekend is that they hate Ann Coulter more.': Menon
sterling jon @artfulgrouser🔁@AnnCoulter @Delta oh sweetie,... you angry little dipshit -- a one day stock graph doesn't tell the story...
Ayo @Aur1de1🔁Ann Coulter is that girl who still wants to talk to friends about why a relationship didn't work out, ten years after the guy got married.
Reg Calcagno @RBCalcagno🔁@Delta No worries. Got to my destination eventually. I still side with you over Ann Coulter.
Sue McCoy @csmcbragg🔁Ann Coulter Launches Twitter War Against Delta Airlines. Delta Responds.
Mark Hillary @markhillary🔁Good focus on #cx in @Inc the customer is not always right, especially when it's Ann Coulter #professionalracist
CKL- TheResistance @CTheresistance🔁Poor Ann Coulter... took a seat that was rightfully yours and gave it to someone else? Imagine how that felt to Merrick Garland.
Beth @B_4_I_Go🔁 I've got a Starbucks gift card for the first person that drops a house or throws a pail of water on Ann Coulter already
Donald Carraghan @DonaldCarraghan🔁@Reuters Heyena ...a not so distant cousin of Ann Coulter
Richard Moody @RichardTMoody🔁 Hey @delta. Can I have Ann Coulter's Diamond Medallion Status? I'm a chill dude who doesn't make waves.
Heather @HeatherSkywire🔁"Ann Coulter is basically airplane Rosa Parks. I can't wait for the inspirational film about her story." - Trevor Noah
Ebenfenton @ebenfenton🔁Ann Coulter: Liberals are snowflakes!

Also Ann Coulter: [tweets about minor inconvenience for 2 days straight]

Z M. @AquaShimmer1🔁@LiberalLecter @AnnCoulter g you to the wing bc Ann Coulter said you'd like living on the edge but she didn't ask!)
daisy @brianscalifgirl🔁Delta Airlines: We need a crazy passenger who can make the public forget how we kicked that family off our plane in May.
Ann Coulter:
George G. Soros @GeorgSoros🔁@Delta Why did you take Ann Coulter's seat? It is not about $30. It is about keeping your promise. A sincere apology is in order.
Z M. @AquaShimmer1🔁Ann Coulter: People need healthcare?
Also AC: Let's take it away from them and not replace it!!(As in no $30 refu nd and we're strappin
David Amrod @bendybubble🔁Ann Coulter Throws Tantrum On Plane via @YouTube
Agabus @allthingsagabus🔁I would have done what Ann Coulter did except amplified X 1000 and with far more colorful language.
Shannon Chojnacki @chojshan🔁Ann Coulter="Blacks need to get over their victim mentality"
Ann Coulter has to change seats on Delta="Oh my God, I'm being victimized!"
Michele @michelepump🔁Ann Coulter has a meltdown when she loses 2 extra inches of legroom, but laughs when other people lose their healthcare or right to vote.🙄🇺🇸
Karen Deal @18deece3138747c🔁@foxandfriends get a grip Ann Coulter went over the top.
David Preston @dpreston2020🔁Please @TSA do NOT add @AnnCoulter to the no fly list, you would force me to defend her, and I don't want to!
Christopher Kent @Cekent🔁NRA commercials and Ann Coulter demonstrating how hard it is to maintain profile/audience when strategy is only opposition.
MegMonkey @meghaffer🔁 Please no more jokes about Ann Coulter flying on a broomstick, it is disrespectful to witches
Thuy Nguyen @itsme2e🔁It's not. > Delta vs. Ann Coulter: Why it's a big deal via @CNNMoney
Fiefdom Of Speech @FiefdomOfSpeech🔁Poor Ann Coulter... Delta took a seat that was rightfully yours and gave it to someone else? Imagine how that felt to Merrick Garland.
Chris 🇺🇸 #MAGA @Chris_1791🔁Ann Coulter is coming up next on @foxnews to describe how horrible @Delta airlines treated her.
bruce mercer @johnmark19🔁Delta Learns Brutal Lesson After Booting Ann Coulter
Janet @JanetPlanet666🔁 Ann Coulter is an anagram of Learn, o cunt.
Skeller85 @skeller85🔁Chris Evans takes down Ann Coulter in most glorious way via @HuffPostEnt
LiberalJimVer5.1 @goodoldcatchy🔁Ann Coulter is an anagram of Learn, o cunt.
King KaHookah @tyre64🔁Ann Coulter= what would happen if a giraffe and Mr ED had a child.
Rachel Schlueter @kinderrach🔁 Trevor breaks down the fate of GOP health care, and Delta Air Lines inconveniences Ann Coulter.
Graham Marbley @gWinbags🔁@TummyEwok Making millions off of Minecraft is the clearest example of making a deal with the Devil since Ann Coulter's parents conceived.
Beatnik Boho Homo @Lovefool92🔁. reacts to Ann Coulter's Twitter rant against Delta and a passenger: "This woman could've gotten harassed. Don't do that!"
Rainmaker @PopeDarth🔁 Ann Coulter unleashed a barrage of complaints against Delta on Twitter. The airline fired back.


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