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#AnitaEllenSpeak Serenity @SerenityMlay🔁An empowering evening with these women. #AnitaEllenSpeak
#AnitaEllenSpeak Marissa J. Lang @Marissa_Jae🔁Who here knows someone who has experienced harassment at work? Almost every hand here is up. #AnitaEllenSpeak
#AnitaEllenSpeak mrs Carlson @mrsCarlson2🔁 Sitting in a circle of courage. #AnitaEllenSpeak
The Heller School @TheHellerSchool🔁 HUGE STANDING OVATION for @ekp Anita Hill @michele_norris and @TheRealFreada 👏🏽👏🏿👏🏻 #anitaellenspeak
Kelly Ellis @justkelly_ok🔁Anita Hill asked if Joe Biden ever apologized for how he treated her. She responds by speaking about erasure of witnesses. #AnitaEllenSpeak
Miss Representation @RepresentPledge🔁Chills: Audience Q asked anyone who knows someone who experienced harassment to raise their hand. The whole house did. #AnitaEllenSpeak
Bhavin Parikh @bkparikh🔁"It has to be the CEO who says, 'This is not acceptable.'"-
Stephanie @strimble🔁 There are very few companies where I would recommend going to HR for harassment issues. @ekp @KaporCenter #AnitaEllenSpeak
fab5era @fab5era🔁This video really captures their stories! #AnitaEllenSpeak
Stephanie @strimble🔁 "Understand that if you allow harassment, you're encouraging harassment." - @ekp #AnitaEllenSpeak
YNOT COMMUNICATIONS @YNOTCOMMUNICATE🔁APRIL 20: A historic evening w/Anita Hill & in SF benefiting LPFI & . Join us!
Enas A. Sharaf @ea_sharaf🔁"Who knows someone that has experienced harassment in the workplace?" Nearly *everyone* raised their hands.
Laura Morgan @elsie_em🔁 If you want to know if harrassment is real, talk to your mother #AnitaEllenSpeak
Rosemarie Scott @rosiebarbss🔁Needs to be enough: "I'm coming forward to protect myself" vs. "I'm speaking about discrimination to protect other women" #anitaellenspeak
Catawba River @casaba_river🔁First quarter job approval is 14 points lower than any president ever measured

Rosemarie Scott @rosiebarbss🔁 "There are very few companies where I recommend people go to HR with a problem" -Ellen Pao #sadbutrue #anitaellenspeak
Rosemarie Scott @rosiebarbss🔁I was there at #AnitaEllenSpeak too! Amazing event. And the Ally Skills Training totally deserved that shoutout.
janine yancey @jyancey🔁#AnitaEllenSpeak It's public pressure that ultimately drives change and we can leverage that to level the playing field!
Harlem Tech Week @HarlemTechWeek🔁Great video last night on the history of & & their bravery for speaking out :
Kapor Center @KaporCenter🔁Sorry we missed you, ! Unfortunately, we don't have video/audio but we encourage you to follow for the highlights 🙌 🏾
carolina huaranca @carohuaranca🔁 "Their biggest mistake? Not taking me seriously. I'm STILL here." 💁🏾#AnitaEllenSpeak
Marcia Bana Tonetto @marciabana🔁Great evening w/the amazing and courageous Anita Hill, and . Big thanks to the
Marcia Kadanoff @openmk🔁"How do we affirm our value and how do we help other people affirm their own value?" - Anita Hill, w/
🐝 bethanye 🐝 @bethanye🔁 .@ekp Anita Hill: "We are still viewing [sexual harassment] from the point of view of the harasser." #AnitaEllenSpeak
BenjaminCraft-Rendon @BFSCR🔁 Anita Hill says Joe Biden has never apologised for or explained his complicity in her Senate hearing smearing #AnitaEllenSpeak
Level Playing Field @LPFI🔁APRIL 20: A historic evening w/Anita Hill & in SF benefiting LPFI & . Join us!
Shadi Ariella Farahi @shadiariella🔁"We are still viewing this behavior from the point of view of the harasser." -Anita Hill #AnitaEllenSpeak @KaporCenter
Project Include @projectinclude🔁Proceeds from tonight's program directly support amazing Scholars like these! 😍 THANK YOU donors!
Mary Liz Thomson @MaryLizThomson🔁Who here knows someone who has experienced harassment at work? Almost every hand here is up.
Grace Prasad @GraceLP🔁"It took the 35yr old me to tell the 25 yr old me to understand that I was not the problem"
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁"Fox news made a decision to tolerate Bill O'Reilly's behavior" and spent $ to keep it silent.- Anita Hill
Grace Prasad @GraceLP🔁2 incredible women speak up abt work bias/harassment benefit 4 &
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁 #AnitaEllenSpeak is starting to attract trolls. That's when you know you made it @KaporCenter
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁 Room full of eager listeners! Waiting for #AnitaEllenSpeak to start. Thank you @kaporcenter for putting on this event ✊🏾
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁 Anita Hill didn't want some who felt like they were above the law adjudicating the law. Still relevant. #AnitaEllenSpeak
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁So excited to see on the eve of Bill O'Reilly's downfall. This room of mostly women will be celebrating!
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁 Michelle Norris raises the question of bystander behavior... much harassment is witnessed #AnitaEllenSpeak
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁 "We need to use Bill O'Reilly as a case study of what not to do." - A #AnitaEllenSpeak
Shalini Sardana @ShaliniSardana1🔁Fantastic event last night #AnitaEllenSpeak
Tyrone Grandison @tyrgr🔁Circle of resilience, strength, and heart w these ladies! familia ❤️️
Chia Hwu @chiah🔁@KaporCenter @ekp It is sad that the best answer for bright spot in 26 yrs is, “We now get together to tell our stories." #AnitaEllenSpeak
Ombori Retail @omboriretail🔁 “The statute of limitations for his apology has run.” Anita Hill on Joe Biden #AnitaEllenSpeak
Anousha @anoushasakoui🔁Check out Anita Hill and today on Bloomberg's show at 2pm w/
Kapor Center @KaporCenter🔁Hi , unfortunately it was not. Sorry about that! We encourage you to track the hashtag to check out the highlights
Lesa Mitchell @lesamitchell🔁Amazing conversation tonight at . We have a long way to go, but these women have pushed us forward.
Ashley Beckner @ashleybeckner🔁A very well-deserved standing ovation! Grateful to for bringing together two inspiring trailblazers
Stacy Villalobos @StacyVillalobos🔁 "It took until I was 35 to realize I was not the problem." #AnitaHill #AnitaEllenSpeak
🐝 @graytendencies🔁 "We're not going to take excuses like well, that's just what men do." #AnitaHill #AnitaEllenSpeak
EEOC SF Outreach @eeoc_sf🔁#AnitaEllenSpeak out 4 lives we deserve: "Speak out to ensure this doesn't happen to someone else" evolves to "I don't deserve harassment."
Linda Kekelis @LindaKekelis🔁. thank you for this very special experience! the truth and offered hope for fighting sexual harassment now.
Nicolette Pizzitola @NicPiz🔁Powerful evening hearing moderated by the talented
Amy Lazarus @justhumanity🔁"The social media companies don't understand harassment and how it affects people."-
Amy Lazarus @justhumanity🔁Powerful evening hearing #AnitaEllenSpeak moderated by the talented @michele_norris @ekp @KaporCenter
KPIX 5 @CBSSF🔁 Anita Hill, Ellen Pao Discuss Sexual Harassment At SF Event @KaporCenter @cbssf #AnitaEllenSpeak
Betty Yu @BettyKPIX🔁Anita Hill, Ellen Pao Discuss Sexual Harassment At SF Event @KaporCenter @cbssf #AnitaEllenSpeak
Rozz Sanz @RozzSanz🔁The women of & debriefing after . Powerful, empowering night 🙌🏽
Miju 💫 @mijuhan🔁"Each of them lost in legal proceedings, each of them won in public opinion." -Freada Kapor Klein on Anita Hill & Ellen Pao #AnitaEllenSpeak
Isabelle Hau @Volcoucou🔁4 most powerful things Anita Hill & said last night (per my Twitter engagements)
Mandela SH @MandelaSH🔁HUGE CONGRATS 👏🏽 to of for her vision, leadership and hard work to create event for
MJ Kasprzak @BayAreaCheezhed🔁#AnitaEllenSpeak shows no change in @GOP accountability on harassment over 30 years for their judges, presidents or "news" anchors 🤔😤💩


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